Thursday, 13 March 2008

twilight movie - jake -----> aish

weyh, r u SURE dat d guy frm dat sharkboy thingy is the JAKE.... x de pun kt blog stephenie... n where's his pic - i wanna c his bod if sesuai 4 jake or not. -_- it's for review purposes.. i have Jin to admire as u know...


Wednesday, 12 March 2008

I am soo bored...

that I watched HP of The Goblet of Fire twice.

That is how bored I am. After I watched Cedric got killed by Voldemort twice (every time I did,it pains me.Ro...bert...) I watched HP and The Order of The Phoenix and let me tell you, it is much better than the GOF. GOF is like the worse movie ever in HP series. If you haven't read the book, then you will be soo clueless, lol.

To Tieq, I am soo sorry dude but I really can't go this friday. As I told you before, work comes first. Besides, my boss is a really strict person. *shudders thinking about her* Good thing I got such a hot partner. *drooling*

I have a problem right now. It is called 'BOOTS-FETISH'!!!



Tuesday, 11 March 2008

dude.. uh.. aish la..

sorry i had a blackout dats y i was forced to signout from ym... please tell me u can make it dis fri after u finish with ur business of coz... keep me posted..

my akanishi-kun~

he's so hawt.. it kills... -_-'


Sunday, 9 March 2008


but I really don't think my mom will approve of that...
and dude,where have you been???
hakhak, padahal baru bape hari je. nwy,I just met Ez. She said feel free to come to her house. But, do call first. And dude, who is that dude below your pic?
I hav mine too... Down here

hakhak...sebesar-besar alam aku sebenar mamat ini adalah alexander but people called him alex.keh,keh,keh...


to aish n d otherz

dude.. about d whole piercing thing.. i'm on dude!! n i even told my dad dat i wanted a tattoo.. haha...ah.. enjoy life while ur still living la man! nanti mase da tue da x ley buat bnde2 sengal neh... oh.. n nad knows dis - i'm highlighting my hair... not sure of d colour yet... my 'baka' (stupid in jap) friend Andre has already dyed his hair red with effin blue highlights... i so wanna kill him!!! coz i was juz tinking of doing it... geramnye!! oh, n when r we crashing to ez's place... rindu dude! n very cool layout.. who did it???



We were in a clinic when it happened. Here was how the conversations went :

me : *walking in the hall of the clinic while waiting for my mom and my siblings*
The doc's door open then my mom and siblings came out.
me : So, nak balik dah ke?
mom : gi Pasir Penambang jap beli ikan.
me : nak ais - krim.
dad (yep, my dad was also there) : nanti balik nanti beli lah...
me : xnak. nak sekarang.
mom : balik nanti...
me : fine. *walk out of the clinic. then suddenly, something grabs my attention. it's the board where it says all the services the clinic has to offer. one of thenm is 'tindik telinga'*
me : ma, nak tindik belakang *while showing my back below my spinal to her*
dad : huh? tindik mana?
mom : ye,ye... nanti ma tanye ustazah...
me : n tanyekan sekali boleh x tindik pusat sekali tau...
mom : ye,ye
dad : huh? tindik pusat? (my dad was soo clueless, lol)
me : for real?
mom : ye,ye...
me : *jumping in joy*

and that's it.
so much for trying to be bad, lol...