Sunday, 22 June 2008

a random confesssion.. XD

i have seem to form a rare case of allergy!! D= n no... it ish not cats (even if i am allergic to em).. it's humans! it ish guyz!! D= i mean.. they are a weird species... they smell! D= they have weird sense of humour! D= n they hit on joo infront of ur dad~! D= well, that was what happened to meh anyway... weird pea-brains! order urselves a set of brains, boys! eeeh!

well, lemme explain... I was having a walk with my daddy after dinner... when dis bunch of smelly (i think laa.. XD) guyz came in motors (D=) surrounding meee! eek.. they were all ngorat-mode la but the thing is, my dad was rite beside mee... bengangnye aku! bodoh tol.. my dad was all "ignore em" so i walked really2 close to my dad untill we got back...

2nd was in muar... but this one dorang dok kt bus stop going all 'adik.." all i could think of was like "shut up laa"=.= my dad relax je going all "biasela.. boys" =.= hnn... kalau my brother korang x de chance ah... he ish veryyyyy protective! ^^ kinda nice feeling.. ^^

well sorry for teh random outburst, but i juz hate guyz who dunno how to respect.. besides mmg lame i have developed this phobia for boys... =.= even if i like some of em.. lol... teh story of how I became phobic ish another story... n it has a lot to do with my ex-bf/stalker... D=

anyway, that's all babes... juz thought that teh blog looked like a cemetary so I juz posted.. xp