Thursday, 15 April 2010

why is it when two people love each other, they still can't be together?

aaah... frm the title u can presume it's about love.. well, yes.. but it's a movie.. undoubtedly my favourite movie of all-time.. it's so sweet but sad.. i'm at a lost of words to describe this movie... so, i'll just post the trailer.. it's a thai movie called "The Love of Siam".. uh.. don't be fooled by the trailer.. they made it seem straight, but it's actually a gay-themed movie.. but it's awesome.. a lot of straight guys watched it n liked it.. lol.. it's just THAT good.. =/ i'm sad again.. i'm getting that depressed syndrome after u watch a too good but sad movie.. urgh.. lots of people had it though with this movie.. lol..

p.s: in the trailer, most of the time he was smiling was to his GUY bestfriend.. not the girl.. LOL.. they promoted the film as a 'straight' film to get more audience in thailand.. n this movie won like TONS of awards.. it's so weird I never heard of this till now..

love mew and tong 4 life! T_____T,