Saturday, 14 March 2009

Seaweed's Homecoming

Hei gurlz..........

well, it's been a while now since i'd visited LOST DIRT CITY..
so sorry.....
I'm juz busy travelling in the ocean..
learning new waves from other seaweed...
( that ever happen)

actually,i forgot d username n password..

since we meet at school almost everyday...
i dunno what else should i write bout...

juz,enjoy ur school holiday gurlz....


Friday, 13 March 2009

epy holidays~~

shit !! who the hell put that tokio hotel pic??
awesomeness!!! XD
thank u!!!! my baby looks so hawt~~ huhu!!

nway, juz wnna wish u guys happy hols in advance, since i'm not coming to sch tomoro~ xtau npe rse malas sgt2.. my bad! D=

hah! tu jela... njoy urselves!! i'm gonna miss u all...


Sunday, 8 March 2009

long time no see . haha ;P

well im just gonna write about the LOST gathering ,
it's been awhile since our last meeting .
and im starting to miss all of you even we meet at school everyday .
this is for strengthening the relations between us && for having some fun since this is our last year .
n maybe , just MAYBE we r not going to see each other after spm .
what i mean here is , we may have much busy time for coming years ,
and we gonna mish our high school's time :)
so decide !