Wednesday, 26 August 2009


you know there's a saying 'true love doesn't have a happy ending cuz true love never ends?'. well, here's a little sumthing for you oh 'true love' - you can kiss my royal ass.

therefore people, I want to take this opportunity to get up and get real. this is reality people! there's no such thing as true love. one can hope and wait for such but trust me on this, IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN!

And I'm not saying this because I've been dumped or anything. Trust me. I haven't fall in love or care for someone deeply for over a year. Family and friends not included you morons. Don't try to find loopholes in between my words you freaking annoying bastards. Thus, my advices for all of you are - be selfish, no need to care for others' feelings and be a bitch. They are worth it. Trust me. You ain't gonna miss anything anyway.

And that is all for my pep talk for today.

Oh, I have a bit of news to inform. I'm going to do fanfic. And duh~ it IS DBSK's fanfic. Stop asking stupid questions oh you stupid people. Geez. These people never learn. I won't do a yaoi fanfic though. I got my own reasons for this. I will probably do yaoi for others such as naruto and such.


I won't apologize if you were hurt by my words. Suck it up.