Tuesday, 16 December 2008

SasuNaru is a Canon! =3

Yay!! SasuNaru ish a canon! N what is a canon? I have no idea.. lol.. canon is like a most likely pairing in a series.. Anyway, why'd I say that? well, read this:
~Proof of Sasunaru~

1. In a Shonen Jump (the publishers of Naruto) interview with Kishimoto (the manga-ka of Naruto)---

Shonen Jump Question:
Naruto and Sasuke kiss (accidentally) in the first chapter where they appear together. Does this add a special dimension to their rivalry?

Masashi Kishimoto Answer:
I didn’t have any particular reason for it, other then to surprise readers. I mainly did it because I don’t think there has ever been a manga where two rivals kissed. Also, by having this encounter, it was easier to set up the love triangle: Sakura, who had intended to be the first one to kiss Sasuke, has it stolen by her rival Naruto, Sasuke and Naruto are rivals, so there’s and added tension there. And so on and so forth

If one would look closely to Kishimoto said, then he'll notice that he said that Naruto was Sakura's rival (in love?). Which means that Sakura somewhat sees Naruto as a threat in her quest for Sasuke's affection. Plus, he said that it was a love triangle. Obviously it would be that: Naruto likes Sakura; Sakura likes Sasuke; and Sasuke likes...Naruto? That would be the most obvious answer.

2. Sasunaru makes it in online dictionary! lol!

3. Wikipedia search: SasuNaru 'SasuNaru' is the synonym/abbreviation for 'Sasuke x Naruto', the Shonen-ai or yaoi pairing of Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke from the popular shounen anime and manga series Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto. A large amount of people are supporting this pairing and with over a thousand of fanfictions and fanarts dedicated to it, the SasuNaru fans do account for a big part of the whole Naruto fandom. SasuNaru takes the very complex, eclectic and intensive relationship between Sasuke and Naruto and interprets it the romantic way. They're often referred to as soulmates because both know the pain of loneliness and share a tragic childhood as well as past. There was also the accidental "kissing incident" (Episode 3 of the anime ) between the two, which is often jokingly referred to as the "Birth of SasuNaru". The high popularity of the pairing is not surprising due to the fact that Sasuke and Naruto's relationship is the one that has developed the most throughout the series, even more than any other of the relationships consisting in it.

The majority of SasuNaru fans back up their claims from the manga itself, the 'Retrieving Sasuke-arc' for example, where Naruto and Sasuke admitted that they were the only true friends either of them ever had. Sasuke intended to kill Naruto to obtain the Mangekyou Sharingan but didn't kill him after receiving a perfect chance to do so. Naruto is also portrayed to be the only person that is really close to Sasuke and the one who was constantly changing his heart to the better, up to the point where Orochimaru even saw Naruto as a threat to his purposes with Sasuke and therefore (successfully) tried to separate the boys.

SasuNaru also refers to Sasuke being the seme or dominant one in their relationship while Naruto is the uke or submissive partner, as opposed to NaruSasu, where Naruto is the seme, with Sasuke being the uke. The major part of this fandom's supporters prefer SasuNaru over NaruSasu though. Sometimes the individual fandoms even debate about that issue.

3. -picture says a thousand words especially when Mr Kishimoto himself drew this- X3

Hehe.. Some people don't really like it [the boys mostly - saying that Naruto is developing into a shounen-ai (mild yaoi) series] but in the end of the day it all depends on kishimoto eh? but it'd be a nice slap on the face for the SasuSaku fans don't cha think? I mean, what were they thinking?!

N my famous last words would be:
Aish, Sebastian is fucking mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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thanx :)

Sunday, 14 December 2008

a big decision...

1st n foremost, i'd appreciate if u just...
don;t bother about this post pls.
but, i've been thinking for quite some time...
and.... all of a sudden, this crazy idea just flashed through mind...
n yup! i think it's not wrong anyway... idk...
i think, i don't want to get married, ever!!!

that's my decision. ok bye...


Friday, 12 December 2008


I am sooooooooooooooo in love with this manga man!!!!!
Sebastian is the greatest!
And you know what, it even got it's own ANIME!
I am soo gonna buy the original one!
oops,forgive me for my rudeness.
i should have told you what it is about. well, long story short,the butler is a demon.XD his name is sebastian michaels and he is a butler of the phantomhive's. the young master he is serving is a twelve year old boy named ciel phantomhive and they both are soo adorably cute together! they completed each other! just like narusasu! XD my opinion that is.
anyway, back to the story, the sebastian is bound to ciel by a contract. for more, read the story yourself! it is fun and funny! and it got a bit of a fighting scenes to! WEEEEEEEEEEEE

Funny moment! who ever thought that a demon likes cat? XD


you know you can't resist me - wink-

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

I guess I just got dump

yep.the title explain everything. sigh. soo, I guess I just got dump. Haha.Yup.By PB&J nevertheless... Poor me. What can I do? Sigh. I guess it's just me, all alone, with my fictional boyfriends,and my vampire hotties, as usual. Sigh. I'm soo freaking sad. I could actually write a story about this. Haha.Maybe one day,when I grow up, I'll remember this moment and laugh about it with my fantastic, gorgeous husband. Mwahahahaha. God I'm pathetic.

