Thursday, 21 August 2008


I finally got the book!!! WOOHOO to me! and currently reading it. and i'm goin to talk about it in this very post so spoilers ahead people!
i'm currently at book 2(jacob's point of view) chapter 14 - You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires. and well, i suppossed if i haven't already know the spoilers, i would be freaking the hell shocked of my life (=.=). i mean, seriously. bella got pregnant?! whoa, i didn't see that one coming. and jacob is the new Alpha. O.o well, he should be because he's the direct descendant of Black, not Sam. and man, is it me but Edward has seriously lost his charm...=.= wateva, my heart belongs to Damon anyway.

about the book, well, it's a serious addict. it's a freaking sin to leave it behind. i can't go anywhere without bringing the book with me. and man, i want to finish reading the book as fast as I can but at the same time, I want to prolonged it because I knew, once i read till the end, I would regret it because this is the last book of the series and I hate it when it ended. because it means that that will be the end of it. we would never hear about them again. the journey end there. the story end. nada. zero. fin. and i hate it. i freaking hate it.

about the chapter i'm reading now, well, u see, as i said before, bella is pregnant and that child inside of her is eating her from the inside. not literally eating her flesh but drinking her blood i presume. therefore, she is in a really dying state. edward is like a living zombie because he blame himself for bella's dying-ness. jacob is mad at hell at edward and wanted to rip his throat out for what happened to bella. the pack knows about this and they think that the child is an abomination, a threat and danger to all of them,except of course, jacob and seth. so, they wanted to kill bella. jacob wouldn't allow it. of course, sam, being the Alpha, means that jacob cannot resist his order. therefore, jacob be an Alpha himself as he is from the direct descendant of the Black meaning that he actually IS the Alpha there but he doesn't want to bear the responsiblity of leading a pack of werewolves so he let sam take over but this time he doesn't agree with sam's decision to kill bella so he be an Alpha himself. he also help the Cullens by telling them about Sam's plan. man, i make it sound like sam is the bad guy here. XD. i'll update later.ttyl.


Monday, 18 August 2008


lin dan is CUTE!

ok ok...
2 chong wei..
congratz on dat spectacular performance n achievement!!
i mean you are the ONLY Malaysian who received a medal!!!!!
in d OLYMPICS!!!

malaysiaku gemilang,,


I'm Proud Of You!

-From left, silver medalist Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, gold medalist Lin Dan of China, and bronze medalist China's Chen Jin-

soo,Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan (or as I called him, pondan =.=) from China.

a moment of sadness...

and proudness...

and man, china's jacket is soo damn cool. in fact, china's jacket or sweater (whatever you wanna call it) is the coolest one from all of others.

nevertheless, i'm proud of him. -shed tears- and i hate Lin Dan (aka pondan). it is not because he beat Chong Wei ( though that's a part of it ), it is mostly because he is soo full of himself. I mean, you should have seen the match between them. Lin Dan is so confident that he's gonna win and man, those supporters of him is soo damn noisy and irritating. If I were there I would have cheer my lungs out for Chong Wei. Besides, Chong Wei is soo much cuter than Lin Dan (aka pondan). So what if Lin Dan (again,aka pondan) is more handsomer than Chong Wei. Chong Wei is much, much, more cuter than him and he's humble and down to earth and hardworking and a very talented badminton player. and soo, from this day onwards, I hereby pronounced myself as Chong Wei fan!




Sunday, 17 August 2008