Monday, 19 October 2009

It's TIEQ dis time.. :D

Muahaha.. It's my turn to turn this joint around away from aish.. sorry gal! ;pSo I've been checking out plenty of songs to just fill my 2 giga mp3 n I've come across plenty of cool bands and new genres... aaah! so happy! :D

For one, evryone knows that I luv songs with a upbeat tempo.. not dat I hate slow songs, juz it isn't preferrable.. eheh..

so evry1, I bring u all to the world of Visual-Kei! OMG! i am soo in love with their style.. visual kei originates from Japan of course and it's somewhat like goth-rock.. which I like laa... the guys are all scarily hot.. heh.. so I'll post one vid down here of my fav
band D'espairsRay...

next up is a kinda old song laa.. but love the music!! damn effin cool.. it's classical + rock.. the bst kind.. It's from a band called Malice Mizer.. Japanese also.. And Aish, Gackt was from this band b4 he did his solo, so yeah he's the guy singing...

Rite.. Enuff of japanese songs eh? So next up is Paramore people.. Latest single and I love it... "Ignorance"

Nad likes this song. I like this song.. It's an old song tho but the song's great.. "Red Stars"

for the next song, I'm gonna speak German eh? Ich liebe Tokio Hotel.. lol.. is that right? whatever.. "Automatisch" Thanks Nad for recommending it..

last song is the song I thought I'd never like... it's kinda mystical i suppose.. lol... i'm into it now.. -sigh- it's kinda cool coz it uses japanese instruments and all... emm.. "utakata"

That's all for now folks.. How's THAT for a comeback.. ambik ko... lol..


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