Saturday, 4 April 2009

hey guys

i no its been a long time since i last posted on this blog..
well..i juz have a few things to say
many things have happened this year..
n im tryin my best to keep up wit my life..
but there is one thing that i failed to keep up wit
n dats being wit lost
i still wan to be friends wit u guys..juz like old times..
but somehow..i juz cant help feeling a little left out
maybe im juz being over paranoid but..
lately i realize i cant get along wit u guys anymore..
i guess time has changed me.. order to make things less complicated..
im goin to withdraw myself from lost..
it has not been easy 4 me to make this decision but
i hope its 4 d best
u guys will always be my friends..
thanks 4 evrything
n im sorry..
i leave in peace..
i hope there wont be any grudges between us n
things r okay between us..

urs sincerely

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


as requested by tieq.



Tuesday, 31 March 2009


X3 I move like an express bus nah a jet! Other hot men have invaded my life but that doesn't mean I'm saying bye2 to my hubbies Micky, Kisuke, Raito, Brian, Justin and the others worth mentioning (there's juz too many xp) the new guy here is Ono from the manga/anime: Antique Bakery and Akiyama from the manga: Liar Game.. Man both of this manga's are awesome!!!!

Liar Game is sooo worth reading, it's my kinda manga - involves thinking and inspecting somewhat like Death Note. The game starts off as this girl gets 100 million yen and was kinda forced into the Liar Game.. After being LIED by her most trusted teacher she seeks help from a professional con-artist who juz left prison: Aki. Aki didn't want to help at first but he decided to coz the heroin reminded him of his deceased mother. It's kinda cool coz he's very good at deducing people and is so brilliant at strategizing.. The manga has been made to a live-action series which I am soooo going to get! Aaah aki! X3 Can't wait to get it! =D

Antique as I have told u guyz is a shounen-ai manga/anime which has both live-action and a movie.. The live-action isn't good but the movie is worth watching!! Hot guys! X3 and shounen-ai.. aah.. heaven.. lol.. the trailer is down below!! X3 it's soo funneh..

Ono's the one on the left played by the Waffle Guy (coffee prince) and the guy on the right Tachibana is played by Shin (P.Hours) in the movie.. The movie changed their name's to Korean ones.. So I'm a bit confused with the korean names..

Top left: Shin Top right: waffle guy Bottom left: Kanda (jap name) and the bottom right: Chikage