Wednesday, 14 October 2009

091012 2009 Asia's Top Ten Pretty Males

2009's Asia's top ten pretty males chart, has already found out everyone's heartthrob with a months voting. The results of the top three are :

Shim Changmin

Lee MinHo

Kim Jaejoong

The rest include (in order)

Kim HyunJoong

Jerry Yan

Yamashita Tomohisa

Vic Chou



Jung Yunho

Choi Siwon

It includes three members from popular Korean group TVXQ, with the youngest Shim Changmin winning with his vocals, dancing pose, eye expression, and body etc. Hero Kim Jaejoong won 3rd place, and leader Jung Yunho was within the top 10. Jerry Yan lost his place [T/N he was in the top 3 last time], and instead it was taken by popular Lee Minho from Boys Over Flowers. The other male lead Kim Hyun Joong was placed fourth, showing that F4 still lives in everyone's heart.

Source: [自情网部落 + Hey!JJ]

p/s - I'm hvng trouble with the letter before b. -.-' therefore I cn't type my own nme...-.- I believe you know this is who...

Sunday, 11 October 2009

XD To me this is funny...

Just give it a try and watch it. I hope you guys won't be dissapointed!

LOL. XD Too many natto. Natto pizza, natto pasta, natto gelato... -.-' Jae gone nuts over natto! And the ending is kinda like an oyaji gag. 'Douyo koto' means what do you mean and you're supposed to answer 'souyo koto' as in 'that is what it means' but Chun said 'shouyo koto' meaning soy sauce. -.-'