Tuesday, 1 February 2011

nobody posted ANYTHING.. =O

Aloha ladies!

We've been updated with each other's lives mostly thru fb n some text msgs.. but like seriously.. this blog is d.e.a.d.. I won't be shocked if none of u read this..

Anyways what I wanted to say was:
I am lame.. Yeah, yeah.. Go on laugh at me.. (emo much.. XP)
I mean.. Sometimes, I feel like I like this somebody so damn much.. but of course it is only one sided... I mean.. dat's why I'm lame u c.. =(
sometimes, I don't think I like him dat much.. it's confusing.. so I just ignore it most of d time.. unfortunately I am in a 'girly' mood rite now so I just had to blog about it in a practically non-existant blog.. lol...

Hnn.. I guess dat's all.. End of rambling.. Dude get the fuck out of my heart n my head! >.>
like seriously.. lol

by Tieq,
the awesome one.. ;D

Thursday, 11 November 2010

final exam !

I'm soooooo scared!
Final exam is sooooo near~
huwaaaa... T.T

nways, Ill just try my best la.

Bah, I'm so bored.
know what...I kinda like, trying to start a new project to kill such boredom (studying, I mean).
That is to create a theme song for LOST.
lolz. Don't guarantee its gonna work, somehow... xP

oh2, I iz sooo happeh now ... S.M.I.L.E.S
See ya guys !!!


Thursday, 4 November 2010

A new light !

OH my!
I've found a new light...:)
I iz soo eppy! *jumps enthusiastically*

I hope I'll always be in this mood *happy* because I'm so tired of being sad...

Don't want to be sad anymore *smiles*

and yeah! I really wanna see u people!
why are we so bz eh? God, so hard to arrange an outing for everyone.
mst ada je yg bz...lolz. akulah tu! xP


Imma go dancin' for this new light!

huhu~ till we meet again.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


well...actually...there is no purpose actually in me writing this post. I just want to test out my writing ability. hehe. you see, it has been a while since I actually wrote anything that is decent enough to be read, especially in terms of writing a story... =.='

You see, there is a whole lot of people who is more and much good in writing, let us take for example you guys - Nad, Tieq, Teah, Una... (to Anna, your specialty is in tech ^^). and at times I feel intimidated and belittled... (lol. my grammar lect is soo gonna kill me for using 'and' at the beginning of a sentence. XD) it's just that...I tried writing sucks. Perhaps it is because I haven't write and read as much as I used to be and you know what they say, "Practice makes Perfect" and practice is definitely what I haven't done in eons...huhu.

Anyway! I'm not giving up! HAHAHAHA! I'll try to write in this short span of two weeks time! And to study for my final exams! huhuhu...exams...I need DBSK to cheer me up...

and tons and tons of dark chocolate ice-cream...I crave for it...


Sunday, 29 August 2010


what's yo-yo is that, yo!

Anyway, as promised, here I am! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I just want to mention A thing and that is --- inserts drumroll ---


but worry not my faithful friends, aka hard-die-fans of mine, I'll still be posting in this blog! =D

this CRAZY yet WONDROUS brain of mine proposed this CRAZY yet WONDROUS thought of mine when I was taking a CRAZY yet WONDROUS bath! XD

if, and that's a huge IF, I am opening this blog, I'm thinking of dedicating this new blog to -------------------'s a surprised. HEHEHEHE...

and that is all for today my loyal die-hard-fans.

UNTIL NEXT TIME! -flies away like a fly-