Saturday, 16 May 2009


i know that some of you are probably getting bored with my continuos, non-stop talks of DBSK.
and you know what, i don't give a shit.

yoochun looks so adorable and what is changmin trying to do to yunho, molesting his chest! XD

-love them!-

Thursday, 14 May 2009

English Drama SMKPA 2009

hey girls.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (^_^)
obviously it had been a tiring and frustrating day 4 all of us...
we all knew that everybody had done their best 4 d drama..
but still,
there'll be thoughts dat we could have won in d competition...
at least 4 d 3rd place i guess..

but well..
things had happened..
n i hope it happened 4 d best reason..

i juz wanna say i really really enjoy doing dis drama wit all of u..
although,it is stressful
but i might say that i'm gonna miss dis drama...
thanks 4 letting me joining dis interesting xperience...

enough 4 d touching moment,
i hate 2 say dis but...
we still have our exam 2morrow..
so gud luuuuuuuuuuuuuuucckkkk gals...

posted by KDJA

one of the many reasons

why i love them...
just enjoy the vid and you will understand...
All of them have powerful voices and when they reach those freaking hard high note, it's just, wow. You can practically feel the passion and emotion behind it. And man, they look soo freaking sexy and hot when they try to reach the high note. I mean you can see the vein popping from their bulging neck and they were sweaty! O la la...

I just want to say that I am soo proud of Yunho when he hit that note at 3:29. I know how hard it is for him. And when micky continued with those high pitched voice of his at the end of mamoru kara after jaejoong... I just got teary-eyed... And Xiah Junsu's kotae sagashite is the BEST!


-a DBSK's fan...-