Tuesday, 23 October 2007


how r ya??
i no i hav been lost 4 a long time..
not contactin u wen u need it..
i'm sory..sory 4 not bein der 4 u..
i no i'm a bad fren..
its juz dat..i'm like dat u no..
nvrmind 4get bout me...
we're always der 4 u..
we miss u..
i get it dat u dowan 2 go 2 skool..
bliv me..i haven't set foot in der since our last paper..
hey u free dis weekend??
i'll call u...


Monday, 22 October 2007

tieq hates u! (juz a metaphor, i dun hate u, but i hate d thingz below.. 4 now laa)

~ i hate raya!! dis year's da worst raya in da world! i think it shud be banned..

~ i hate raya music.. suck up people! celebrate 2-3 ari sudah ah, ni nk celebrate sebulan.. blah ah!!

~ i hate bdk yg mintak duit raye, i feel bad 4 saying this but i'm so not in da mood to entertain u bunch of chums yg nk duit jer!! g keje ah!

~ i hate skul n i wanna get away from this wretched place fast!! thank god it's a definite YES dat i'll be leavin p.a but not sure when n where, i'll probably move in da same state though..

~ i hate da damn exam!! i totally flunked pmr! it shudn't have been created in da first place.. i hate pmr!!!!

~ i hate being at home!! coz i get bored outta my wits.. could u all come 2 my place or sumting.. i wanna meet u all (LOST) but i don't wanna go to skul, i don't wanna see 'da fakes' ever again! so cud u all like take a break from goin to skul 4 a day n kam 2 my place?? we cud discuss thingz like how we're gonna be later, with all of us not in the same area later... please!

~ oh yeah.. i have NO absolutely no credit in my phone, so sorry 4 not replying ur messages.. n YES, sum r deliberately done (not replyin messages n answering calls) coz i juz don't wanna talk..

~ but now i'm juz thinkin, it might be a gud idea to juz meet up, just US n no OUTSIDERS r allowed!! sori.. i juz don't feel like seein any1 rite now.. except u guyz duh.. so gimme a call (fine! i'll answer it...) but NOT on my handphone coz i left it at my aunt's place..

~ oh yeah sori 4 evrythin guyz.. hope u all wud xcuse my crappy mood due to my very coherent tact of emotions.. i hope u all wud understand n accept me again.. hope 2 c u all soon.. (pls try n get a date n make it!!)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

wassup?? check dis out, dude...

hahah... where's evryone?? dis site is DYING u know?? its ok... i understand... i guess, maybe u guys r... LOST?? or... DEAD?? hahah... dun get it wrong... i mean, i am already half-plus-one-minus-dead-of-boredom... huh?? shit!! aku dh merapu dh nie...

wait3... urgghh... s0rry, its soooooooo boh--winkk here... dunno wat to do!!!! hey, i have a topic... hope u guys reply lah ekk... the topic is...""Wat's ur plan after this??''' well, u know, pmr dh abeh... pasni nak watpe ekkk?? korunk balasla eh... boleh kasi aku hint skit... i'm totally lost... wat to do?? wat to do??

----nadia ka----