Saturday, 1 March 2008

I am soo guilty...

I shouldn't buy books today.I already bought two last week(3 if you include the one that I tempah) and whaddaya know,I bought another three books today.Grr...I am soo broke right now.Well,truth to be told,I still has lots of money.I can still buy another 4 or 5 English novels.Well, I didn't exactly buy 3 English novels today.Just one.Another one is a comic,Ragnarok-8,and a reference book,Biology.But still,I shouldn't buy that one English novel.It is soo against my indulgencity(?).Aaa...I am such a book addict...I f my mom know,I am soo screw.

Anyway, the book is called Greywalker by Kat Richardson.I was actually torn between this book and the other book called Grotesque by Natsuo Kirino.But at last,I picked Greywalker because it is more to my liking.No,I didn't do any research about this book or Grotesque.I went to the bookstore to buy reference books only but ended up with only a reference book, a comic,and a novel which is soo out of my budget.

Down here is one of Samurai X's song.I love this song soo incredibly much than the others.Hope you guys enjoy it.And do gives feedbacks.


Friday, 29 February 2008


who is the loyal and faithful reader of our blog.
Thank you for reading it and gives lots of unuseful comments.We truly appreciate it.I am,especially.Thank you.Without you,I wouldn't be here today.(melodramatic la pulak dah)
Anyway,I'm writing this post today is because Drazte has begged and cried on his knees for someone,anyone,to update this now-almost-dead blog.So,that explains the reason then.

I don't know what to talk so I am just gonna ramble and do lots of grammar and bla,bla,bla mistakes.Screw them.
I have just finished reading First Kisses series, Boyfriend Trick by Stephie Davis(Tieq nye buku) and I am giving it 3.75 out of 5.It' it's a bit low but it's not really that good but at least it is much better than Princess Diaries series,I think.Aaaaaa...I am soo confused.Anyway, I love the book.I wish it was longer but...nope.I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT!I MEAN,YEAH THEY ARE AN ITEM I GUESS BUT,COME ON, THERE WILL BE SOME COMPLICATION IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP,RIGHT?
oh well.

I miss Samurai X.
The fighting,sword against sword(?),the jokes,the intensity and mystery of Kenshin,and his love towards Kaouri.HAHAHA.I miss them.
This anime is one of the best anime ever,dude.I'm telling you the truth.The songs.OMG.THE SONGS are soooooooooooooo into my soul(?).You guys should totally hear some of the songs.Especially Tieq.It's a bit of a rock with lots of instrumental thingy going on.JUST LIKE I LIKE IT!

Currently listening to UVERworld,the greatest band of band ever.Even greater than MCR(HAHAHA).Yeah,yeah(jacob?)it's a japanese band but hey, they still rock dude!And Takuya is ane of the hotter Japanese singer I have ever found and believe me,it's hard to find a hot Japanese..Eventhough he is a bit short.But hey,nobody's perfect.

I think this is enough for now.Hope you enjoy my rambling Drazte.I'm gonna finished reading Fanged & Fabulous(again,Tieq nyer) by Michelle Rowen I think.sigh.homework awaits me faithfully in my room to be done by(you guess it?)me.grr...