Thursday, 14 August 2008

aww its pink!
emm d layout is ok.
well i mean it.
its :DDD
well,im glad we'll hangin out on dis coming wed!
im juz dambored if i spend my holiday resting n sleepin at home
mm guess i'l stop here nd
to tieq:goodlucx in ur semnar stuff
to ez:iloveyou!:DD goodlucx wif yer belovd
to aish:hope u wil own d bloody BREAKING DAWN. ;PP
to nad:go go go to get d A1 in +maths
tp dja:if u open dis blog,i juz wana tell ya dat "HELLO nd welcome!" :))


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Happy Birthday!! kyaa~~

Haha.. Why d kyaa?? Well juz lovely shounen-ai goodness.. :D u like? sasu looks a bit sepet though.. =.= eeew.. XD

Love ya babe.. Hope u grow old with white hair.. (wtf?) o.0
Anyway, ur tanjobi (bday) present??
-whispers- I didn't go out the other week so I'll have to go with a raincheck on dat..
But i'll get u a prezzie eh?
lovely, ------------> wtf? XD