Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Turn of event

Well, let's just say that for the time being, I am the one who is merajuk at him and he is the one who is memujuk me.


If u want to know the details, let's set a time a date and make a CONFERENCE!



The hell with him

That is just it man. I had apologize to PB&J just like you guys told me to and believe me, that took up a lot of my ego!

This is what I said (in message.duh~): ' sigh. fine. I don't know if i did anything that pisses you off, but if i did, i'm sorry. happy?'
And this is his replied : 'not really. give back ma smile!'
So, I send him this: '=) <- ur face smiling. smile now?'
and he doesn't reply. Until now. I've missed call him three time and enough is enough.

I'll just like someone else.

Easy as that.

Oh, and how about our next outing?