Friday, 8 May 2009

it breaks my heart

knowing that my baby just sprained(?) his ankle...
I'll pray for you my dear! GET WELL SOON!LOTS OF LOVE FROM MOI!!!

[News] TVXQ’s Xiah Junsu’s Injury at The First Day Concert

Starting on May 4th, Kobe World Memorial Hall was decorated for “Dong Bang Shin Ki 4th Live Tour 2009 – The Secret Code” in Japan, and AVEX was signed to report the situation there.

According to official staff, Junsu’s leg was injured during the rehearsal the day before and the review of his health status told him not to walk and at least he had to laid off the show today. However, to see so many fans already gathered at the venue and expected a lot from the live, Junsu stongly requested to join with everyone at the stage. Thus, staff has to re-schedule the concert’s contents the five members had to perform.

Junsu appeared at the concert on wheelchair, and actively participated at the MC part. Yet, he didn’t manage to join all the dance songs from beginning to end. Junsu forced himself to at least stood up at the last performance, “Bolero” and all fans were weeping in impression.

Dong Bang Shin Ki performed the first song from their March-launched 4th album “The Secret Code” to start the concert, followed by “Share The World”, “O Jun Ban Hap”, “Purple Line”, and “MIROTIC” which all were performed in passionate dance and classy costumes. All fans were so excited and the group could handle to perform all 29 songs smoothly.At Dong Bang Shin Ki’s 4th Japan tour, just like last year, Amuro Namie’s ex-husband and a member of Japan’s famous group, TRF, SAM has been in charge.

Jaejoong told Junsu about the injury during performance (T/N: MC talk), “It takes a long time to recover, you can’t force yourself to return soon,”. As soon as the first show at Kobe ended, Junsu sent e-mail via official mobile site saying his thakfulness and once again apologizing everyone for the unforseen injury.
“The first day of tour, I wanted to show you my best appearance, but I had hurt my leg during rehearsal before the concert,” he described his condition. “I’m sorry to make you worried, TVXQ will show in complete form as soon as possible.” he made his promise.

Meanwhile, after Junsu got involved in injury, modifying the contents of the upcoming live tour was inevitable. AVEX reported that there’s been consultation and reviews of the concert’s contents running currently for one held in Kobe on March 5th (today). Dong Bang Shin Ki still has concert on weekends, May 9th and 10th at Saitama Super Arena, and before they finally move to the final stages in two consecutive days on July 4th and 5th at Tokyo Dome, there are in total 9 big cities tours around Japan with 21 performances.
In addition, on August 1st together with other AVEX singers such as Hamasaki Ayumi and Kumi Koda, Tohoshinki will attend a super-size outdoor music tour A-NATION 09 to 4 cities all around the country with total 6 stages.

TVXQ’s doctor said that the injury Junsu had now, was sprained ankle. He’ll be strong enough to push all schedules being prepared but without doing vigorous dance. Thus, to return in a complete group soon is not likely to be achieved.

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Tired + Stressed = Tieq's Unofficial Death

Yeah, as the title shows I'm freaking tired and stressed. Drama has indeed been a huge part in my life now.. xp It's kinda fun eh? But sometimes juz plain stressful. Anyway, Hana says that she doesn't mind not getting the sijil for her help although I think she really does deserve it.. Hana juz x nak ade conflict.. X3 Mayb we should get the school sijil for her/Qhis?

Anyway, I'm juz feeling kinda down.. =( I don't think I'm a really good director for this drama. Although, I'm trying my best but mayb my best is not enough? I dunno.. Benda ni da lame I pk.. I don't know if i'm too bossy or I'm too kind or what.. Thing is, I like this responsibility but I don't know what u guyz really think of me as a director.. U know, on the outside... =(

That's juz it.. I dunno if I'm emotional... I only advice on what I can and the only thing that matters to me is that the team does their best.. So, I juz want evry1 to know that whatever I say is only what I think is best and that I'm not trying to be bossy.. About being too kind, I'm kinda sorry for dat. I will do what I have to do and I really don't want people to underestimate what I can do. Thing is, I don't like having fights, scolding etc. I was born in a family that is constantly hot-tempered, as the middle child I'm kinda like the 'cooling pad' in the whole lot. It's juz in my nature.

Anyway, that's all... Of coz there are other things that I feel crappy about but I don't really like to talk about it.. I think mayb that there are too many things happening at once in my life.. X3 But I do hope, we can do our best for the drama.. Nervous plak (pdhl x acting pun)

Nway drama team thx a lot! =3

With that I resign my post as 'Director'.


Kidding! No way man, penat2 ak naik bskl ulang alik sklh.. xp I'm not giving up! Mayb I juz need ur help and support eh? ;3