Friday, 25 September 2009

A Batch of Songs~~~

Let the title speaks for itself!

Omona. This song is one melancholy and mellow song. But hell, I like Fukuyama - san's voice. Very manly. Mmm,mmm. Not to mention he's kinda good - looking for a man of his age. Loving this song~

Another one from mister Fukuyama himself~ Weeeeeeeeeeee~~~

I haven't heard any english song for a while and this one here really grabs my attention. LINKIN PARK! lol. Must I explain? I believe most of you know what kind of genre Linkin Park's music/songs are. Keep making good music LINKIN PARK! lol. (p/s - I'm not really a DIE HARD fan of LP but hell, they sometimes make a really cool music! Except for their last album. Not really liking it... )

And of course, it wouldn't be completed without any DBSK's song. lol. Just one! Don't bash me... T.T Not really from DBSK, more like from Jaejoong and Yoochun. I personally like it. Except for the first part of rap, Yoochun's voice is too slow I can't actually hear anything. Lol.

Anyway, enjoy!!!~~~


Wednesday, 23 September 2009

lol.This cracks me up

Lol. XD. I promise I'll refrain myself from posting more about TVXQ!
so sorry...


Tuesday, 22 September 2009

selamat hari raya aidilfitri!!

hye lost..
chah here..lame xdga story bout u guys..hw r u???tieq.nad,aish,teah,ez n dja???
neway, happy belated bufday to tieq n ez!!!
so, hw lost??what's new bout lost??actually i really mish all of u..
xde wat lost gathering ke??4 raye nih??
my plan wanna come 2 puncak alam dis thursday wit my nua..
then if u guys hav a gathering, maybe i'll come.. it's bout 1years n 6months we didn't meet..
i pn da lost u guys',can all of u send me ur latest numb??
dis my new numb 0132528039..
happy eid mubarak..i mintak maaf zahir batin if slame kwn ngn u all msti i ade wat byk slh silap..
hope LOST will gather again next time...