Tuesday, 18 December 2007

I doubt anyone will ever read this

Hello there my fellow peeps....
long time no see and no heard...
juz wanna ask.
If there is no answer by the early Jan then I will delete our blog...
dat's all.
newy, miss you all.
save me some love.


'bite me'

Friday, 30 November 2007

wanna change how our blog looks

ok.. i dunno.. our blog looks like it's dead.. 4 god's sake.. sum1 pls change it... i dunno whether u guyz wud be interested with d one i found.. juz im me if u wanna c or sumtin.. coz seriously.. i would not contact u guyz if dis blog's DIS dead!!! plz...

p/s: please answer d fuckin phone!!! ------------------> to nad

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Bored to death

Yo peeeeeeeeeeps......
Don't know what to type.
I know, I know, pathetic of me for not knowing what to type when my ambition is to be one of the greatest writer in the world. Muahahahahahaha(evil laugh)
Neway, same,same, miss you all.
Don't worry about me I'll be fine on my own.(ade org risaukn psl aku ke??)
I'll be going to school 2morrow with a very heavy heart.
Gonna meet you all 2morrow so be prepared.Muahahahahaha(again, evil laugh)
God, what is wrong with me. Enough already with the evil laugh.
Okay peeps, gotta ciao. See you all 2morrow then.


Sunday, 28 October 2007

dunn0 wat t0 do.... *_*

o...k... aku nih mmg setia jek tulis kat post nih!! maybe cos tgn aku nih gatal jek nak type kat sini... heh...

adoii... act, cuti skool nih xdela bowink sgt!! dpt jumpa geng... gi jln2 shoping... xyah risau psl hw... huhu... cuma, ntah ah... rase cam otak nih dah lama xberfungsi... peeps, kalau lama sgt xstudy boleh kene "brain damage" tak?? hahah... takut gakss... hopefully not...

so, sorry, mmg xde topik... saje je nak kacau daun kat sini... kep0h seyh... jus nak wish... take care alwez FRENSS... luve u guys sooooo much!! tata... =>

---nad ka---

Tuesday, 23 October 2007


how r ya??
i no i hav been lost 4 a long time..
not contactin u wen u need it..
i'm sory..sory 4 not bein der 4 u..
i no i'm a bad fren..
its juz dat..i'm like dat u no..
nvrmind 4get bout me...
we're always der 4 u..
we miss u..
i get it dat u dowan 2 go 2 skool..
bliv me..i haven't set foot in der since our last paper..
hey u free dis weekend??
i'll call u...


Monday, 22 October 2007

tieq hates u! (juz a metaphor, i dun hate u, but i hate d thingz below.. 4 now laa)

~ i hate raya!! dis year's da worst raya in da world! i think it shud be banned..

~ i hate raya music.. suck up people! celebrate 2-3 ari sudah ah, ni nk celebrate sebulan.. blah ah!!

~ i hate bdk yg mintak duit raye, i feel bad 4 saying this but i'm so not in da mood to entertain u bunch of chums yg nk duit jer!! g keje ah!

~ i hate skul n i wanna get away from this wretched place fast!! thank god it's a definite YES dat i'll be leavin p.a but not sure when n where, i'll probably move in da same state though..

~ i hate da damn exam!! i totally flunked pmr! it shudn't have been created in da first place.. i hate pmr!!!!

~ i hate being at home!! coz i get bored outta my wits.. could u all come 2 my place or sumting.. i wanna meet u all (LOST) but i don't wanna go to skul, i don't wanna see 'da fakes' ever again! so cud u all like take a break from goin to skul 4 a day n kam 2 my place?? we cud discuss thingz like how we're gonna be later, with all of us not in the same area later... please!

~ oh yeah.. i have NO absolutely no credit in my phone, so sorry 4 not replying ur messages.. n YES, sum r deliberately done (not replyin messages n answering calls) coz i juz don't wanna talk..

~ but now i'm juz thinkin, it might be a gud idea to juz meet up, just US n no OUTSIDERS r allowed!! sori.. i juz don't feel like seein any1 rite now.. except u guyz duh.. so gimme a call (fine! i'll answer it...) but NOT on my handphone coz i left it at my aunt's place..

~ oh yeah sori 4 evrythin guyz.. hope u all wud xcuse my crappy mood due to my very coherent tact of emotions.. i hope u all wud understand n accept me again.. hope 2 c u all soon.. (pls try n get a date n make it!!)

Sunday, 21 October 2007

wassup?? check dis out, dude...

hahah... where's evryone?? dis site is DYING u know?? its ok... i understand... i guess, maybe u guys r... LOST?? or... DEAD?? hahah... dun get it wrong... i mean, i am already half-plus-one-minus-dead-of-boredom... huh?? shit!! aku dh merapu dh nie...

wait3... urgghh... s0rry, its soooooooo boh--winkk here... dunno wat to do!!!! hey, i have a topic... hope u guys reply lah ekk... the topic is...""Wat's ur plan after this??''' well, u know, pmr dh abeh... pasni nak watpe ekkk?? korunk balasla eh... boleh kasi aku hint skit... i'm totally lost... wat to do?? wat to do??

