Saturday, 19 January 2008

teah.. it's tieq..

g tambah sum pics frm d camping trip, raye n d ones i bru post... ko right-click n save d pic... pastu ko transfer kt rock2u.. k?? thank u... owh.. btw guyz... mr youtube kat bawah our blog.. ehehe... tp lgu die kt situ kureng cket.. check out at my myspace profile...

Dude, do put your name after your post.It's very confusing you know.

Pehal ramai yg emo ni...
Mcm nk berpish forever and ever lak...
Neway, don't worry, we will still be in contact eventhough we are miles away. There's this thing called phone and internet nowadays. Remember??
Erm... Tieq... Who's this guy that you've fallen in love with?
Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me.
And peeps, there's something I want to tell you guys.
Ez had an accident yesterday and that's the reason she didn't come to school. It seems that she cut her own knee (accidently of course) while playing with the evil, sharp, dangerous kitchen knife. How come she played with the knife in the first place, I don't know. Ask her. You know, Ez. Prone to accident. Hakhak, Sorry Ez.
She's currently at home listening to mp4 while reading Bukit Kepong and watching MTV at the same time. She had 8 stitches (meaning that her injury is way serious that I thought it is) and it seems that she screams and yells and curses when the doctor stitched her.
I pray that :

May She Rest In Peace.

'bite me'

p/s. still searching for a resolution

Friday, 18 January 2008

queen~ is me...teah!mish ya LOST muahxx...

4rom me=queen~

i'm sorry...

smarttt... i luv d layout... simple, yet.. lovely... (thx to aish n tieq)

hey tieq, congrats cos ur in luv... its such heaven rite?? but unfortunately, luv cud kill u at d same time... so, be careful ma fwen... ez, rumah kuning no 4... how sad!!!

peeps, sorry if i'm being quite emosional here...
i'm sorry... pleassee... i beg u...
i'm sorry... i'm sorry... i'm sorry...
even though u think i'm a nice gurl, i just dun think so... i feel like i've done lots of mistakes to u guys... i'm not sure, maybe its because, i dun share much things... i'm just like dat... blurr... and i won't share ma secrets...
sorry again... i've never expressed ma feelings before...
but trust me... i LOVE U ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!!
sometimes, i'll just pray to ALLAH n feel very thankful cos HE sent LOST members to me which i wud neva forget, EVER!! cos u guys had changed ma life completely...
before this, i was a very quiet and shy gurl... alhamdulillah... when we are together in our beloved LOST WORLD, its just like... i gain such passion to go on with my very challenging life... mayb its our team spirit or sumtink...

so, aish, cah, dja, ez, teah, n tieq... i'm very, very sorry if we still do not know each other well after almost 2 years of our friendship... after this, we'll parted from each other for miles and miles away... i'll be missing u guys 4 sure... but i don't know whether u'll be missing me or not... yala, i kan always BLURRR...

last but not least, thx AGAIN, for the new and cool layout... take care =>


juz wanna say helo 2 d new layout....haha

nice layout LOST...
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Owh... My head...

My head...
It keeps pounding and pounding and pounding.
I think I have a fever.
Great. Just bloody great. I have loads of homework and my body isn't cooperate with me.
Ouch. Here it comes again.
My head, my head...
I'm going to lay down and take a rest now.

'cure me'

can i change luvsuckz to in_lurve

haha... yesh!! i'm in luv!!! hahahaa... (gone crazyyy) i luv u mr youtube... i luv ur voice n ur hands... n owh god... ur skills... aaah!! i have found the guy!! yesh guyz...n he's in youtube... *swoon n falls into pithole* i luvv uuuuu....

tieq'z gone crazy in luv

hey LOST!whuddup gurls...!muahxx~

duwh!extremly kewl...huhu~tenx 2 any of us yg make up d is s0 cool!hakhak...n 2 ez nape tak dtg mrentas desa...g alam shah ea..?guys!ble nak meeting..??1 m0r thing,nad,dja n tieq...naper ja0h glew seats kowng..??susa nak jumper even we r in d same clas but,jarang gather...waaaaaaaa.!!!mish ark kowng..!hehe..

rumah merah menang... - not!!

to ez but any1 can read it laa ~> not dat i'm semangat or anythin, but y didn't u go to skul?? i thot u said u wud.. it's juz d normal, boring stuff anyway.. n sum friggin bitches were shouting n banging their stupid bottles on their heads or sumtin.. stupid.. it was so gud of me to not slap dem on d face, like i wanted to... glad u liked d blog's new look btw... u can enhance it further too, if u want.. so dats it.. i'll go die now..


Thursday, 17 January 2008


oh my god..
i looove d new look!!!
great job guyss...
sory but i don't have enough time 2 write bout our b-o-r-i-n-g class n skool life..
but i WILL back...!!
tieq, all i can say is..
gud luck wit u fav tcher...
would like 2 go der sumday....
singing*** sumday..wen we are wiser..wen d world's older...wen we have learnt..
chao guys

urs truly,

"being ur student wasn't my choice, but hating u was beyond my control"

when can i get out of 'ere, *chants sentence* ... i can't wait to juz get outta here.. not dat i'm trying to leave u guyz or anythin.. it's juz d place, d school n stuff.. urgh... nway, d new n improved layout is thanks to d work of aish ( n me) how do u guyz like it??? don't complain ah... mase nk tkr x de sesape pun yg g tkr eh.. .so suck it up... hehe.. i hate my class, i hate my class *chants again*..

what kind of friggin class r we in anyway guyz.. it's d same old boring un-sociable, un-humorous, close-minded, mental-thwarting people again.. (ok.. i have no idea y i said mental-thwarting..) -_- god, help me!! n remove me from dis wretched hell hole and into heaven (pj).. oh fine.. pj is so not heaven.. but it's better than here.. haha.. n god, while ur at it, could u forgive me for hating my teacher so.. actually, i don't really hate him/her.. dislike is d word.. or not of favour....

wanna c pics.. yeah? c below den people... nice huh.. ade la yg lost.. like me.. n teah... n dja.. nvmind lost (really lost) souls... we shall take of pics of only ourselves later.. mwahaha...

owh.. dis message is brought to u by tieq.. safe n secure.. haha.. it's spoze to sound like an advert...


It's a new year (though it's already 17th of Jan) meaning it's a new start and a new beginning (what the bloody hell am I talking about?!).Neway, me and my peeps here are now in form 4. We are seniors now (kinda of). And we are more beautiful (choke), more mature, 'more lovely and temperate' (hehe), and more serious. I think.
New year means new resolution.
Well, to tell you the truth, i never have an 'azam'. I just go with the flow. But, as I am going to be 16 and 16 is consider a mature age (really r?) I thought I'm gonna make a change this year:
(while standing on top of Everest mountain) - I'm going to have a resolution!

My resolution for 2008 is............(bring out the drums dude...)


That's correct.
I don't have one for a moment so I'm going to find one and that's my resolution.
I'll let you guys know when I find my resolution.

'bite me'