Saturday, 3 May 2008

I'm HappY!! =>

hah!! this blog is dying!! and for sure, i'm not pleased about that!! hope this blog will live 4 eternity, as our friendship is the heart of this blog... as long as we're still good friends, then this blog won't die, ok?? lost forever!!

o yeah, i'm so happy!! actually quite scared to mention this 5-letter word... HAPPY... not everyone can actually gain ever-lasting happiness... and to be frank, i jus do not think this happiness cud last forever... how sad!!

however, maybe people won;t notice the changes in me... i keep it to myself... know what?? when u r happy, u'll automatically enjoy yourself in anything u do... plus, our self-confidence can be built up at the same time... how cool is that?? trust me... eventhough i don't know how and why, i feel more confident now... and i try my very best to think positive!! cheer up, smile and laugh as long as i still can do it...

now tell me, maybe, some people have lived in this beautiful world for much, much longer time than me... as for me, i've only lived in this world for like... 16 years?? insyallah, there's still a long journey in store for me to go through... i'm so excited!! and nervous at the same time... if possible, i want to do my VERY BEST in EVERYTHINg because i don't want one day, when the time comes for me to say goodbye to everyone... i ask myself, " nadia, what have u gained from ur life?? what have u done to everyone?? have u given anything precious or valuable to the world... to the people u love??" I want to fill the enigma with satisfying answers... insyallah... wish me luck!!

sorry if i'm being too emotional here... that's nurnadia if u want to know... not emo... POYO maybe... haha!! i'm proud... btw, i would like to be thankful to HIM... alhamdulillah, thank u so much for showing me the way... u've given more than enough to guide me to the real path... please, i hope u won't take her away now... because i really2 need her... my heart has been engraved!!

i'll always try my best to be alert and always remember... U GIVE ME A CHANCE TO LEARN... LOVE... and LIVE... and contribute something to the world!! most importantly, always bear in mind that u owe HIM... dedicate ur life to HIM ok?? insyallah... we have to remind each other since as humans of course, we always forget... just remind me if u see me do anything wrong... WORDS WON"T KILL!! My heart is always open to receive criticisms as they actually make me a better person...

lalala... such a long post!! bored already?? oklah... i;ll go now... no worries... tata...


Sunday, 27 April 2008

A little update.

I haven't been online for a while and the reason for that is because I've been very busy.
Forgive me (lol).

Anyway, there has been little update on this blog so I'm thinking of making one. Well, I got nothing interesting happening to me for the last couple of days soo I don't know what to tell to you guys. Hmm... Oh. Teah said that I am a very lucky girl. At first, I was like, 'me, lucky? get real' . But, after a bit of thinking, maybe I am. Foe example, this chess thingy. You guys do know what really happened right so no need for an explanation. The second one is, yesterday me and Ez and her sis went to KL. After that, I was broke. So, I was like 'great, now I need to start kumpulling my money again'. But then, wahddaya know, I got rm 200! YEAH!!! No need to kumpul the money. How did I got rm 200? My dad's company gave it to me for getting 7 A's in PMR. Yeah, yeah. I know what you guys are thinking right now. 'Dapat 7 A pun dpt duit?' Hahaha.
What can I say, I'm a lucky girl!

Almost forgot.
I won't be at school on this Tuesday and Wednesday. Got chess competition. Wish me luck, guys!