----nadia ka----

Thursday, 18 October 2007

Please someone,shoot me.Now!!!

I am now in a very crappy mood.
Currently at my cuz's house at Kelate. They all are asleep right now. Again, I am the only 'soul' awake.
Waaa!!! I miss you guys soo much. I want my friends back. Give me back my friends. And my home, and my ps2, and my books, and my room, and my bloody com. God! There's something wrong with my com. The screen just will go blamk even after we turned on the switch.
I am soo not in a good mood right now.
Please someone, I am begging you, help me get my com back.

-aish is now holding a gun to shoot herself.beware-

Saturday, 6 October 2007


Cowey klu I m'carut.. Its just dat, I'm not feeling comfy now.. Dunno y.. Sjk abis pmr smlm, I rase blues giler..

O yeah, I nk say thanks byk2 kat aish n ez.. Thx guyz, wlupun meeting smlm bowink ckit, at least kte release tension gakss.. Best dpt hangout dgn korunk.. So, xdela I terasa kehilangan sgt.. Like I said, I rase lost sgt2 sbb my "bf" aka bestfren tgh cdey n x lyn I skrg.. Heh.. Xpeah..

Aduss... Seksanya hati jiwa dan ragaku skrg nih.. Nape I x hepi wlupon it's over??? I'm sooo sad!!! Xtau nak release kat sape!! Tension!!!!!!! S.o.s... Help me!!!! Feel like killin maself now...

Urgghh.. Mybe, I shud jus sleep n 4get abt dis sadness 4 a while.. Adoi.. or else, jus kill maself!! Hahah..


Saturday, 22 September 2007

Fuck Off!

Sory peeps about the title. Don't know wat to type.

Neway, good luck for the upcoming PMR.
Just around the corner. So not ready.
Get the bloody fuck over with and then I'll be free. MERDEKA!!!!


Friday, 7 September 2007

wat d fuck is goin on!!!

shit shit shit!!!
i duno wat d hel is goin on wit me dis days!!
i keep losing evrything..
first i lost my lens!!
huuuaaaaaahhh.....i'm so d very rabuns rite now....
fuck man..
den i lost my cam...
MY CAM!!!!!!
can u bliv it!!!!!!
now i can't b vain anymore..
sucks lyk hell!!!
i so d fucking heck hate dis losing my stuff thing!!!!

sory peeps...
i'm juz..wat d ya call it...
feels kinda gud after swearing..
so much 4 emo..


p/s: sory 4 d language..
couldn't control my anger

Friday, 24 August 2007

-f**kin lost-

wtf.. my stupid pc buat pasal lak cuti2 nih.. x ley aq on9... ceh, dh x de internet patutnye buat la hw rite.. well, lets juz say - i dun giv a damn!! nway, asal byk gler post aq miss nih... mls btol aq nk bce.. huhu... yo aish! aq pon buat essay tu.. actually, aq dipakse oleh ahli keluarge aq.. especially ma dad.. oh no.. aq rse cm x smpt je nk buat.. heh.. eh, ape topic skang sbnanye?? *lost* nway, i mish u guyz!!! oh.. btw, i dun tink i'll actually survive dis trial laa.. so act cool even if i stink bad at it kay.. coz u noe, if u guyz go - "tieq, asal terok sgt ur markah ni" ok2.. u guyz won't actually say dat, but u noe wat i mean rite.. - i'll actually start being emo or sumtin.. i hate bein emo at skul.. home's da place.. l0l.. can't wait 2 c ya guyz!! peace out..


yuhuu!! baby girl!! baby gurl!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh... Sory dude... I'm extremely over the moon right now... I think ma anxiety n w0rries has eventually paid off.. 4 now, I guess!! Hah!
Ok, ok... I can't stand dis any longer.. Jus want to shout as loud as I can.. "CONGRATS CIKGU TIPAH.. Finally, U HAD DELIVERED UR BABY GIRL SAFELY!!!" Aaaahhh... Dunno y, I'm soooooooo worry about her since last week.. But now... I'm so happy..happy..n happy.. Although its not my baby dude..hah.. I can't imagine how am I gonna react if only I have a baby 4 REAL.. Grrr.. Not now I guess.. Wakaka.. Ok, dis is getting merapu.. Watever is, congrats cikgu tipah n I hope I could pay u a visit, later...

P/s: honestly, I love cikgu tipah so much, she's d most wonderful teacher 4 me as she'd given me a lot of useful advices n support which strengthen my " semangat n keazaman"... Won't 4get u tcher, ever.. Muahss.. Xoxoxo

Urs faithfully, nadia ka...