Sigh. Damn. The hell am I suppossed to face him? Sigh. Oh well, just act natural I guess. Sigh. Wow, I sigh soo much today. Sigh. I'm sad man. Heartbroken. But it's okay. I still have Hero the gay.XD Kidding. Woa, I really am depressed. Making jokes just to cheer myself up. Damn it. Damn myself. I'm the freaking cool, not easily fall head over heels type of vamp! I'm evil and cruel and sadistic!!!MWAHAHAHAHA!WHERE GONE THOU MY POWER!?

Sigh. Oh, hi wani. She'' be reading this so I better say hi to her or my throat will be cut off. XD Soo much for her being my lucky charm.XD Kidding wani. I'm trying to cheer myself up here. You can't blame a heartbroken vamp who is trying hard to mask her tears right? Haha. Sigh. This is all for now. If you want to know the details, shoot it. XD Ciao now.

2 Dec 08 11:31p.m.
a now full-fledged vamp~

Sunday, 30 November 2008

movies review~ by nad...

ellow... as usual, look at the title... i'm so not gud at this, but well, i'm in the mood man... who cares??

this sch hols, i watched quite a lot of movies act. it's something that i usually don't do. lol... yeah well, since GSC is like a hop, leap and jump from my tuition centre, y don't u just grab a chance to stop by and watch movies while waiting 4 ur parents to pick u up?? agree??
ok, i'll stop the rubbish talk now... lets just be straight to the point...

i'd like to comment on 2 movies here... Eng&BM.

1) Twilight

omG!!! it's awesome dude!! i mean, edward is hawt!! thank god, though i don't read the book series (yet!!), i still can understand the plots throughout the stories (aish, u talked a lot about this series, and it get stucked in my head, without me realizing it... lol)... nway, it's incredibly fantastic!! (i love edward's speed!!) out of 10, i give a sweet number, 9. at least i think it's cool, but i guess, maybe the book is far more interesting... i know... ok, i'll read it later, then compare to the movie. what i can say is, so far, everybody's like giving good comments for it. idk, flyfm's topic is all about TWILIGHT this week... so yeah, it's great!! good job and congrats to anyone involved in producing this movie...

2) Antoo Fighter

that was my first reaction when my bros couldn't stop from talking abt it.. i mean, the hell?? the title is so weirdd... and, i think, the co-stars r like... what?? but nway, i just give up cos the main reason for me to watch this movie is to spend time wth my bros and auntie. so, i just watched it-lah!! just a small sacrifice rite?? omG!!! it's great too!! i mean, i've never expected that radhi oag can be an excellent actor. belle also!! the dialogues contain malay sense of humour, (i lyke!!). a bit mengarut but can help us release tension and stress also. however, i just found that some jokes used r kinda stereotype... but, small matter. can improve it next time... i think there will be Antoo Fighter 2... woww... can't wait 4 it! i'm excited! btw, the story is about a group of chosen people, 5 of them, and they r tasked to actually fight ghosts (they want to conquer the world!), and keep the tranquility of the world... ahh...

ok that's all. i'm expecting Twilight reviews (long version) from aish and tieq. i know u guys have LOTS of things to comment/praise/criticise abt it... don't disappoint me dude!! yeyy... cicakman coming soon!! hahaha...

tata~~ (nad ka)

The MPH-ALLIANCE Bank National Short Story Prize

to tieq and aish, i know u'd love this.
an essay competition, again!!

so, just don't 4get to go to MPH...
search for the entry form, buy books, then keep the receipt as a proof...
for further details, just read the pamphlet lorh...
so lazy to type... lol...

the theme: "Staying and Leaving"

interesting rite??
good luck dude...
(me: depends on my mood...)

p/s: the blog is dying again... no one cares when i posted about my dream guy... T_T it's ok... sob... sob... tata~~ (nad ka)

Friday, 28 November 2008

my dream guy; Bill Kaulitz...

u've read the title right...

ugghh... finally, i've found the guy whom i really like... (not literally)

i mean, he's hawt much!!
i like every single thing about him,
from head to toe... (literally)

awh man... what's wrong with me??
u guys know me right??
i'm not that kind of girl who can simply like a guy, just like that??
no way!! but, it's different this time... dunno y... *sigh*

well, let me tell u a bit about this special guy...
his name, Bill Kaulitz-Trumper ( i think so..)
going to be 20 on 1st september 09 ( virgo again!!)
he's the frontman/vocalist/singer/composer of the hottest German band, Tokio Hotel!

o yeah, he has a twin, Tom Kaulitz who is so... "different" from him...
but, he's lucky much to get so much love from Bill... i'm so jealous!!
imagine ok?? they are just brothers... but, Bill is like... admiring Tom so much till recently he had this tattoo in german words, in English means " I love you Tom" ... so cute right??

what do i like about him...??
hmm... it's hard to answer that question...
what i can say is, he has something that most men out there do not have...

he has personality, looks, talent...
but i don't like him because of that...

he has SOMETHING!!

he's the one and only Bill Kaulitz in this world...
no one can be like him no matter how hard they try...
the charm is in him... naturally...
at least that's what i think...

there's one really, really special think about him...
the way he thinks and acts...
he's totally different from Tom, Georg and Gustav in TH band...
he's not weird, just different...
that's what makes him special...
i think, people always look at him as a superstar...
and admire him because of that...
but why is it so hard for him to find his true love??

