Saturday, 9 January 2010

in loVe or in aGony??

ughhh...the title explains ALL!!
dn't want to talk abt it..
suxx much~~

nway, let's talk abt ipOd people!! i want to buy it!!
or ANY gadgets which can hold up tons of songs!
i've been restraining myself frm dwnloading kewl songs these few days!
jz cos i dn't own a laptop...( jelez giler kat tieq!!~)

i think i want the nan0..
idk y..cos it has the features i like..
idk! need ur opinion guys...
gonna buy it, soon!!

let's go out!
one utama?? curve?? sunway??
ape2pun i'll be free after march..
sbb dh xtlg ma mum kat kedai...

to tieq --> hv u heard the song "Make Me Wanna Die" by the pretty reckless?? ak xtau npe ak ske sgt...luv the guitar...

i want to get a driving license! plisss... T.T

act, i'm nt that happy..
but, i'll try my best to find true happiness in this life...*wink*
wish me luck guys!!

ok, that's all from me...i miss u guys, so much!!! muahxx...

luvs, nad_ka <3

Friday, 8 January 2010

Lay - out ~

So! Because only three people voted for the layout - me,tieq and nad - thus I take it that is all? -.-'
It's not like dis blog is popular, just among us. TT.TT


If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction and do by all means tell!!!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

-Screams in joy-

*god, I'm such a fan -.-'''*

I'm just so freaking happy rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-calm down and take a moment to take a very deep breath which was used just now to scream at the top of lungs-

Just got the news like 2 minutes ago and most probably no one will be interested in this post but oh hell, I'm too in joy to care of those mundane stuff. =)

My boys!!! All of them are in Aussie rite now!!~~ (xcept 4 Yunnie...grr. just go there already! ur babies are in Sydney!!!)

Let me get the story straight, that is if anyone is interested to know what I'm talking about, why I'm so happy about this little news and what's the big deal about it.

Okay, here's the thing. Changmin went to Australia first about two days ago to film his drama - Paradise Meadow/Ranch. He went alone as in no other members are with him.
Then! Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Yoohwan (YC's little brother) were spotted in Sydney today!!! =D And it could only mean two things ;

-they went there for a holiday
- and to support their maknae (the youngest in the group = Changmin)!!!

I mean, why else would they go to Sydney. They could choose Thailand (they love Thai foods especially JJ cuz it's spicy) or just stay at Korea (cuz Junsu is busy with his Mozart theater) or perhaps Malaysia (which is kinda impossibel -,-'). Therefore people, I'm filled with happiness! It's brimming over and for those who want to share it, please do!!!

And yes, I might be wrong about the whole reasons for why they are there but...but... I want it to be true! Don't shatter my dreams people!!! T.T


p/s I should probably post this at one of those many DBSK forum for it is more appropriate but I'm not even a member there. -.-'

-a very happy aish \(^-^)/

Monday, 4 January 2010

Choices for the layout

As requested form Tieq~~~

Here are some of the links that I thought kinda good. I don't know how to search somewhere else except from pyzam and pimp-my-profile... TT.TT

p/s - I really like the last two =)

VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE THEN!!! Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE (friends included) can vote for by clicking the comments button and tell me (because I want to be in charge! =.=') of your fav. Also, is you have suggestions, please do tell!!!


Sunday, 3 January 2010

For god's sake...

we seriously have to change this layout.. how bout it? new year, new style and whatever shit.. so yeah, pls do change it...



*SIGH* (I use capital words cuz I'm heaving a heavy sigh. just so u know)

Well, hello,hello people!!!!
Eventhough it's a bit too late but hey, better late than never right.
So here it is, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!! (throws confetti everywhere)

And here are my presents to you!!!

(a very short...comic? I don't know what to call it. And fyi, I made up the story myself! *proud smile* -.-')

O.O Who's sexy back is it?

8.8 Omona, it's Chunnie's! (drools over his sexy adorable cute sleeping face)

Oh my... O///O *bites nail to prevent self from biting into Chunnie's plump adorable pouting lips*
I really should stop staring... But...but... *peeks through fingers* \(^-^)/ -happiness-

A/N ; I mish them soo much!!! TT.TT
p/s : I've been reading too many fanfics. I'll probably posts my favourite authors links in the next post~ Oh, and probably my own livejournal link too~~~

-aish (hope this short comic/story brings a smile to your face!)