Monday, 20 August 2007

i'm dying

i'm me..
yes i'm dying..i juz found out bout my disease...its sad..
do u guys wanna know wat it is??
its called..


i dying of boredom rite now
i wan 2 go out..
guys,wen r we goin 2 curve??

btw..aish..thx 4 coming over..
i know it wasn't dat fun..
sory couldn't b a better host..
but i realy appreciated it...
thank you soooooooooooo x1000 much

k lar..
now i realy duno wat 2 do..
mayb i'll continue slamming my guitar...
or watever...



hola hola hola!!!!

ehem3... ok, it's been quite a long time since d last tyme i wrote ma p0st here... days r moving slowly, dull n full wit boredom... i hv no idea wat to do to release d tension n pressure... moreover, i miss ma frenz like mad u know?? all of u... tiq, cah, ez, aish, dja n teah!! dunno y...
honestly, i dun have any dream cars as well as fav. place... duh... to me its juz angan2 n membuhsankan... hahah... lek guys, dats jus ma opinion... n tieq, i was extremely serious when i said that i wanna conquer d world... hahahahah... SUMDAY tieq!! SOMEDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
adoi, sengal tol aku nie... buhsan gler ah... dunno wat to do... (xx yawn xx) ok ah... i tink i shud go now... klu x membebel jek... huh... cowey, k... bubye..... =>

-------nadia ka---------

Saturday, 18 August 2007

My Dream Cars.

Ok people.

I will now introduced to u all my dream cars.

I've 2 dream cars.

D grey one is Porsche 911 Carrera S.


D black one is Aston Martin Vanquish 3.

I came across dis car yesterday while surfing d net 4 Eclipse.

It's soooooooo beautiful n elegant dat I just can't help thinking about it all night.

So,I choose it 2 be my dream car.Well,one of my dream cars.

My Porsche is still no 1 in my heart,baby.

Dat's all.

Juz wanna share it wit all of u.

-aish--d girl who's gonna be dead soon b'coz of boredom-

D sighing -*sigh*-

It is now 3:33a.m.
Cold,dark n silent.
Everyone is sleeping in their room,soundly,unaware of d 'presence' around them.I'm d only soul dat's still awake in dis house 4 there's something supernatural nearby...
I can't sleep.It's impossible to close my eyes,pretending like everything's normal.
Because it isn't.


He's here.

Determined,with a Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun firmly hold in my right hand,I come out from my hiding place with one mission.

To get back what is mine.

I don't know wat to do...
I desperately need to buy a book,no make dat books to occupied my now empty mind.
sure hope time will fly by...
dat way,I don't hav to wait long 4 Monday 2 go buy my precious Eclipse.(dat's right Tieq.I'm gonna buy Eclipse.hahaha)
huhu...Edward...wait 4 me.......
I know2.U guys must be wondering why don't I go do some homework??
Like dat's gonna happen.
I tend 2 do things last minute eventhough I ended up in a hurry n didn' t finished d work...
I'll never learn from my mistakes...
I 4got.
D MPH writing competition.
I haven't finished my essay yet.
When's d dateline??
31 August.fuh...thank god...
I'll try my best 2 get it done by d end of dis hols...
It'll take a miracle to happen 4 me 2 finish d essay...
I wish I can go 2 sleep.
I tried.
But,it was a hopeless effort...
I know,why don't I go read d excerpts of Eclipse??
Nah,it'll spoil d fun...
* sigh*

It's now 4:07.
Time goes by.Even when every tick feels like a wound behind every pulse.It gets swollen by time.Getting bigger n bigger n its just a matter of time before it burst bleedingly wit a deep, excruating pain.But pass it does.
huhu...sengal tul.
klau de kslhn,sila btulkn ek...
Aku ciao dulu...


p/s:wat do u think???

Friday, 17 August 2007


At last!!!
The sweet smell of holiday...
N a whole pail of homework...
Yep,dat's right people.HOMEWORK.
I hate homework...
Who doesn't...

Last week,we all sit 4 our peperiksaan percubaan PMR...
It was a royal pain in d ass...n a painful memory.
Here's my comment/review 4 d whole subjects:

BM-not bad...susah gak r...
BI-SO UNSATISFIED!!!especially question no 25!!The answer given by teacher is D.
It's B,teacher,B!!!don't u know wat optional mean!Argh!!!WTF??!!N 4 paper 2.Urgh...don't even remind me of it.I hav to write a speech bout discpilinary n courtesy.I was like,WTF??!!a speech??!!HTF am I gonna write a speech!I hate speech...
M3-I like it.To tell u d truth,I enjoyed doin it.It was fun...
SN-erm...not bad actually.Not dat hard yet not dat easy...
SJ-it's actually easy, u know...I got an A 4 dis one.hehe...How did I know??My mom told me...
GG-hmm...x bace buku so,I don't know wat 2 say bout dis test...

dat's all 4 my review 4 d peperiksaan percubaan PMR baru2 ini...
I hope I got 8 A's eventhough d chances are a big fat 0.