probably...he wants someone who can love him the way he is...
someone who makes he feels comfortable, secure and loved like when he's with Tom...
i'm just assuming... lol...

whatever it is, though I don;t know much about him... i just know that he's special...
special in any ways... i mean it!!

my last word : i hope he'll find a nice girl to keep him in company, and inspire him to produce more hit songs... and show him many beautiful things in this life (other than music)...the girl must love him sincerely, don't hurt him or i'll hunt her to death... muahaha~~~ (just kidding!)

i'm so in love with him... shoot me!!

which guy from Tokio Hotel would u choose?? just want to know... (me: bill!!)
p/s: don't kutuk me please..... i like this guy... i want someone like him!! i mean it!!
loves, nad_fern_agreeable...

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

to aish

please continue your interesting story in this blog
as we are so busy during these holidays,ahaha ;DD ok me actualy that is freaking busy,
i just dunno y ://
well what's the next babe?
cant wait for more!
rply this asap!

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Turn of event

Well, let's just say that for the time being, I am the one who is merajuk at him and he is the one who is memujuk me.


If u want to know the details, let's set a time a date and make a CONFERENCE!



The hell with him

That is just it man. I had apologize to PB&J just like you guys told me to and believe me, that took up a lot of my ego!

This is what I said (in message.duh~): ' sigh. fine. I don't know if i did anything that pisses you off, but if i did, i'm sorry. happy?'
And this is his replied : 'not really. give back ma smile!'
So, I send him this: '=) <- ur face smiling. smile now?'
and he doesn't reply. Until now. I've missed call him three time and enough is enough.

I'll just like someone else.

Easy as that.

Oh, and how about our next outing?


Monday, 10 November 2008


Exams are over ain't it? Ehehehe.. -evil snicker- So let's partaaaaay~~

Hmm.. D pics were suppose to move.. Oh well.. Anyway, we're going out! Kyaa-ha!
So I'll make sure with it tomorrow but it should be okay yeah.. =3 N omg.. About d movie.. Wuah! I don't think I'll be able to see.. I mean I know d screen is big n all but it hurts my freaking eyes.. Coz I broke my specs.. ahahaha.. >.<
Below is the guy that inspired the name Atsushi which is my username for gaia.. woot! he's a total cutie at 156cm who has a very funny n awesome gf Koizumi Risa who's 170cm.. xp My fav pairing of all time and the manga/anime/movie - Lovely Complex is totally worth watching! the anime is much funnier though.. i haven't finished d manga yet so... X3

Sweet Couple Forever~~~~~ <3

Below here I'm posting this MV from the MOVIE Lovely Complex coz I couldn't find any good vids from d anime. T____T
D anime and manga is freaking funny... But d movie not dat much.. N i don't really like Risa in the movie.. But here it goes.. (otani ish so kawaii!) [i like d song.. :D]

I kinda teringat aish at the part where d girl angau tu.. XD
hakhak.. siap sparkly lagi, does he look like dat to u? XD


Friday, 7 November 2008


Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I take it everybody knows who I'm having a 'special feeling', as Nad herself put it, for and -sigh- I DEMAND EVERYONE'S OPINION!!!


also, here is a lil something :


Monday, 3 November 2008

recognize this song?

11 years old.. korean.. and awesome!!!! watch d vid eh? he's really got talent.. :D
His name is Jung Sungha btw.. He's really famous.. Juz type his name in youtube n u'll see tons of vids viewed.. so cool.. anyways, enjoy the vid.. :D


Sunday, 2 November 2008

posting for fun

ok 1st i'd like 2 'tazkirah' my lurvely lostdirt members dat dis week is gona b a hell of a week..
n yea i'm sure u no y..
it's exam week!!!!!!!!!!
n I, d cutest algae not 2 4get d most adorable ever,
am proud 2 announce dat..
i haven't studied at all!!
so..dear god, d only thing i ask is to help me pass my exams..

owh d aish crushing thing..
is totally a shock!
seriusly..knowing aish man..
no offence der dude..

a reminder to our lost 'lost' member..
seaweed aka kd..
wen on ea rth r u goin 2 write sumthin..??=.='

2 d rest..
luv ya peeps..

ezzoe has left d building



well..u guys inform la kt i if da tuka number..
sometimes i cntact u guys xdpt la..
mish gle ah kt lost!!!!yg u all nk g d curve i xdpt join kot..i still skool holiday start 14nov..sdey rr..
pape pn,u all enjoy la kt d curve!!!igt la kt i...
insyaallah klau i blik puncak alam,i g jmp u guys!!!

reply me.....


Saturday, 1 November 2008

halloo....da lame tak jmp u guys!!!

hye lost...assalamualaikum..
i'm very sory cz da lame xjoin u guys kat blog...
n sory cz xjmp lost utk sekelian lameny...i da tak balik puncak alam..always balik kampung..
nak share my prob kt u guys tp xdpt jmp korg..
i hav my big prob bout my family..actually i takut gk u guys pke i da lupe kt lost..
miss gle kt korg..i dga u guys nk g d curve ek???
raye pn xjmp korg...
ni pn kt hstel..outing jp..nk sms u guys bil hp xbya lg..
sorry gle...i mintak maaf sgt..ez,tieq,aish,teah,dja n nad!!!!!
will meet u guys 1day.....

respon me k???thanks...
gudluck exam!!!

