Saturday, 14 July 2007

i'm lost!!!!

hye hye evrybody!!!
well kd i tau la u dtg paling awal skali..watevaa..
k i came around 3.30 pm which i don't deny was REALY late compared 2 d others..but i still hav 2 frenz yg dtg at d same time...aish n nad..we cycled 2 tieq's penat tau...but den dpt refreshing ribena 4rm i 'lost' d 'kepenatanness'..was realy fun dat day..
we watched music n lyrics..hugh grant was so damn 'hh hh hot'!!!n sooo doesn't look like ewan..puh-leease...den we took pics...tieq!! put la d 1 yg we all baring on d 'ouch' grass...sakit seyh..after dat we did dis blog la..den wen nak balik nad's bike pancit...bad luck gle..luckily ids guy lend his bike 2 her..if not i duno how were we supposed 2 go home..did i mentioned it was nearly maghrib...tension gle..but in d the end i reached home safely ever after..muahahaha..
guys thx 4 friday..i had a GREAT time...luv ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wouldn't b able 2 live without u guys!!!

lost members..aish, chah, ez, kd, nad, teah, tieq..(arranged alphabetically)


of coz la aku..

sape lg yg plg awl klau bkn aku..

letak la gmbr yg len skali tau..

please put ur name at the end of ur post..

wakaka.. serious laa.. luckily dat i'm psychic.. kalo x, x tau pnye la dja yg tulis td.. lol... how the heck did u put d pics laa.. wait ah.. lemme try.. yeah, yeah!! i did it.. i'm good.. wakaka.. besh ah smlm.. jom ah buat meetings cm tu ek.. tp pmr is so damn near.. wuah!! written by the tieq.. lol

Friday, 13 July 2007

Dja,Aish, n Nad.....

I'm early!!

i'm early..

yeah..2 early i guess...


nway we had a great time at tieq's house juz like tieq described..

by d way..

i'm sorry u guys didn't get 2 see d ending of d story..

don't worry..

it is a happy ending..


that is 4 now..



about -lost-

ini adlh sbgai pengenln kpd mrk yg tdk mngenali diri kami....
lost t'diri drpd 7 org iaitu aku-aish,chah,dja,ez,nad,teah,n tieq-m'ikut urutn....
Nape kitorg plh nama lost cuz nnti tetibe je bile kitorg tgh bsembg mesti ade sorg dua yg 'lost' or blur.....
dat's all 4 now..
Will update later...

a 'lost' meeting.....

Dja was d first 2 arrive at tieq's place.. plg awl seyh.. 1st time lak join meeting.. ari ni mmg cool.. we all watched a movie - music n lyrics.. cite tu lawak doh.. tp tgk skjp je.. huhu.. coz rite after dat, we took pics 4 our blog.. (check out our pics k..) cute je all d pics.. nway today, sume 'conflict' dh settle.. so gang lost, is bak on track!! jgn gado2 lg tau.. *_* current members r tieq, nad, ez, teah, aish, dja, chah... ap lg nk cite ah.. uhh.. korang smbg ah... i'm lost.. hehe! written by tieqa