Tuesday, 14 August 2007


k guys..
i've done a few changes 2 our blog..
hope u like them..
would love 2 do more but not enough time lar..
neway gud luck in ur trials...


Monday, 13 August 2007

i really want to go to paris in france..i donno y..neway,i don't like 2 go anywer..just relax at home n have fun wit my fmly..
but den,wen i was in standard 5,i donno y i really really want 2 go 2 paris..u noe y??
my ex bf suggested 2 me dat he wanted 2 go honeymoon wit me in paris..he told dat paris is very interesting place 4 people dat fall in love..oh my god...
but,i broke up wit him at d end of,i decide 2 go 2 paris wit my hubby..u noe rite who is my hubby..he also told 2 me dat he wants 2 bring me 2 paris..i'm really happy!!!!i can go there wit my hubby..we will have our hneymoon der 8years 4rm now... think dat place is very interesting n beautiful bcz i had seen d scenery while i was watching d phantom..oh my god...
wish me gudluck bcz i really want 2 go 2 paris!!!!!!

so sory if i did many grammar mistakes..


Monday, 6 August 2007

Why England??

Why I choose England.....
Firstly,it's full wit history n cultures(u guys do know dat I love history,right...)
Secondly,I can meet cute guys...hahahahahahahahahahahaha...
I mean,I'm a girl n they're guys(wit delicious accent) d math...
hm...wat else...
Yup!Dat's right!
I've heard dat vampires came from England...hahahahahahaha...
who knows...mayb I'll meet them...hahahahahahahaha...(sngl tul)


vacati0n - i'm coming!!!! (well, after pmr laa)

actually, tjk tu mcm sengal sket.. x tau pown if i get to go to da places i want now.. hrm.. lemme tink..
- i'd like 2 go 2 japan!! coz - yesh i'd like to go n meet ichigo n urahara there.. ok2... serious.. japan coz mayb it'd be kinda cool..
- hrm... owh yeah.. new zealand!!! cantik gler ah pmndgn kt ctu... it looks so peaceful n serene there... hmmm...
- nex place - all around europe!! europe's a beautiful place 2 be.. there's so much of culture n history dat u can get from there.. besides. (y do i feel like i'm writin an essay) the scenery!! cantiknyee... like rome, paris, the alps.. aah!!
- a safari in africa... cm cool jek.. eeh! beshnyee... ni, kalo aq loaded mau aq g keliling dunie nih.. heh!
~ mayb makkah n madinah again.. it's a really wonderful place to be.. serene..

as i said, i'd go all around da world.. heh!! ni yg aq kene usha prof nih.. wakaka! prof kn loaded..
p/s: i liked him bcoz of him, not bcoz he's rich or anytin..

p/s2: i saje ltk warne pink biar org close-minded tu skt mate.. muahaha!

about my prof.. (haha)

It has kam 2 my knowledge dat u guyz bknnye knl pown ngan si prof neh.. (sengal t0l) so - it is my duty to clear your clouded minds with facts on prof.. (poyonyee!) ehem..

~ he is a multi-billionare surge0n n d plg power in d whole of m'sia.. i'm not kidding.. ( ko x pnah kene bedah, so ko x tau!)

~ he is (gah - unfortunately) married!!! aaah!!

~ he is tall n cute with his specs... (a bit nerdy but so wat!! back off dudes!)

~ he jln comey gler ah!! ade ala2 pingu seyh!! comeyl!!! (mmg taste mamat aq mesti jln comeyl tp pelik bg korng)

~ he is NOT, i repeat N-O-T mizan's dad la 4 gawds sake! (dituju pd aish)

~ i met him when i took care of my mum in d hospital.. ( he's my mum's doc)

~ when he talked too me - i literally froze up!! aah!! wat d hell!

hrmm.. wat else.. oh! my mum g jumpe die ari nie - n ended up gettin admitted 2 da hospital again.. wtf! i have no idea wats d case peeps.. but mayb my mum buat check-up je kowt.. (i hope!!) wait 4 my post on vacati0n tu ek..


Sunday, 5 August 2007


ok..u guys HAD 2 remind me bout d trials..huh??
evrytime i tink bout it..i'd get cold feet..seriously..
nvr thought it would be that bad..
despite d fact that there's 4 days 2 go..
nvrtheless..i would say..relax dudes!!it won't help if we're being 2 nervous neway..rite??
but d thing is..i duno y i'm carrying books evrywer i go...i mean dats so not me!! u guys do no dat, rite??i mean i'm at cc n i hav my history book wit me...urgh..quite scary..i guess pmr is starting 2 hav an effect on me..
ok ok enough blabbing...sorrie guyss...
k as 2 answer aish's question..
d place i would love 2 go is rome n australia..
i know aussie's very near n stuff but i would realy like 2 meet d kanga's n koala's..dey're soooo cute n adorable...n rome..well i just find it fascinating..dowan 2 exagerrate la...
k la...duno wat else 2 say...

p/s: aish...y england????of all d places in d world???



