Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I'm soo checking out Mr Blondie here.. xp

From left: Sid, Chris, Cassie, Jal, Anwar, Maxxie, Tony and Michelle

Ok, OK.. I know it's damn freaking trials but I can't stop myself from sharing my joy!! and that joy comes in the form of a very hot blondie (never my type but he's an exception) in the BEST series I've ever watched so far... n I mean it...well, it's a British series which tells us of the life of 8 teenagers who's life is utterly, completely WICKED! I am soo speaking like a brit now.. anyway, it's completely uncensored, as in plenty of drugs, drinking and plenty of making out, plenty of swearing (they swear in practically every fucking sentence) and generally plenty of fun.. really funny too!

From left: Maxxie, Tony, Sid, Michelle, Cassie, Jal

their cast are really good and it even includes Dev Patel from Slumdog Millionaire eh.. he's suppose to be a muslim here too, tp muslim sesat (look below).. still funny la..

Anwar and Maxxie

the storyline is good (each character has their story) and the potrayal of the characters was awesome... for season 1, each episode is differently narrated and each episode in named after the person who is narrating it.. I kinda liked 'Maxxie and Anwar', 'Sid', 'Cassie' and 'Chris'... best.. =3 nway, bout my hot blondie? he's not the main character duh, he plays as the bestfriend of Anwar (Dev Patel) and Chris (this other guy.. lol). He's supposedly gay in the series which causes this whole fight with Anwar n all.. sad.. =( but their fine now, but i heard their gonna fight in season 2 pulak.. sheesh.. =.=' drama la these guys.. Aaah.. Can't wait for season 2!!! xp happiness...


P/S: I forgot to mention, the series is called 'Skins'. And I'll continue watching it after trials.. heh..


Tuesday, 1 September 2009

to my dearest TIEQ~~

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yo tieq!!
Happy 17th "Burp"day!!!
i'll buy smthg 4 u later..
can't go out 4 the time being...
bestfriends 4 eva~~
njoy d day!!
all d best 4 trial!!

luvs, nad.

specially to Bill!! and Tom Kaulitz.....

Herzlinchen GlΓΌckwunsch zum Geburtstag Bill und Tom!!

oMg!! ur 20 yrs old already..
(fyi, it's bill&tom from tokio hotel, lol~)

Gott, i luv tokio hotel so much!
their comeback makes me feel alive again!! yeyy...

last but not least, sweet b'day Bil
l.. eat smthg pliss!! ur getting thinner...ugh. sorry, too much of tokio hotel, eh.. apologize much. jz can't help it~~

ok that's all i want to say..
take care..

luvs, nad...