Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year~

Yeah.. My post has nothing to do wif CNY tho.. I juz want to tell u guys to check out Ryan's latest videos... the idiot.. i was laughing my ass off! XD subscribe to his channel if u like him too..

n i think adam n kris is soooo cute!!! so maybe... like u guyz... i actually have a real life yaoi pairing that i like... omgosh... their so cute...seriously... X3 i'll post the vids down here..

aww... surprise huggle... adorable..

juz for fun vid... dorang berdua sengal ah... so many idiotic vids of them.. soo cute.. aaah.. soo happy~

that is all guyz.. besides that, i wanna watch the lightning thief.. i know i da beberapa kali da ckp but u know.. i hope but saying it a lot of times, i'll actually get to watch it.. =.= hnn.. not working...

anyway, that is all.. adam + kris n nigahiga rocks my socks! o.0