Friday, 31 October 2008

God...I can't believe I'm acting like a freaking school girl.

Wait, I am a school girl. No wonder. Anyway, the point is, I got something important to tell you, my fellow followers. XD

Ok. Serious now.
I believe, I like someone. -roars erupted-
Geez people, it's not that big of a deal. No need for the freaking roars for god's sake.

And...well, it's...-blush- (damn, keep it together, Aish!)

-take a deep calming breath though it doesn't give any fucking effect-

And yes, it is someone that you know. Let me stated here that I will never ever under any circumstances tell you who is that person. You can guess and speculate and make any assumption of who is this guy that I like but I will not, let me repeat, NOT, tell a single soul. -zip mouth-

He is, from my clouded I've-fallen-in-'like' (I can't bear to use the word love. -shudders-) of view, undeniably cute and embarrased as I am to admit this, he makes my hormones go up and down (though mostly up -blush-). He makes me feel all happy and gooey inside and for the fisrt time ever, I don't want to look at him from afar. I want to sit next to him, talk to him, make him smile, listen to his joke, cuddle next to him, share his happiness and sorrowness (is that a word?)and just be there with him.

Oh god, I got it bad.



Wednesday, 29 October 2008

a REAL boyfriend =] !!!!

NO! Don’t close it. Read till the end....

When she walks away from you mad
= Follow her

When she stare's at your lips
=Kiss her

When she pushes you or hits you
=Grab her and don’t let go

When she start's cursing at you
=Kiss her and tell her you love her

When she's quiet
=Ask her what’s wrong

When she ignore's you
= Give her your attention

When she pulls away
= Pull her back

When you see her at her worst
=Tell her she's beautiful

When you see her start crying
=Just hold her and don’t say a word

When you see her walking
=Sneak up and hug her waist from behind

When she's scared
= Protect her

When she lays her head on your shoulder
=Tilt her head up and kiss her

When she steal's your favorite hat
= Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night

When she teases you
= Tease her back and make her laugh

When she doesn’t answer for a long time
= reassure her that everything is okay

When she looks at you with doubt
= Back yourself up with the TRUTH

When she says that she likes you
=she really does more than you could understand

When she grabs at your hands
=Hold hers and play with her fingers

When she bumps into you
=bump into her back and make her laugh

When she tells you a secret
=keep it safe and untold

When she looks at you in your eyes
=don’t look away until she does


When you break her heart
= the pain NEVER really goes away

When she says its over
=she STILL wants you to be hers

When she repost this bulletin
= she wants you to read it

- Stay on the phone with her even if she’s not saying anything

- DON'T let her have the last word

-always call her when you know somethings wrong

-Pretty and beautiful is soo much better

- Say you love her more than she could ever love you

- Argue that she is the best ever

- When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go

- When she says she's ok don’t believe it, talk with her

- because 10 yrs later she'll remember you

- Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her

- Call her before you sleep and after you wake up

- Treat her like she's all that matters to you

- Tease her and let her tease you back

-Stay up all night with her when she's sick

- Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think its
- Give her the world

- Let her wear your clothes

- When she's bored and sad, hang out with her

- Let her know she's important

- Kiss her in the pouring rain
If you do post this in the next four minutes the one you love will:

Call you

Kiss you

Love you

Text you


how i wish i had a bf like dis..
my lyf wud b perfect!!

lotsaluv ,

Monday, 27 October 2008

ooooooo kayh

1st of all??
wat is wrong wit aish..
celebration of lights..pesta cahaya..get it??
btw d lost oting thingy..
wats d latest news??????????????



I don't know whether the deepavali spirit is in the air I'm breathing right now therefore explaining the fact that my brain and my mind don't want to stop from stopping my mouth humming the freaking badshah song. I am serious. And yes, it is the badshah o badshah song. Which I have to admit is actually not bad.
-gasp- oh god. Did I just said that? I am seriously stating here that there's something terribly wrong with my state of mind right now. GAH!


Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lost Dirt: Girls Outing!!

Ok.. So of course we all know this but just in case. Be prepared for NO diets girls!! [this is just a preparatory plan]

The Curve (main - may venture outside of the perimeters.. LOL!)

12th November 2008, Wednesday (N yesh, it's a school day! woot!)

Mode of Transport:
Not verified. (ask ur parents! I already asked mine n he said maybe.. but he can only hantar or ambik je.. )

- Movie!! woot! I saw the trailer for house bunny and I must say it is rather interesting. It's a chick-flick nontheless but that is why we should watch it on an all-girls outing!! :D

- EAT!! Yesh.. This is the time where no men are around and therefore we are free to unleash the barbarians in ourselves.. o.0 ok.. that's weird.. barbarian? =.=

(n about the food thing me and nad wanna get some meatballs from IKEA coz she can't stop talking about it that I can't help but lust over it so I'm definitely getting some and of course you guys are allowed to join us..)

