Saturday, 7 March 2009

oh wow

I haven't been online like...for eternity...
can someone install my internet again for me???????
I'll pay of course...
I'm soo lazy to call the stupid streamyx again and again for god knows how many times....

so, u betray micky eh tieq!
right now I don't have any obsession...I mean, I'm still obsess over DBSK but not soo much as I used to be.
Oh, I kinda obsess over KBSW? lol.


I will and always be a bloodsucker. XD

Friday, 6 March 2009

reunion 3uia 2007

Thursday, 5 March 2009


Mhm, I am.. Even my family said so.. I smile allllll the time now, and it's all because of ........
a TV show.. xp So Nad, I shall post the pics as I said of my honey/love of my life/ hubby/ soulmate, Brian... X3 -happy- And sunshine Justin of course, how can I forget him.. N mikey.. xp

so here goes...

This is Mikey (yellow T) and Brian (white T).. My Brian's hawt rite? X3 N my Mikey cute!! They're really2 close bestfriends since they were young.. till they both got married and mayb till they die.. lol.. It's that kinda friendship.. So cute..

Just the cast for the show.. Lynz, Mel, Mikey, Ben, Brian (hawt), Justin, Emm, Teddy and Mikey's mom.. lol.. she's a kick-ass character ok.. Gives the best advice I've ever heared with a variety of swear words to top it off..

So by the looks of it is yes, Brian plus Justin.. X3 Love em soooo much... Brian's hawt eh? But I'm more bias towards Justin though... I always think Justin is rite.. xp

The End~ They're so sweet together.. I can't imagine one without the other.. X3

I have two more episodes to end the show.. 5 seasons are just not enough for me. The last episode I watched Brian proposed to Justin.. X3 I so couldn't fuckin believe it.. Seriously, if you watch the show you'd know why I'm shocked.. Brian just loves to fuck around.. =.=' But not now.. :D


Sunday, 1 March 2009

hey peeps!!!

ehem2.. aku dah upload pics kat myspace..
korang bukak lah, then edit ah mane2 yg patut..
aku xreti.. lol..

ps: the layout is so not dark.. i like it!! XD but, i still love dark.. take care guys~~