Monday, 6 August 2007

Why England??

Why I choose England.....
Firstly,it's full wit history n cultures(u guys do know dat I love history,right...)
Secondly,I can meet cute guys...hahahahahahahahahahahaha...
I mean,I'm a girl n they're guys(wit delicious accent) d math...
hm...wat else...
Yup!Dat's right!
I've heard dat vampires came from England...hahahahahahaha...
who knows...mayb I'll meet them...hahahahahahahaha...(sngl tul)


vacati0n - i'm coming!!!! (well, after pmr laa)

actually, tjk tu mcm sengal sket.. x tau pown if i get to go to da places i want now.. hrm.. lemme tink..
- i'd like 2 go 2 japan!! coz - yesh i'd like to go n meet ichigo n urahara there.. ok2... serious.. japan coz mayb it'd be kinda cool..
- hrm... owh yeah.. new zealand!!! cantik gler ah pmndgn kt ctu... it looks so peaceful n serene there... hmmm...
- nex place - all around europe!! europe's a beautiful place 2 be.. there's so much of culture n history dat u can get from there.. besides. (y do i feel like i'm writin an essay) the scenery!! cantiknyee... like rome, paris, the alps.. aah!!
- a safari in africa... cm cool jek.. eeh! beshnyee... ni, kalo aq loaded mau aq g keliling dunie nih.. heh!
~ mayb makkah n madinah again.. it's a really wonderful place to be.. serene..

as i said, i'd go all around da world.. heh!! ni yg aq kene usha prof nih.. wakaka! prof kn loaded..
p/s: i liked him bcoz of him, not bcoz he's rich or anytin..

p/s2: i saje ltk warne pink biar org close-minded tu skt mate.. muahaha!

about my prof.. (haha)

It has kam 2 my knowledge dat u guyz bknnye knl pown ngan si prof neh.. (sengal t0l) so - it is my duty to clear your clouded minds with facts on prof.. (poyonyee!) ehem..

~ he is a multi-billionare surge0n n d plg power in d whole of m'sia.. i'm not kidding.. ( ko x pnah kene bedah, so ko x tau!)

~ he is (gah - unfortunately) married!!! aaah!!

~ he is tall n cute with his specs... (a bit nerdy but so wat!! back off dudes!)

~ he jln comey gler ah!! ade ala2 pingu seyh!! comeyl!!! (mmg taste mamat aq mesti jln comeyl tp pelik bg korng)

~ he is NOT, i repeat N-O-T mizan's dad la 4 gawds sake! (dituju pd aish)

~ i met him when i took care of my mum in d hospital.. ( he's my mum's doc)

~ when he talked too me - i literally froze up!! aah!! wat d hell!

hrmm.. wat else.. oh! my mum g jumpe die ari nie - n ended up gettin admitted 2 da hospital again.. wtf! i have no idea wats d case peeps.. but mayb my mum buat check-up je kowt.. (i hope!!) wait 4 my post on vacati0n tu ek..


Sunday, 5 August 2007


ok..u guys HAD 2 remind me bout d trials..huh??
evrytime i tink bout it..i'd get cold feet..seriously..
nvr thought it would be that bad..
despite d fact that there's 4 days 2 go..
nvrtheless..i would say..relax dudes!!it won't help if we're being 2 nervous neway..rite??
but d thing is..i duno y i'm carrying books evrywer i go...i mean dats so not me!! u guys do no dat, rite??i mean i'm at cc n i hav my history book wit me...urgh..quite scary..i guess pmr is starting 2 hav an effect on me..
ok ok enough blabbing...sorrie guyss...
k as 2 answer aish's question..
d place i would love 2 go is rome n australia..
i know aussie's very near n stuff but i would realy like 2 meet d kanga's n koala's..dey're soooo cute n adorable...n rome..well i just find it fascinating..dowan 2 exagerrate la...
k la...duno wat else 2 say...

p/s: aish...y england????of all d places in d world???



First skali aku nk say THANX kat chah 4 backing me up...
I mean 4 d Johnny Depp thingy...
Thank You...Really appreciate it...
2nd of all,aku x study lg 4 dis Thursday....
Sngl tul...
Aku x sedia lg r...
X tau nk taip ape...

K,topic baru...
Write about place that u really want to go?Give reasons...(cam wat klrgn lk)
I'll start first:
I'll type later...
Hav 2 go...

-aish- bowink..

guys,wat r u doin??msti ngah stdy kn??
urrmm..hw bout ur preparation 4 trial dis thursdy??
hrap u all dh sedia...jgn gubra k??
ehh,jom wt QIAMULLAIL??ceh..bak kate ustzh,dpt berkat wt mse bln rejab ni..huhu..
k la,otak da blank..cje2 singgah cz i'm alone parentz kua..ape yg ley wt,stdy je r..
bye guys..gudluck 4 trial!!