- Shopping? Yes, this of course goes through the self-paying method, where you buy - you pay.. XD and if you have a lot of money to spend then you may enjoy a luxurious spread of items to buy for your amusement.. (lol, it's like I'm talking to a bunch of a rich snobs or something! XD)

- The rest? Is up to you! X3


Thursday, 16 October 2008

i am very, VERY upset.. boo.. T.T

why?! coz I can't send freaking comments to my own FRIEND on myspace!! T.T did u delete me or something? T__T well, yeah.. that's it... and it's one of you guys!!!

fine... it's ez... T.T don't tell me abid blocked me rite? coz i will put a freaking bullet into his skull if I can't comment u again (after u fix dis lil problem of course.. V.V)
withdraws her threats to her friend's boyfriend.. ehehe.. X3

more pics!!!!


To every LOST DIRT members, it is compulsory for all of you to read this important,historical event in the history of LOST DIRT.

to tieq - you will never surpassed me in the art of pervertish because I am the master of PERVERT. And that is the truth. No arguement.

to teah and ez - you have done a supreme job in editing the pictures. I am proud.

to dja and nad - you are an abomination. You bring disgrace to LOST DIRT society for you have been nothing but mere nothingness. (-.-') I better see some posts from you from this day onwards or with the power that behold me to this LOST DIRT, you will be punished. By me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The end.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

new pic!!

WELL i am not in d pic T_T

i have a lot more collection of our pix.i wil post it one-by-one.
taraaa ^^,

I WANT PICS! T.T but since u didn't post em....

Yeah, as I said.. =.= i want pics.. n NO.. not weird pics from d net of some unknown people.. oh wait... scratch dat.. i can't seem to scratch it.. o.0 anyway, if their unknown hot guys you know i'd one a piece of that.. ;p haha.. i'm as pervish as aish.. nah, i'm surpassing her already.. bubye lowlife.. o.0 anyway, i'm talking about our pics man... like d kelip2 thingy n uhh... oh yeah, d raye in my house thing! i want pics! i WANT pics!! o.0 ok, i'm being weird.. anyway, i'm happy now.. yay! coz someone gave me an awesome review for the story i'm writing.. hihi.. makes me feel pumped to write more eh? =3 anyway, behold pictures of extreme drool-worthiness!!! o.o

This is Bido: he looks cute eh? =3

So..... Does anyone of you know who this guy is? C'mon.. -looks at ez and aish- Nothing.. No one? =.= god, it's Akanishi Jin.. Who's that? The guy who acted in Yukan Club ofcourse.. X3 kawaii.. not like seishiro -carik psl ngan ez- though, bido is kinda cute n funny.. xp dis isn't bido... i repeat.. sorry for the misunderstanding... xp

ehehe.. i personally like this picture.. they're cosplayers for the manga n anime DEATHNOTE.. N what are cosplayers you may ask? =.= well, they are people who dress and act out certain anime and manga characters during anime conventions or JFF- as aish would put it..

So this pic, has L at the right corner, behind him Near or also known as N.. He is L's apprentice after L's death in the manga,, (i hate him... i like L a whole lot better) Behind him is the annoyingly cute Misa.. Who -yes, it may come a shock to some of u- is actually blonde.. Yes, now it explains her apparently 'dumb' stature.. but she's ok i guess.. juz get ur effing paws away from my Raito!! grr.. i was talking to Misa, anyway... behind her is of course my hunny bunny, litte coddle woddles, baby muchkin, cutie pie, fuckingly hot Raito... lol... my adjectives are meant to be weird.. anyway.. xp behind him is my other hubby... =3 emm.. so hot.. xp he is Mikami n he looks like this -look below- in the anime.. :D hot eh?
Anyway, next up are the cosplayers again.. Now you can see their faces eh? I like the quality of the pictures taken, it's good.. Professionally done.. Although, Raito n Misa are okay, I somehow can't accept this L.. Coz u know, L in the movie is hot! N d one in d anime - hotter! lol... so yeah, poor guy.. gotta change him.. =.=

So yeah, I'm giving you d one from d cosplayers, movie n anime.. Tell me who looks good where.. Coz I don't really like d Kira in d movie.. N d movie sucks... Where's Mikami for god's sake?! =.= well, actually that's my only complaint coz thank god there was no Near.. xp but kinda sad no Near means no Matt n Mello.. Aww man, if they were there it'd be a freaking hot fest! aah! o...k...

i was lmao when I saw this... I remembered how tense Raito was when he saw L.. xpwho is that bitch with Raito! grrr... i know her! get away from him! shooo! begone! =.=
-sigh- ehehe..

K.. That is all n d one below is juz a 'boo'! coz u know, it's yaoi.. n u guys don't like em, dats y i'm putting em.. XD ahaha.. i love myself.. god, now that sounds like a narcissist.. xp
i'm a narcissist and a sadist! woot! =.= nah, i'm juz saying.. i only wish to be.. xp

Saturday, 11 October 2008


I'm telling you, this trailer is freaking good. XD
I really like robert's accent. XD


Wednesday, 8 October 2008


OK OK ..i got dis thing 4rm ms..gud luck readin it!!
only 5 ppl can read dis..can u??
esdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it dseno't mtaetr in waht oerdr the ltteres in a wrod are, the olny iproamtnt tihng is taht the frsit and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it whotuit a pboerlm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Azanmig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt! if you can raed tihs rpsoet it. Strange..isn't it? =) ONLY REPOST IF YOU CAN READ THIS. CHANGE THE NUMBER AT TOP THOUGH, "ONLY __ PEOPLE CAN READ THIS...CAN YOU?" go up a number if you can read.

