Sunday, 12 July 2009

i want it back...

hv u ever wanted smthg very desperately in ur life, but u jz knw u won't get it.. EVER..

hv u ever felt like u finally managed to own smth u hd devoured 4 so long.. but only to discover it actually belongs to sum1 else..

hv u ever felt like u CAN touch and feel that smth..
how sad, it turns out that u can't reach even the tiniest bit of that precious thing u adore..

hv u ever craved for smth simple frm sum1.. but it was turned down..
and what hurts more, is that sum1 doesn't even realize that he/she is killing u inside..


it hurts to love and being hurt at the same time..

ps : i've lost it.. and i want it back.. i beg u, please..