Saturday, 12 July 2008

screaming in distress

juz like the title above stated, i am screaming distressly(?)
see below. SEE!? SEE IT!!!? ARGH!!! Edward is too pale (god, i never thought i was gonna say dat) and Bella is TAN! SHE IS FREAKING TAN!!! grr... I'm gonna sue Entertainment Weekly. And wat's wit d outfit for god's bloody sake (forgive me god) Edward was suppossed to wear clothes dat is more posh, elegant, rich, mature, bla, bla, bla... not DAT. and let's have a look at Bella's. A white gown. A bloody white gown. Like she's some kind of a woman in distress. Bella is a teenage girl for god's sake. Besides, she will never opt for DAT. Now I'm in distress.
Let's see another picture now shall we.

have to say dat i like the title. BUT, dis pic greatly remind me of some cowboy film or something. And a woman in distress. -sigh-


a vamp in distress

Friday, 11 July 2008


Omg! I juz recieved an acceptance letter frm BRATZ the star journalist programme!
I so can't believe this!!! Aaaaah!!!


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

engagement pics n a crazy vid! xp

unfortunately, it's not MY engagement pics... XD
but my brother's instead... i'll post juz some here for u guyz to see.. ^.^v

my kak hani~

meaning my brother's fiancee - duh... =.=

family piccie =3

her side of the family... sume sporting! ^^

aish, dis is teh vid I mentioned about deidara frm naruto...
d sentence i always use which is 'that's verry interesting' was frm here...
funniest vid ever!! i'm lmao.. XD

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