Thursday, 22 April 2010

fucking ***** had to mess up my day

No elaboration. Just plain fucking anger. I'm also terribly upset. I'm angry but I'm crying. Fuck. I've had enough of that person's fucking shit I have to go through. Stop taking my fucking MONEY! Stop fucking ACT in front of me. I know who the hell took my money, don't LIE. Can't stop at a couple of thousands huh? Have to take my bloody fucking SPM money now? I can't wait to get out of here - and it's all because of u. ur an asshole who doesn't THINK who ur stealing from. just wait, when I have enough fucking money i WON'T give you a fucking cent. u deserved it. I gave u too many chances. TOO fucking many times I've trusted that u'll STOP. n u just prove me wrong ALL the fucking time.

Sorry guys. Fucking pissed. Don't ask who or wtf happened because I'm just in no fucking mood to tell anyone anything. I just had to let it all out here if not I'll start fucking throwing things and destroying my room. Fuck.