Friday, 5 February 2010

It's been a while people~

Yo,yo,yo! Aish is in the house~~~ -.-'''

So! As promised, here is the link to my livejournal~~~ If you guys want to comment do tell me first at here so that I can open the comments thingy to everyone. ^^

Oh, and I'm not really that famous so...yeah. =P

To Nad, here is my advice. (lol.)

Why don't you just forget about her? -.-' I mean, even you said it yourself that it is not love anymore, it is more of an obsession so it is probably best for you (and her?) that you let go of her for a while until you can differentiate and control your feelings well enough.

Try to make yourself busy by reading books perhaps or watching movies or maybe helping your mom (in which you are doing at the time), hanging out with us (YAY!!!), listening to TOKIO HOTEL, writing a fic (like moi!) and whatever it is that can get your head out of her because I know that it isn't easy to actually forget the one person that you have been constantly thinking (and pour your soul into) out of your head (or heart).

Hope that helps. ^^

I don't know whether it's a good advice and I really hope there's no hard feeling (lol,lol). And do remember that I LOVE YOU NAD~~~ =D


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

help me?

actually...i'm quite uncomfortable to say this.
i mean, idk how u guys would react.

tieq, i know ur probably getting bored already to become my loyal, good listener...
thx so much 4 being patient, n willing to listen to my whines and complaints...

but, yeah.
i feel very, very miserable now.
inside, not outside.

i think...i'm obsessed.
not wth tokio hotel.
wth pn. rozila...

it seems like a small problem to u, but it's my whole WORLD!
like i said, "love ends when obsession begins..."
seriously, I myself do not hv any idea wat's wrong wth me.

I just become, emotionally irrational when it comes to her.
i don't understand WHY??!!

to make it short, we...sorta fight.
and, yeah.
she did nothing.
get what i mean??
she didn't fight back...or, say sorry...
or, scold me 4 being emotional.
i jz hope at least she say something.
scold me, explain to me...or...simply whatever!

she did NOTHING and that pisses me off!
n now...we don't talk anymore...
i just...idk.
i need u guys to support,
suggest to me...
how the hell am I gonna stop this obsession?
it's tiring...n i feel like i'm a fucking gay...=.='

i'm sorry, i really am.
u guys r my friends...
I don't want to keep it to myself anymore.
i'm going insane!
jz hope i won't have to cry evry fucking night.
i tried to fight, but just can't.
help me, guys...
i'm confused! I feel like a piece of shit!
scheisse...i'm not like this.
this is so not me...

btw, i want to dedicate this song to her...
whom i used to love so dearly...but i doubt it now...
ugh..jz fuck more love...only tears...

ps: drop ur comment plis. i appreciate it...i luv u all...