--algae-- =]

Sunday, 5 October 2008

I Wanna Guy With Lips Like Morphine

oh yeah I do -drool- o.0
anyway, teah could u like NOT post d emo pic of meh here.. it'd be too hawt for this blog.. o.0
XD juz kidding.. juz send it to me through ym yah? =3 same goes to u nad.. no posting that piccie here kay..

anyway, i feel very emo-ish.. darn. i wanted to post something n den i saw something on the net that's getting meh all pissed.. i mean, wtf man? so what if their GAY? the ones who call em fags are really d fags themselves.. damn fuckers.. =.= n dudes, i am NOT encouraging same-sex relationships, i juz don't feel that it's up to us to tell em that their wrong and disgusting and shun them out of society.. it's juz between them n god coz for all i know they never asked to be gay.. n people out there have the nerve n say "where's d love?" go shove that in teh ass man, coz if ur not gonna change NOTHINGS gonna change..

darn, i told u i was emo.. =.= i know our religion forbids this kinda relationship but still when i read dis i felt kinda upset.. it was how the statement was made that kinda gave a pang, n well it goes with something like this:

A 16-year-old boy was hanged in Iran for falling in love with a guy of d same sex. I never knew falling in love was such a sin.

anyway, as teh title suggest dis is my fav song from an emo band - kill hannah.. i heard it in this emo guy-to-guy vid n it was so hawt... d only reason i'm not posting it here is coz i don't wanna give out teh bad influence.. xp

Romantically Dead,
-The Disturbed Fungus-

hallo hallo hallo
sup3? :PP
THE TITLE:gathering of LOSTdirt
venue: Tieq's house
date:5th oct 2008

-ate a lot n lot n lot of food!yay!be fat.hahaha :PP
-took a lot lot lot of pix.our pics were not perfect but STILL it nice to be seen.we r not a model,so whaddya xpect? = =' huh

p/s:thnx to tieq.nasi beriyani n sambal goreng!AWESOME!hihi.

nnt aku baru post pix.gtg bye2


hey dude!!! oh god, this blog is dying! AGAIN! tsk,tsk,tsk. we are such a bad mother aren't we. XD
anyway, it's raya people and i wann wish you all a happy raya and maaf zahir batin. i believe i have done nothing wrong at all this year towards you guys. XD kidding! though, you guys do need to apologize to meh! do u hear me!? mwahahahahahahahahaha
god, i'm bored. -sigh- oh well people, that is all. oh, i forgot, after raye we have to study hard though because PERIKSA AKHIR TAHUN is coming!!!!!!!!

beware, i bite.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Happy Birtday Dear Algae! =3

Love ya babes! And we're all 16! Oh, I forgot our dear moss isn't.. xp Anyway, hope u would be old ke anak-grandchildren.. o.0
I wish d best for yah!

Juz a lil piccie for u! =3

Thursday, 11 September 2008

heyllowwwwww's idea is dat?????

kayh...isn't it 2 early 4 hols???i mean test is next week babe..huhu..
ok ok ..well i'll be goin back 2 usual..*sighs*
not much 2 talk bout my planning..hehe

owh...i wanna post dis..due 2 our overboard crazeeness in chem class's d result..

ehem ehem..
by d power vested in me..
i, curious cat would like 2 inform d tranformation of lost to DIRT..
and d retarded members are..
aish~ spores d perverted
ez~ algae d emotional
kdja~ seaweed d flexible
nad~ fern d agreeable
teah~ moss d dramatic
tieq~ fungus d disturbed..

and so..we LOST hav resigned our thrones being d LOST members and DIRT has been borned..
b e w a r e...!

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


this is the link... u guys probably know...i've just got hacked...T.T
and...i got nothing else to say...
i think, i got nothing interesting to tell you guys as my life has been but a meer dullness for this past few weeks (i'm not making much sense do i?)
and i have to agree with you nad about pn rohayah thingy. xp
soo...i don't really like sushi? =.=
i'm babbling aren't i? well, it's ur own fault for not updating the blog! now i have to babble and talk trash about some trash =.='
err... it'll best if i leave now isnt' it?
ok...i'm leaving now... erm...ciao.

~one clueless girl

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

omG!!! 0.o

sob... sob...
T_T *cries*


this blog is dyiiiiinnggg!!!!!!!!
where the f***in' hell has "lost" been lost??

my fault also...
i'm quite busy nowadays...
and i bet, our daily schedules are extremely packed and tight with tons of h/w, notes, etc...
plus, the pressure from d teachers, specifically pn. rohayah... i dunno why, i'm so stressed to be in her classes... exercise, exercise, exercise, klu xsiap, FAIL!!
whatever... i don't give a damn... shoot me!!

dude... i have a topic here... please... just post a very short reply... which is more than enough to save this dying-and-under-intensive-care-unit-blog...

just want to ask... "What are your plans for the upcoming raya??"
aku tau sangat, masa cuti jek semua lesap!! baik korang bagitau aku, so that we can still keep in tracks of each other...

