Sunday, 7 June 2009

so how's holidays? o.0

Hiya people! Happy holidays!

ok.. that's utter crap.. we spm candidates juz don't have holidays.. D= I haven't even siap my damn folio.. the tuition that i'm taking (2 weeks full) is so outrageously good but so damn tiring la.. I feel like my brain is beaten into a bloody pulp!! but tuition life is fun... met up with few people and this friend of mine is so incredibly awesome.. she has the ideal music taste that I have!! gosh.. n she's cool about me borrowing her ipod and all... -squeal- XD ipod!!!! gah, once u use it, u want it! but nah... i don't have money so a normal mp3 would do for me.. but still.. ipod! XD she likes unknown bands (like me) so we've been changing music like crazy... =p

the tuition i'm taking is at PJ, the kids are so damn bandar laa.. but some of them are cool but most are kinda scary.. i mean, they go clubbing like its a normal thing and drink! as in alcohol people! i mean malays drinking is like wtf? i heard my teacher marah dis malay guy la she said "it's no use praying five times a day if you're gonna act like this" weird people i tell u.. embarassing sometimes..

hnn... as usual i'm 'afraid' of boys.. never talked to one unless i absolutely have to.. =.=' i dunno how to cure this.. people say i should start by saying 'hi'... o.0 wtf? do i look like a 'hi' person.. no way la... =.=' aaah... so many things have happened... but kinda miss u guys.. T.T n i forgot, my phone rosak.. so yeah.. i don't get calls or messages or anything... damn annoying la.. i can't even text u guyz when i'm dying or something.. o__0 stupid phone... grr... nah stupid me la actually.. hoho.. the fon tejatuh kat the ......... emm.. nvmnd..

so anyway tieq is officially broke, tired, mp3-less, handphone-less, owns a HALF-glasses and has massive brain cell damage.. xp so anyway comment n tell me how WONDERFUL ur life is compared to mine and give me money!!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of u! lol.. please?



p/s: vote for ur fav version of 'no boundaries' (the song the american idol winner sings) at vote adam or else...... u = x_x
no pressure eh... ;p