First skali aku nk say THANX kat chah 4 backing me up...
I mean 4 d Johnny Depp thingy...
Thank You...Really appreciate it...
2nd of all,aku x study lg 4 dis Thursday....
Sngl tul...
Aku x sedia lg r...
X tau nk taip ape...

K,topic baru...
Write about place that u really want to go?Give reasons...(cam wat klrgn lk)
I'll start first:
I'll type later...
Hav 2 go...

-aish- bowink..

guys,wat r u doin??msti ngah stdy kn??
urrmm..hw bout ur preparation 4 trial dis thursdy??
hrap u all dh sedia...jgn gubra k??
ehh,jom wt QIAMULLAIL??ceh..bak kate ustzh,dpt berkat wt mse bln rejab ni..huhu..
k la,otak da blank..cje2 singgah cz i'm alone parentz kua..ape yg ley wt,stdy je r..
bye guys..gudluck 4 trial!!


Saturday, 4 August 2007


sory tieq..
4got 2 write my name at d bottom on my last post..
i am so d penings...
my head is spinning like topsy turvy..n guess wat..
trials r juz NEXT WEEK!!
fuck!!!!i can't get even 1 history fact in my brain!!
shit shit shit...
ok guys..sory 4 ny language..
i am rather blurr..or shud i say -lost-..hhmmm..
any other topics guys???



ok first..aish..nape u copy i huh????!!
sebok jer...
chah xley bla gle...
k la..duno wat else 2 say..

Friday, 3 August 2007


ok,my name is chah nua..
i'm already 15 years old...(12 april)
aku ni sumtimes clumsy giler..
always xseimbang n nk jatuh...mybe cbb aku ni RINGAN cgt kot!!!!hahaha.....just kidding..
guys,so sowie if sumtimes i pndg u all semcm..xbmksd nk MENJELING korg..
dh aku dilahirkan begitu...hny Tuhan shj yg taw....huhu..
so,dn't think dat i'm angry wit u all... u guys noe dat i'm really love my hubby....ceh..n also my baby..^-^
da lame xjmp my hubby but alwys ade ngn my baby...boring seyh...
eeehhhh...da kuar topik ar...
sowie cz i'm really miss nua..if u all xksah,teman la i jmp nua....
actually, jeles giler tgk EZ ngn ABID..clalu cgt dating kt bus stop!!!!

back 2 d topic..
i luv 2 eat chocolate n CHEESE CAKE!!!if korg clalu pegi secret recipe 2,plez la buy me sum cheese cake!!teah....plez......
den,i like 2 reading my revision books...xley blah!!!n i hate 2 dengar radio....x peaceful lnsg..=6't live without it...

aish...johnny depp is very cute...tah nape aku ttbe cm melting tgk aku tgk dier hdoh giler dlm pirates...hek
ez...jgn dating dpn i..nnt i jeles...
nad..u r so a teddy bear...wnt 2 hug u bcz i cn't hug nua..
tieq...b happy wit marwan ok!!!hah..wnt 2 stdy wit u.......
teah...cpatlah post ur blog!!!!!
dja...mish u!!

huh...bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, 31 July 2007

'Bout Me!!

I am a girl...
Dat's all.

Juz kidding...nak wat dramatik cam Ez...
K.Serious now.
My name is Siti Aishah bt Zulkiflee...
Turn to 15 dis 13th of August...(
don't 4get 2 buy me presentS or I'll hunt u till death 4 those who read dis...believe me)
Addicted to books.Like 2 play games n surf d net.
Also like listening 2 music n eat.
My fav food are Italian food n Tom Yam.
Don't really like sweets or anything dat's sweet xcept chocolate cake with cream as topping n cheese cake...yummy...

Hmm...wat else...
How bout my personality...

I am kind(true!),generous(again,true!),n easy-going.
Open-minded,ambitious,independent,adventurous,n can be clever no,make dat
GENIUS(hahahahaha)if work hard enough
Extremely lazy...
Sumtimes hopeless but not helpless...

Best work alone and a VERY big-spender...
A cool person,not cold...
I am not easiy angry but when I do...well...juz wait n see 4 urself

hmm........wat's more...
Dat's right!

LOVEEEE Johnny Depp(Aahh!!!) n vampire(soo cool...)
Don't know why but atrracted to paranormal stuff...
Dat's all.
4 now,anyway...


Monday, 30 July 2007

dun 4get 2 put ur name after ur post peeps.. *yawn* (reminder 2)

sorry, juz remindin u noe.. mmg keje aq.. heh.. owh.. about maself.. hmmm.. none of u wud understand!! ceh... huh.. ntah laa... wait ah...

