Monday, 10 November 2008


Exams are over ain't it? Ehehehe.. -evil snicker- So let's partaaaaay~~

Hmm.. D pics were suppose to move.. Oh well.. Anyway, we're going out! Kyaa-ha!
So I'll make sure with it tomorrow but it should be okay yeah.. =3 N omg.. About d movie.. Wuah! I don't think I'll be able to see.. I mean I know d screen is big n all but it hurts my freaking eyes.. Coz I broke my specs.. ahahaha.. >.<
Below is the guy that inspired the name Atsushi which is my username for gaia.. woot! he's a total cutie at 156cm who has a very funny n awesome gf Koizumi Risa who's 170cm.. xp My fav pairing of all time and the manga/anime/movie - Lovely Complex is totally worth watching! the anime is much funnier though.. i haven't finished d manga yet so... X3

Sweet Couple Forever~~~~~ <3

Below here I'm posting this MV from the MOVIE Lovely Complex coz I couldn't find any good vids from d anime. T____T
D anime and manga is freaking funny... But d movie not dat much.. N i don't really like Risa in the movie.. But here it goes.. (otani ish so kawaii!) [i like d song.. :D]

I kinda teringat aish at the part where d girl angau tu.. XD
hakhak.. siap sparkly lagi, does he look like dat to u? XD