Wednesday, 21 May 2008


d topic does sound boring but i juz can't stand it anymore..
i don ustand guys!!!
i'm so fed up of dem..
sumtimes u tink dey love u but sumtimes u feel like..
i duno..
girls out der..
i hope u ustand d pain i'm goin through..
ohhhh...d pain!!!
y can't dey b honest n tell d girl d fucking prob!!!!!
2 all d guys out der..
nvr torture ur girlfrends!!
pleeeassseeee...i'm beggin u

urs truly
-a broken hearted girl-

Sunday, 18 May 2008

TTE (lol)

Tieqa's Totally Excited.. (TTE)

As u all would be *ehem* not here during the 24th, I shall post picturez of d engagement! =] that is to say, if i remember la... anyway.. yes.. i am terribly, totally, excited (TTE) about this thingy.. Duh~ it's d first engagement in teh famileh! x_x Owh, n another thingy dat i'm excited about is teh fact dat I am a gang leader! XD dat was funneh.. Stupid noobs shouldn't mess with meh... Baka... o....k... i have no idea y i'm posting this thing... Oh wait I am bored like hell... *shouts* Oh, min~ If ur reading this thank u for keeping teh secret...

Thats the end... (TTE)