Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Moon and Antique Bakery's trailer (fanmade)

So, I am probably one of the few people who haven't seen New Moon, by which I've watch last night and here was my first impression "God, what's wrong with Edward's eyebrow? It's freaking thick and bushy!" -.-'
It was...not good. lol. After the first 15 minutes, I was waiting, anticipating and begging for the movie to come to an end. It was too fast the way the storyline goes on (though I prefer too fast rather than too slow eg. Twilight) and there isn't enough time for we viewers do I say this...menghayati the certain scenes .lol. I am soo not making any sense.

And dude, Edward and Bella are so stiff. -.-' -gets stoned by their fanatic fans-
And Jane, I wish there were more scenes of her. TT.TT Jacob XD Eventhough he's a bit too bulky for my liking. Kinda prefer the lean wiry type. He's hot only after he cut those hideous long wig hair of his. -shudders- All in all, the movie was like an amateur work. -gets spanked by the director and a whole hour of lecture of how difficult to direct a movie-
Gotta say the action scenes were wow! I was begging for more! Especially when it involves those cute, cuddly, furry werewolves!

I give it a 2 out of 5. XD

And here are a little something!



p/s currently watching vampire diaries from Anna. -swoons- Damon is freaking HOT! LOL. I'll comment about it later after I've watch the whole 10 episodes. =)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

official goodbye~~

rite, i'm feeling a lot better now..
Thank GOD!!
nway, my mp3 rosak..
i'm sad, of cos..but, couldn't blame it..
betul kot, mybe dia mrajuk sbb aku nk beli ipod..xP

ape2pun, i want to officially say goodbye to 'him'...
dear mp3...
thanks 4 being such a great company of mine for 2yrs..
i'll treasure our memories together..sob..sob..
(wat a drama queen...XP)

i'm so tired...working wth my mom is such a chaos!!
but, yeah! no choice, meh...sigh.

btw, tieq..
i accidentally ate a CHICKEN BALL that i deep-fried jz now..
dammit, man!! it's my mom's fault!! she asked me to test hw it tasted...
i didn't realize it's chicken!!! scheisse~~
i feel so bad, lol~~
will be extra careful next time...

SHOUT: i want takoyaki too!!! huhu~~~
wait 4 mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k, guyz...tata!!!



I don't know why I'm so emotional these days...
but only three of them went to the award...
=.='(totally overreacting...)


Here's the vid. Big Bang is also there and oh Big Bang won Best New Artist for some kind of award show in Japan. I forgot. lol.

Congratulations!!!~~~ You guys deserve it!!! =)

p/s - this is one is for Una though I don't know whether she'll read this or not. Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyunjoong were spotted at Vancouver! lol. As far as I know, Jaejoong is doing some kind of documentary. I dunno about Hyunjoong. I'm like a stalker. lol. Knowing where each one of them are. Hehehe. This is not an obsession people! This is called fandom! Got it?! XD


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

fanfics beyond my comprehension... =.=

Yes.. This post will be about fanfics.. yaoi ones.. so press the 'x' button if ur not interested but those who do listen to my infinite rambles!! o.0

Here's the deal.. I was on (whatelse) when i stumbled upon some of the most ridiculous fanfics ever created... D= -aghast- seriously! let's see..

What I hate most:

- Naruto is a girl concept.. [like wtf?! he's a guy.. n will always be a guy... for fucks sake la.. =.=]

- Sasuke secretly loves Sakura [that is so not happening.. if he wasn't gay, he'd probably be asexual.. n seriously, he does not even like Sakura]

- Character bashing. [I don't love Sakura or anything but seriously... they always portray her as a bitch and that she deserves a slap ALL the time.. like wtf?]

- Incest.. aha.. no offense.. just this particular one la.. itasasu.. sheesh.. D=

Anyway, let's get away from all that hate and i'll post things I love.. =3

Nad, let me introduce u to Sai.. lol.. this is just a small comic strip they made.. it is sooooooo Sai.. XD sai really sexual harasses naruto.. lol

a cute pic of sai and naruto.. eheh.. i like sai with glasses.. no, i have a fuckin fetish for guys with glasses.. D=

other funny strips:
kihkih.. loved this one..

haha.. i love the whole sasu against sai battle.. XD

but seriously, hands down i'm a sasunaru fan.. not gonna change.. heh.. thing i love bout this pic is the angle of the picture that doesn't show their whole face, but seriously their body is doing the talking.. XD yum... lol

on a hunt for good sasunaru fics.. =D

Monday, 11 January 2010

f * * k!!!!!!! ^%&^##@@#!#$@#%^%&^*

i'm f***ing pissed off!!!!
bengang giler nak mati!!!!
u know, some people jz dn't realize how lucky they are to be loved whole-heartedly!!
n this is what i get??
treated like a shit??
if only i don't luv her that much!!
if only i don't luv her AT ALL!!!
i surrender, man!
jz, f***in' leave me alone!!
i don't want to love u!!
leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't delete this post...
i want it to stay here...
mmg aku jarang naik angin..
i feel like smashing this laptop & my hp & simcard & mp3 & pendrive, etc...
but, for what??
sorry, dh naik giler dh ni..
jz, ignore me...