- i mmg blurr... ntah sejak ble nth.. sjk lhr kowt?
- love 2 read bookz, listen 2 music (same ez!) n hang out...
- gile takut seyh ngan cicak.. actually, i dunno kalo i tkt ke disgusted ke.. mayb it's a combination of those two?
- truth peeps! SUMTIMES when i say i'm blur.. it actually means i dun really care wat ur saying or i dun tink it's funny.. "i'm blur" is juz a word i use to cover my actual feelingz..
- i really care 4 da people i love.. but i get so cuak when sum1 i care tu nangis.. i dunno wat 2 do!!!
- i have dis strange fetish 4 punching people.. so i bid u all (esp: nad n qhis) an apology 4 being d mangse of d keadaan.. hehe..

- if i MINAT (prof, abg tu) a guy - i get so totally angau... tp now if i LIKE sum1 i'm scared 2 show my real feelingz.. (ey.. guyz, i ni x reti cover ke kalo pingu??? sori sesangat! i'm so tryin my best..)
- (smbgn ats) d real reason y i wanna get out of p.a is coz i wanna 4get pingu.. it may seem sengl 2 u.. but i'm really tryin my best!
- i'm so x sure kalo i g girl skul ke x... but really, i x nk!!

hmmm... mau i sbg lg, x abish2 neh..

p/s: wait 4 my blog on prof!!! hihi..

p/s 2: dude, i said luv suckz.. not life.. but watever..

huhuh.. it's all ab0ut me!!

haha.. u guyz won't know much about me coz i admit dat i'm quite secretive..
dunno y, it's juz dat i luv to indulge maself in ma own world.. but, i'm not dat private like ez, obviously, u r so private n confidential ez.. mayb sumtimes, its better if u open urself a bit.. hehe..

wat else?? ok, i'm a thinker... i love to think about... ANYTHING!! or we'll just consider it as "angau or berangan"... hahah.. n sumtimes when i feel like being alone, i'll automatically get maself away from d geng.. minding ma own business... dats y i alwez lost n totally out of d topic..
urgghh.. embarassing...
wat else?? n yeah.. i love to eat.. hahahah...

and.. i'm quite sensitive on sumting dat u guys had never expected.. hahah!!
ah man!! one thing!! i love to nag... huh, tahpape kan.. wateva.. ok, dats all i can write about maself.. hahah... bubye lost... love u guys 4 eternity... ahakks...

p/s: ehem3... nak promote skit nie.. korang amik la test ni ek.. saje je nak test korang.. huhu... ( lupe gi website ni tau!!

--------nadia ka---------

Sunday, 29 July 2007

ehem ehem...

ok dis time i'm serius...
sory bout d last post guys..
juz playin around..
i mean evryone's got their own taste rite...
everyone's different..
no offence kay...;]

ok i've got an idea..or shud i say a topic..
y not u tell bout urself..its not dat interesting but don't u guys realize no one realy nos bout ouselves d topis is.."TELL EVRYONE BOUT URSELF"
all members of lost diwajibkan 2 write..

ehem ehem..
my name is nadia ezana
i am 14 going on 15
bday's on d 14th of sept..
i love black!!n blue color!!
i'm more of a private person..i like 2 b alone..n not in d middle of a 'pasar malam'..i love music..can't live witout dem.
ok ok..errrrmmmm...
i hav no idea wat else 2 write..gud luck guys..hahahaha
got nothin else 2 i'm juz watcha call it..''merapu''


p/s: tieq..i totally does SUX!!


errm ok first of all...
i would 2 apologize 2 d ppl dat have been affected by my last post..
to nad,
i'm sory bout d curly hair thing..
to aish,
ok fine johnny depp is -ok- compared 2 d other losers..
n to tieq,
nerds aren't dat bad actually...
so i hope all of u will 4giv..
coming deep 4rm my heart...





Friday, 27 July 2007


lost!!da lame blog ni dtubuhkan tp aku br sign in...lembab!!cowie ar cz xok writing in english..neway,gune bhse rojak jer ar..skang ni kt tieq's houz..we had our group meeting aku xde ar kire ketinggalan zaman cgt cz teah pown lum sign in!!!lg ketinggalan!!!opppsss...cowie teah...k la,donno wat 2 say..gtg...luv my group so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



urmm... i'm juz bored rite now... seems like evrybody's bz studying i guess... urggh!! pmr is juz around d corner... wish me luck!! i feel EXTREMELY anxious u know?? n yeah, probably tomoro we're gonna have our next LOST meeting.. at Tieq's, again!! grr.. i fobia dgn pak cik 'bike' tu.. fine, esk aku cube dtg n return d bike OK?? opss, aku dah membebel dah nie.. guys, xde topik ke ek.. ntahla, i lost!! nway, nk singgah kejap je.. ok.. ok.. nak outla nie... choww...