my plans... ehem2...
maybe as usual... balik kampung, teluk intan dulu...
then ipoh... visit relatives... friends...
maybe pegi holiday kat penang sekejap... (nak pesan jeruk tak?? yummy!!)
i'd most probably not going to join any convoy... malas nak jalan... korang ni rajin sangat ah!!
kalau dpt duit raya banyak, simpan dlm bank... so, jgn nangis pulak aku xbelanja...
muahaha~~~(evil laugh)
ok... stop there...
maybe after dat i have to start focusing on studies... final-exam is so near man!!
huwaaa... i hate examss!!

that's all! reply taw...tq...

loves, nadia ka

p/s: tieq, i still want to eat meatballs and fish&chip... nanti makan sama2 ok?? aish, nanti klu boleh nak pinjam series edward, bella, jacob tue!! sorry, lambat react... nanti2la... ok, thank u so much! tata~~

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

memory lane

Condor Hero


Samurai X



Thursday, 21 August 2008


I finally got the book!!! WOOHOO to me! and currently reading it. and i'm goin to talk about it in this very post so spoilers ahead people!
i'm currently at book 2(jacob's point of view) chapter 14 - You Know Things Are Bad When You Feel Guilty For Being Rude To Vampires. and well, i suppossed if i haven't already know the spoilers, i would be freaking the hell shocked of my life (=.=). i mean, seriously. bella got pregnant?! whoa, i didn't see that one coming. and jacob is the new Alpha. O.o well, he should be because he's the direct descendant of Black, not Sam. and man, is it me but Edward has seriously lost his charm...=.= wateva, my heart belongs to Damon anyway.

about the book, well, it's a serious addict. it's a freaking sin to leave it behind. i can't go anywhere without bringing the book with me. and man, i want to finish reading the book as fast as I can but at the same time, I want to prolonged it because I knew, once i read till the end, I would regret it because this is the last book of the series and I hate it when it ended. because it means that that will be the end of it. we would never hear about them again. the journey end there. the story end. nada. zero. fin. and i hate it. i freaking hate it.

about the chapter i'm reading now, well, u see, as i said before, bella is pregnant and that child inside of her is eating her from the inside. not literally eating her flesh but drinking her blood i presume. therefore, she is in a really dying state. edward is like a living zombie because he blame himself for bella's dying-ness. jacob is mad at hell at edward and wanted to rip his throat out for what happened to bella. the pack knows about this and they think that the child is an abomination, a threat and danger to all of them,except of course, jacob and seth. so, they wanted to kill bella. jacob wouldn't allow it. of course, sam, being the Alpha, means that jacob cannot resist his order. therefore, jacob be an Alpha himself as he is from the direct descendant of the Black meaning that he actually IS the Alpha there but he doesn't want to bear the responsiblity of leading a pack of werewolves so he let sam take over but this time he doesn't agree with sam's decision to kill bella so he be an Alpha himself. he also help the Cullens by telling them about Sam's plan. man, i make it sound like sam is the bad guy here. XD. i'll update later.ttyl.


Monday, 18 August 2008


lin dan is CUTE!

ok ok...
2 chong wei..
congratz on dat spectacular performance n achievement!!
i mean you are the ONLY Malaysian who received a medal!!!!!
in d OLYMPICS!!!

malaysiaku gemilang,,


I'm Proud Of You!

-From left, silver medalist Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia, gold medalist Lin Dan of China, and bronze medalist China's Chen Jin-

soo,Chong Wei lost to Lin Dan (or as I called him, pondan =.=) from China.

a moment of sadness...

and proudness...

and man, china's jacket is soo damn cool. in fact, china's jacket or sweater (whatever you wanna call it) is the coolest one from all of others.

nevertheless, i'm proud of him. -shed tears- and i hate Lin Dan (aka pondan). it is not because he beat Chong Wei ( though that's a part of it ), it is mostly because he is soo full of himself. I mean, you should have seen the match between them. Lin Dan is so confident that he's gonna win and man, those supporters of him is soo damn noisy and irritating. If I were there I would have cheer my lungs out for Chong Wei. Besides, Chong Wei is soo much cuter than Lin Dan (aka pondan). So what if Lin Dan (again,aka pondan) is more handsomer than Chong Wei. Chong Wei is much, much, more cuter than him and he's humble and down to earth and hardworking and a very talented badminton player. and soo, from this day onwards, I hereby pronounced myself as Chong Wei fan!




Sunday, 17 August 2008


Thursday, 14 August 2008

aww its pink!
emm d layout is ok.
well i mean it.
its :DDD
well,im glad we'll hangin out on dis coming wed!
im juz dambored if i spend my holiday resting n sleepin at home
mm guess i'l stop here nd
to tieq:goodlucx in ur semnar stuff
to ez:iloveyou!:DD goodlucx wif yer belovd
to aish:hope u wil own d bloody BREAKING DAWN. ;PP
to nad:go go go to get d A1 in +maths
tp dja:if u open dis blog,i juz wana tell ya dat "HELLO nd welcome!" :))


Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Happy Birthday!! kyaa~~

Haha.. Why d kyaa?? Well juz lovely shounen-ai goodness.. :D u like? sasu looks a bit sepet though.. =.= eeew.. XD

Love ya babe.. Hope u grow old with white hair.. (wtf?) o.0
Anyway, ur tanjobi (bday) present??
-whispers- I didn't go out the other week so I'll have to go with a raincheck on dat..
But i'll get u a prezzie eh?
lovely, ------------> wtf? XD

Friday, 8 August 2008


see above.

can sumone gimme dat for my present pwease...


