Monday, 28 December 2009

hello.. -creepy smile- :D

hehehe.. i figured out why aish wanted to call nad tonite eh... it's for teh password!!!!! nkjnjkn,n

sorry.. =.=' juz a lil hyper is all.. it's only one am people.. wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!
teehee.. xp o.0
okokokokok... sorry.. i know evry1's been posting songs n all, i juz wanted to post a movie..
it's not exactly a movie eh.. it's like 1 minute or something.. but i juz have to show u guys..
he's a youtube-ian and does his own vlogs and all.. n it's really weirdly funneh.. me likey.. :D
he's number 1 subscribed in utube (all time), he has over 1 million fans globally..
the punchline is he's only 19 and he's freaking asian! -proud- lol...
after watching his vids, i feel like i'm on crack.. XD seriously.. or maybe i'm juz easily amused.. hehehe.. who knows? hehehe.. ur not spoze to answer that.. you hear me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o.0

i'm having a breakdown actually... I.... -sob-
I... -dramatic pause-
I forgot what i wanted to say... great.. =.=
eh... bkjnjn
i remember now.. :D
my freaking mp3 or whatever u call it (o.0) is too.. umm... small for me?
i mean the memory la..=.=
2 gigs.. and I can't fit all the songs I juz dloaded today.. wtf?
i officially need a freaking ipod..
or like some mega gazillion-bytes device.. that'd be great...
i need money tho.. =.='
money ---> work
work ----> ???
??? ----> =.='
where to work? how the hell do I get there? damn.. better get my freaking priorities rite.. drive first eh?
drive ---> car
car ----> how in the world am i spoze to get that?
my lovely family? ahahahaha... no way =.='
am I being a pessimist? NO
I'm being a realist!!! -shakes fist to reader-

btw, i heard avatar is really good... i dunno.. watching it on wed.. i'll be the judge of that.. hehe.. trailer doesn't seem so impressive but evry1's like raving about it.. best movie of all time.. drama~ we'll see -squint eyes-

i am so happy today actually.. (bipolar)
thing is i dunno y.. o.0

hana is acting suspicious!!
she doesn't wanna tell me what happened in THAT movie...
because her dad was there...
hmmm... what could it be?
x pe.. malas nk think rite now..
juz tell me what it is dammit!!!!!!
anyway, i'll be off to my cousins place which is just in Meru.. so no big deal..
be bak on wed.. why am I telling u this? =.='
btw, do I have to like ring u guys up and drag u all by the heads to go to sunway.. seriously?
I know Nad's going.... -sob-
w-with.. -turns away-
her family.. aaaah!!!!!!! the injustice of it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
actually, i'm going with my family too.. teehee.. ;D
but who knows la with my family.. kejap mcm pegi, kejap no word.. so I say, we leave Nad and chiao to lagoon-a.. scream park ya'll... eheh.. nad? jkjk...
wait... i haven't posted the vid ah? damn.. fine.. i'll take my leave after i put the vid rite under here.. i swear.... :D

actually i didn't.. ahahahaha.. =.=
fanfics!!! oh aish~~~~ i hope my voice haunts u..
aaah.. lucky u..
i am working on my ff too.. -ehem- which u all I am afraid will nvr get too see.. thing is.. i'm like james bond.. it's all top secret..
right... =.='
i am weirding myself out.. anyway, happy writing, happy reading, happy watching, happy whatever!!

(poor raito.. ;3)