Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Lost Dirt: Girls Outing!!

Ok.. So of course we all know this but just in case. Be prepared for NO diets girls!! [this is just a preparatory plan]

The Curve (main - may venture outside of the perimeters.. LOL!)

12th November 2008, Wednesday (N yesh, it's a school day! woot!)

Mode of Transport:
Not verified. (ask ur parents! I already asked mine n he said maybe.. but he can only hantar or ambik je.. )

- Movie!! woot! I saw the trailer for house bunny and I must say it is rather interesting. It's a chick-flick nontheless but that is why we should watch it on an all-girls outing!! :D

- EAT!! Yesh.. This is the time where no men are around and therefore we are free to unleash the barbarians in ourselves.. o.0 ok.. that's weird.. barbarian? =.=

(n about the food thing me and nad wanna get some meatballs from IKEA coz she can't stop talking about it that I can't help but lust over it so I'm definitely getting some and of course you guys are allowed to join us..)

- Shopping? Yes, this of course goes through the self-paying method, where you buy - you pay.. XD and if you have a lot of money to spend then you may enjoy a luxurious spread of items to buy for your amusement.. (lol, it's like I'm talking to a bunch of a rich snobs or something! XD)

- The rest? Is up to you! X3