Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Put your hands up people!

It's .......................... HOLIDAY!!!
yeah right...
I still need to go to school for another whole week and eventhough it's holiday, I can't totally forget and let go of my studies because SPM awaits me. With a very open, wide, scary-looking, fill with thorns and poisons arms. -.-'

And yeah, my internet is giving me a headache. Again. sigh. I have soo many things to post here in this beautiful and sacred blog (-.-''') but as I am not easily available under many circumstances, I'm afraid I won't have the time(-.-'') nor the right tools and equipments to post those... T.T (cries silently in sadness)


pwease... (inserts adorable and irresistible infamous puppy eyes that will no doubt bring people to their patella. lol lol lol.)

tell me when you are free and I'll try to organize our lovely outing together people!

a DBSK's fan

p/s you know you can't resist sweet little defenseless cute moi. lol lol lol. (there's something wrong with me...)

Monday, 1 June 2009


god!! it seems like ages since the last post of mine in this blog..
crap.. soorrry..
well, 1st of all, let me thank Teah_dmoss...
TQ, d layout is so cute..=)
ok, it's 8.20 p.m.
and i'm surfing the net here, at Cititel, mvalley..
my comment: hotel ni ok, tapi kecik sikit ah..sigh..
maybe i'll check out on tues noon..
then pegi goldcourse hotel 5-7jun, kedah 8-11jun..
arrghh...penat seyh..
add maths folio pun xciap lagi..
i'm so dead!! Hilf mir!!

btw, i.m so over the moon...
my auntie bought tokio hotel dvd europe tour yesterday..

(fyi, TH is my 1 and only fav band, n i'm kinda hvg a major crush 4 d vocalist, bill..duh..)'s so heaven...u just can't imagine how i feel...
esp when i touched d dvd with my own hands for the first time...
...i can't believe it...
i'm holding a tokio hotel dvd!! *cries*
it's mine!! it's f****in" mine!!
from now on, i'm oficially the proud owner of the dvd!! muahaha~~
ps; it's not that, i feel thankful to God that it's sponsored...i'll never 4get my aunt's good deed.. aww..

ok, aku xtau nak ckp aper lagi.. i know u guys r busy...
lol..likewise here... ughh... i better stop now...
njoy ur so-called hols guys!! luv u guys!! muahss...