Tuesday, 5 August 2008


again, i have change the layout and i personally like it except for the pinkish-pink.
my eyes hurt just from staring at it.
soo, whaddya think?
and... if guys wanna stick with this layout, do change your text colour when you post something.
I greatly appreciate it.

again, any comment?
don't like it then tell me. I'll glady change it. And...who has the latest pic of LOST?
I want to put them in the blog.



Monday, 4 August 2008

new look

as u can see
i got the blog a new layout
if u have any comments or don't like it or whatever it is regarding the blog that you think will improve the blogness of the blog, do post a comment under this post as what do you want to add or change.


Wednesday, 30 July 2008

just a little something


Monday, 28 July 2008

An Early Warning

I am soo fucking pissed off right now. I'm not mad nor angry neither is furious but I am pissed off. As in PISSING OFF! I do not know when I will feel like myself again soo beware if I do something to make you guys mad or provoke you guys or whatever because I am not in my right mind so I do not want to apologize for it because I am not me.

You see,I've been pretty pissed off for god knows how many weeks, hell even months, but still I can fucking control my pissing off but tonight, someone said something that triggers my pissing off so right now I am pissed off. It's not really a big deal or anything, he just said a fucking something at a very fucking wrong time and the tone he used was soo fucking irritating that I just cannot control my fucking pissing off anymore. Of course, me, being a 'patience and happy-go-lucky' person as peopla keep putting it, just kept my fucking mouth shut and say none. Of course only god knows how I yearn for my Ithaca 37 shotgun to blow his bloody fucking head to pieces not to mention the people around him. Fine. I don't give a fucking bloody damn if he doesn't fucking like me. Like I fucking care! Just say it out loud for god bloody's sake. Don't act soo hypocrite in front of me. I BLOODY FUCKING HATE IT!

You see, people always assume that my life is all nice and happy and full of happiness but hear this people, yes, you fucking people, that my life is not as it seems to be. Fine, I got a happy big family with a dad and a mom and 5 siblings plus a cat to complete the fucking happiness of my family. I am not saying that my family is not happy. Fine it is. But am I happy? Am I? My bro keeps pissing off and my sis is soo annoying plus my littlest bro is soo manja that I feel like slapping him once in a while. You know what, I don't even know what am I talking about. I am soo pissed off that I am babbling like a mad fucking woman.Well, maybe because I am a mad fucking woman. I don't give a bloody shit! Like I fucking care. You see, I am not clever neither am I pretty or cute or have a great body like Cameron Diaz. My essays are sucks and I have zero talents in add maths. I don't have a great memory like some of us have and people seems to not trusting me for some unfathomable reasons. I know I don't have a nice,naive,cute face, in fact mine is sour and garang as my mom put it. And yes I have one of the most annoying voice to be heard by your fucking ears not to mention that my smile and laugh make people want to puke and yes I know that some of you think that I am soo fucking irritating and annoying. But hey, what can I fucking do? Tell me. If I keep a long face then people will say that I am sombong and berlagak and bla,bla,bla but then if I smile and laugh to hide my loneliness and tears people will say that I am gedik. WHAT DO YOU FUCKING PEOPLE WANT FROM ME?!


I feel like crying.

-one lonely girl-


Sunday, 20 July 2008

2nd twilight trailer

much better.


Sunday, 13 July 2008

hey peeps


i am like the most unluckiest person on ea-rth..
i lost evrthin..
my sim pendrive
it has all my pics in der
i'm hell worried now!!
wat if sumthin happenss
god!!! help me!!!!!

---bluecat in distress!!---

Saturday, 12 July 2008

screaming in distress

juz like the title above stated, i am screaming distressly(?)
see below. SEE!? SEE IT!!!? ARGH!!! Edward is too pale (god, i never thought i was gonna say dat) and Bella is TAN! SHE IS FREAKING TAN!!! grr... I'm gonna sue Entertainment Weekly. And wat's wit d outfit for god's bloody sake (forgive me god) Edward was suppossed to wear clothes dat is more posh, elegant, rich, mature, bla, bla, bla... not DAT. and let's have a look at Bella's. A white gown. A bloody white gown. Like she's some kind of a woman in distress. Bella is a teenage girl for god's sake. Besides, she will never opt for DAT. Now I'm in distress.
Let's see another picture now shall we.

have to say dat i like the title. BUT, dis pic greatly remind me of some cowboy film or something. And a woman in distress. -sigh-


a vamp in distress

Friday, 11 July 2008


Omg! I juz recieved an acceptance letter frm BRATZ the star journalist programme!
I so can't believe this!!! Aaaaah!!!


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

engagement pics n a crazy vid! xp

unfortunately, it's not MY engagement pics... XD
but my brother's instead... i'll post juz some here for u guyz to see.. ^.^v

my kak hani~

meaning my brother's fiancee - duh... =.=

family piccie =3

her side of the family... sume sporting! ^^

aish, dis is teh vid I mentioned about deidara frm naruto...
d sentence i always use which is 'that's verry interesting' was frm here...
funniest vid ever!! i'm lmao.. XD

-tieqa - atsu - mish murder - kira lover - yaoi hunter - snail fan -