Sunday, 22 July 2007

urgghh... geramnyer...

w0it ez!! ape mslh hang dgn curly hair??? u tu bad boy ape kes?? urghh.. berdosakah i nak suke guys wit curl hair?? huwaaaaa... sorry tau... i sensitif bab2 nih!! hehe... n yeah, tieq... hang xbengang ke ez cari psl dgn ur nerds?? ke blurr... hahah... cari pasal gaks nih!! kla... choww..
----nadia ka----

my type of guy...

i don't really care about d long as he got a very interesting personality,funny,caring..n all d common quality dat normal girl wants...

posted by dja/kd

Friday, 20 July 2007 topic larr...

peeps...i duno wat 2 write la...
i think i'll tell u bout wat happened on wednesday...
we wanted 2 go 4 xtra class...but den it kucing n anjing u know..damn lebat..
'we' stands n chah...we were soaked badly...our shoes dah jd kolam...was freezin like hell...but den...we both nie rajin tau(perasan)...we still went 2 class..wen we entered d clas..u shud hav see d look on ckg shekin's face..hahaha.i'll nvr 4get it..okl a...duno wat else 2 write...
i nak talk bout my 'guy' but den xde his pic la...sobs sobs...lost knows who he is..rite??hehe..
k chaooo....

ok ok..i'm answerin d question!!!! type of guy???..hhmmmm...
ok firstly...aish i nak comment bf bg la i main 'rain' but nnt pandai2 la i tanggung drpd i carik psl might as well i stay away 4rm 'the rain'...
ok back 2 d topic...
i like guys who r of coz taller than urs truly...
n den he has 2 b cute n adorable....aaaahhh...cuteeenyeeee....!!!!!;]
his hair is..ehemm...spike spike....i liiikeee..
wat else??
caring, bad boy cket..i don like la yg jiwang2 sgt...but tgk timing la jgk..(same2!!aish tgh jerit tepi i nih...caket telinga!!)
hahahaha...well i duno wat else....k lar...chaoo...
luv ya all...peace 4 d world!!!!!!!!!


p/s: nerds n curly hair???wat d hell??(totally tgh cari pasal)
n 4 aish...johnny depp???puh--lease....
lastly luv u by!!!...

hye... my life sucks..

ahhh... i tgh glerr sick rite now.. doctor ckp demam i gler terok as my body temp is too high.. n my joint glerr sakit.. act mse tieq tumbuk aritu mmg skit cos joint i tgh sakit, bukannyer ape pon.. o yeah, now i wud like 2 describe abt ma dream guy.. k, act xkesah sgt.. bet there are basic things day he shud have..
- dark hair, of coz!!
-better.. curly hair..(ahh, i'm melting!!)
-suke makan mcm i... hahaha
-at least he's taller den me...
-caring n xjiwangzz!!
-n yeah.. dy mesti suke nyanyi gakss!!

a reply

Yo Tieq!

Xkn u don't know wat kinda guy dat I like...
Of coz la Johnny Depp....
ok..serious time...
my type of guy,huh...
well,firstly of coz taller than me...
not really fair...prefer tan...
kinda rebellious/bad boy(u're right Tieq)
x jiwang sngt
last but not least
loaded(hahahahaha)-not dat important-
p.s.-Johnny Depp's pic..god,he's hot..damn,did I just type dat??damn,damn,did I just type dat I just type dat Johnny Depp is hot??

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

my internet works!! juz cratin a topic

Yo babez.. wtf is min?? yg g komen kt aish tu.. pompuan ke laki neh?? hihihi... nway, i juz nk create a topic n i hope dat all of u wud post d answer!!! What kinda guy would u like?? (appearance, personality) N PLEASE dun say "sape2 laa... takdir d tgn thn" pny crap! coz i'm juz askin how's ur taste.. so answer d question peeps... eg:
- nerds!! love em... ehem...
- adorable... in n out..
- funny peeps
- so similar but yet so different.. emm.. exciting!
- x kesah ah bad boy ke x.. aq tau sape taste bad boy kt cnie... hehehe..

anyway, i was juz givin an example.. so go on... tell me.. i wanna noe..

p/s: i fell like shit coz i have to go public speakin tomorrow n i haven't seen MY prof 4 such a long time!! rindu!! hehehe...

luv ya all peeps!

Monday, 16 July 2007

At last!!!!

Yea!!!At last I can sign in....
still x tau nk taip ape....
Newy,2day best gilerr r lps extra class td....
Hjn lbt.....
All of 'lost' group main hjn xcept Dja coz dia x g extra class n Tieq n Teah coz diorg blk awl...
4got,Ez pun x main coz her bf said mcm bdk2 n a bit dirty....
grm tul aku.....
Pepun,mmg best r td....
Hbis lencun bj aku...
As a result,I'm now covering myself wit blanket as I got a cold n low fever.....
huh...dh lm x main hjn...
p.s.thanx Tieq n Nad 4 letting me borrowed ur mp3...