Sunday, 10 January 2010

In response to: in loVe or in aGony??

It's really weird coz I've been thinking the same thing.. why? I can't tell u here but I guess it's kinda lonely being... alone.. lol

Truth is tho.. I'm not unhappy. I'm quite fine by own. I see eye candy and I go "aaaah.. is he single?" lol..
I see sweet couples and I go "aww.. so sweet." internally of course.. i have to remain my -ehem- cool facade.. XD
I see annoying couples, I'd be like "eww... lame.." I'd probably laugh at their face if I was mean enuff...
But there are some couples where I'd be like: "wtf? I wanna boyfriend too!" hahaha.. that so
It's kinda lame to wanna have a boyfriend juz coz someone else has one. but sometimes.. i can't fucking help it.. D=

Altho, i think we're thinking too much into this coz we're not meeting anyone new at the moment n some people are getting on with their so called relationships (refer to fb)... so I guess we're in between this need to be in luv and agony.. -sigh-

One thing tho: I have to not be fucking intimidating in the future.. seriously.. why the hell are people (guys) scared of me? i dunno if scared is the proper term tho... aaah... whatever.. i'm emo now... =S

wud it be too much if I wanted this guy.. please? ------>
n damn, he has an attitude... chyeah!


Mixed Feelings...

I am fucking furious. And depressed. And frustrated. And on top of it all, fucking close to tears.

Stupid weakness of mine. Why can't I be like one of those people who can be extremely angry without any tears spilling out of their fucking eye sockets!?


The fucking main reason for this 'mixed feelings' as the title mention above is of course, as Nad already know, THE LOST OF MY PENDRIVE. And it is just not an ordinary pendrive people, it's 4 gig and it contains a whole lot of many precious things that I store mostly for my own entertainment if I'm in bored or anything. Not only that, it also contains all of my work, as in my fanfic work! which had taken lots of time, dedication and energy!!! URGH!!!~~~

And I blame it all to my mother. Why? Who asked her to clean up my room! I've told her many times to just leave the room as it is eventhough the room is very messy or like tongkang pecah terbalik or something cuz it is easier for me to find my things!!! I'll clean it myself, mother!!! Also, there's a possibility that my little bro went into my room and play with the damn pendrive as my mom always lepak in my room thus of course my lil bro (of who I hate) will be tempted to go in there as he is very attached to my mom! Why oh why!!!???

So you see, indirectly my dad is also responsible because he's the reason why my mom doesn't hang out in their, THEIR, room for reasons that I have no intention to tell cuz as most of you already know, I dislike my dad. Therefore, my parents are the one to blame!!!

Not to mention my adik - Ismail - can be such a major royal pain the fucking ass for being so stubborn and pigheaded and why oh why can't he just listen to me!
Starting from 1 p.m. is my time to use the comp. I fucking thought we already have an agreement but oh no, he's insist on shutting the fucking computer down around 3 p.m. of which has been operated from fucking 7 a.m.. Therefore, whether I like it or not, I have to wait for at the very least one hour before I can use the damn comp! Stupid him. Thanks goodness I am very lazy to fight with him or I swear to god I'll crash the damn comp myself so that all of us can't use the damn comp. Fair and square.

And I fucking miss Yunjae. -heard gasps of horror-
That is right people, I miss Yunjae. Probably because I've been reading too may Yoosu fics...-.-''' -sigh-
I've save so many fics in that pendrive, fics that I haven't read yet, fics taht I wanted to read at night before I go to sleep, fics that have cost me time to cut and paste one by one and also time to search for good fics and they are gone. TT.TT Do you have any fucking idea how frustrated I am? Besides, there are a lot of vids in there (DBSK - related) and those vids cost time people!!! They cost me time and patience!!!

I need my pendrive back...TTT.TTT.TTT.TTT

The last and first thing that came into my mind before I go to sleep and when I wake up is my pendrive...