Friday, 24 August 2007

-f**kin lost-

wtf.. my stupid pc buat pasal lak cuti2 nih.. x ley aq on9... ceh, dh x de internet patutnye buat la hw rite.. well, lets juz say - i dun giv a damn!! nway, asal byk gler post aq miss nih... mls btol aq nk bce.. huhu... yo aish! aq pon buat essay tu.. actually, aq dipakse oleh ahli keluarge aq.. especially ma dad.. oh no.. aq rse cm x smpt je nk buat.. heh.. eh, ape topic skang sbnanye?? *lost* nway, i mish u guyz!!! oh.. btw, i dun tink i'll actually survive dis trial laa.. so act cool even if i stink bad at it kay.. coz u noe, if u guyz go - "tieq, asal terok sgt ur markah ni" ok2.. u guyz won't actually say dat, but u noe wat i mean rite.. - i'll actually start being emo or sumtin.. i hate bein emo at skul.. home's da place.. l0l.. can't wait 2 c ya guyz!! peace out..


yuhuu!! baby girl!! baby gurl!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Sory dude... I'm extremely over the moon right now... I think ma anxiety n w0rries has eventually paid off.. 4 now, I guess!! Hah!
Ok, ok... I can't stand dis any longer.. Jus want to shout as loud as I can.. "CONGRATS CIKGU TIPAH.. Finally, U HAD DELIVERED UR BABY GIRL SAFELY!!!" Aaaahhh... Dunno y, I'm soooooooo worry about her since last week.. But now... I'm so happy..happy..n happy.. Although its not my baby dude..hah.. I can't imagine how am I gonna react if only I have a baby 4 REAL.. Grrr.. Not now I guess.. Wakaka.. Ok, dis is getting merapu.. Watever is, congrats cikgu tipah n I hope I could pay u a visit, later...

P/s: honestly, I love cikgu tipah so much, she's d most wonderful teacher 4 me as she'd given me a lot of useful advices n support which strengthen my " semangat n keazaman"... Won't 4get u tcher, ever.. Muahss.. Xoxoxo

Urs faithfully, nadia ka...

Monday, 20 August 2007

i'm dying

i'm me..
yes i'm dying..i juz found out bout my disease...its sad..
do u guys wanna know wat it is??
its called..


i dying of boredom rite now
i wan 2 go out..
guys,wen r we goin 2 curve??

btw..aish..thx 4 coming over..
i know it wasn't dat fun..
sory couldn't b a better host..
but i realy appreciated it...
thank you soooooooooooo x1000 much

k lar..
now i realy duno wat 2 do..
mayb i'll continue slamming my guitar...
or watever...



hola hola hola!!!!

ehem3... ok, it's been quite a long time since d last tyme i wrote ma p0st here... days r moving slowly, dull n full wit boredom... i hv no idea wat to do to release d tension n pressure... moreover, i miss ma frenz like mad u know?? all of u... tiq, cah, ez, aish, dja n teah!! dunno y...
honestly, i dun have any dream cars as well as fav. place... duh... to me its juz angan2 n membuhsankan... hahah... lek guys, dats jus ma opinion... n tieq, i was extremely serious when i said that i wanna conquer d world... hahahahah... SUMDAY tieq!! SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adoi, sengal tol aku nie... buhsan gler ah... dunno wat to do... (xx yawn xx) ok ah... i tink i shud go now... klu x membebel jek... huh... cowey, k... bubye..... =>

-------nadia ka---------