*u know who!* x_x

haha! sengal gler ah tjk2 aq neh.. oh ye nad, i dun tink ur lost all d time.. bkn aq ke lg gns... wakaka! nway, mmg besh jmpe die - my *ehem* (pd hl x ckp ap p0n..) tp gaye mmg smart ah!!! hehe.... eyh, bile nk ckp pasal peeps yg kite admire tuh... ngah bsmgt neh!! prof~mizan~prof~mizan.. (hehe)

ok...I'm totally LOST!!

o..k.. seems like i'm d last person to respond on the 'LOST' previous meeting.. urgghh.. embarassing...
i was totally busted dat friday as my bike glerrr rosak!! luckily ade uncle yg saved ma life.. oh, thank god!!
ingatkan ma parents nak marah or pukul i... fuh! rupe2 nya dorang gelakkan i... ceh!! hampeh je..
n thx to aish n ez, i hope u guyz xmarah..sory sgt2, k...
nway, meeting tu mmg gler sweet n klu boleh next time kte wat byk kali lg n snap more pics..
esp d pic of all of us lying on d carpet grass... ouch!! sakit glerzz like it reached my deepest pain receptors.. n, did i mention dat i was totally lost at that time as i was listening to d mp4?? wateva... love u guyz... n we r frenz 4eva n after...muahzz..
(nad k.a aka d member of lost who lost all d time)

Sunday, 15 July 2007

more pics...

nope.. it doesn't stand for "loser's" it stands 4 "lost"...... 2nd pic tu - i told ya.... aq tgk nad yg plg releks ah.. she said dat she was staring at the clouds - cm jiwang je beb.....
-yeah2, tieq again-

mizan, mizan....... wakaka!

lol.. sorry peeps.. x tau nk buat tjk pe.. huahua.. eih.. kite org ni x nk tkr layout ke?? n wait nk pic yg mane td.. baring2 ek.. jap yer............................... *tryin hard*

yey dpt.. x tau pilih yg mane ah.. satu gbr dja ngah ttp mate, 1 gbr lg aish lak cm neh.. haih.. i'll try to put both laa den.. eih, keje2 mempromotekn blog kte dh buat ke?? hehe.. nk show off sket..



Saturday, 14 July 2007

i'm lost!!!!

hye hye evrybody!!!
well kd i tau la u dtg paling awal skali..watevaa..
k i came around 3.30 pm which i don't deny was REALY late compared 2 d others..but i still hav 2 frenz yg dtg at d same time...aish n nad..we cycled 2 tieq's penat tau...but den dpt refreshing ribena 4rm i 'lost' d 'kepenatanness'..was realy fun dat day..
we watched music n lyrics..hugh grant was so damn 'hh hh hot'!!!n sooo doesn't look like ewan..puh-leease...den we took pics...tieq!! put la d 1 yg we all baring on d 'ouch' grass...sakit seyh..after dat we did dis blog la..den wen nak balik nad's bike pancit...bad luck gle..luckily ids guy lend his bike 2 her..if not i duno how were we supposed 2 go home..did i mentioned it was nearly maghrib...tension gle..but in d the end i reached home safely ever after..muahahaha..
guys thx 4 friday..i had a GREAT time...luv ya all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!wouldn't b able 2 live without u guys!!!

lost members..aish, chah, ez, kd, nad, teah, tieq..(arranged alphabetically)


of coz la aku..

sape lg yg plg awl klau bkn aku..

letak la gmbr yg len skali tau..

please put ur name at the end of ur post..

wakaka.. serious laa.. luckily dat i'm psychic.. kalo x, x tau pnye la dja yg tulis td.. lol... how the heck did u put d pics laa.. wait ah.. lemme try.. yeah, yeah!! i did it.. i'm good.. wakaka.. besh ah smlm.. jom ah buat meetings cm tu ek.. tp pmr is so damn near.. wuah!! written by the tieq.. lol

Friday, 13 July 2007

Dja,Aish, n Nad.....

I'm early!!

i'm early..

yeah..2 early i guess...


nway we had a great time at tieq's house juz like tieq described..

by d way..

i'm sorry u guys didn't get 2 see d ending of d story..

don't worry..

it is a happy ending..


that is 4 now..



about -lost-

ini adlh sbgai pengenln kpd mrk yg tdk mngenali diri kami....
lost t'diri drpd 7 org iaitu aku-aish,chah,dja,ez,nad,teah,n tieq-m'ikut urutn....
Nape kitorg plh nama lost cuz nnti tetibe je bile kitorg tgh bsembg mesti ade sorg dua yg 'lost' or blur.....
dat's all 4 now..
Will update later...

a 'lost' meeting.....

Dja was d first 2 arrive at tieq's place.. plg awl seyh.. 1st time lak join meeting.. ari ni mmg cool.. we all watched a movie - music n lyrics.. cite tu lawak doh.. tp tgk skjp je.. huhu.. coz rite after dat, we took pics 4 our blog.. (check out our pics k..) cute je all d pics.. nway today, sume 'conflict' dh settle.. so gang lost, is bak on track!! jgn gado2 lg tau.. *_* current members r tieq, nad, ez, teah, aish, dja, chah... ap lg nk cite ah.. uhh.. korang smbg ah... i'm lost.. hehe! written by tieqa