Sunday, 6 September 2009

SPREAD THE YOOSU LOVE~~ *edited version*

hey people!!~~~
So, as I promised ( to Nad only that is ) -.-'' this is the link to my now addicted fanfic~~~

I've already read all of the chaptered ( completed ) and on-going and I have to say it's good~~~ =D

Anyway, I thought, oh the hell why don't I just comment on all of the stories as I've got nothing else to do so here there are :

CHAPTERED (completed)

I Choose... - Gotta love Micky in here. He's such a hottie~ lol. Xiah is a bit too naive...And Changmin ish ebil! Don't like Changmin in here! BOO! lol.

Micky Rabbit - Xiah is such a cutie while Micky is...well, he's dirty! XP And I love the fact that all three of them - Jaejoong, Changmin and Micky can interact with each other just by making weird faces.XD

Remember : Step by Step - Omo. I cried!!! Poor Micky... -shed tears- Changmin is just hilarious when he tried his hardest to tell them the reason for why Micky rejecting Xiah without making it that obvious. XD

Gingerbread Man's Vitality - Xiah pretended to be obliviousto Micky's feelings. And again, Changmin to the rescue!

Keyword - It started out so nicely and then bam! the ending kills me. I feel like making up my own ending. The scene when Changmin fell on his butt when knowing Xiah's news ( I won't tell here. hehehe) was funny! To me at least. And yet again, Changmin saved the day.

S.T.U.C.K - The story was off on a good start but unfortunately it got too dragged on... -sigh- Changmin 's the genious one, yet again. All in all, it 's kinda good.

Blind - I don't like this story...Xiah seemed to be a bit too desperate. - another sigh-

Looking Back - My fav of all. Dunno why. Maybe because Micky was so suave. Lol.

Here's a bit sumthing ~

UP here's the original version but man, cassies are genius! I luv TVXQ version more though. XD

- ai-cassie

p/s - I know I won't get lots of reply...oh well.