Thursday, 16 October 2008

i am very, VERY upset.. boo.. T.T

why?! coz I can't send freaking comments to my own FRIEND on myspace!! T.T did u delete me or something? T__T well, yeah.. that's it... and it's one of you guys!!!

fine... it's ez... T.T don't tell me abid blocked me rite? coz i will put a freaking bullet into his skull if I can't comment u again (after u fix dis lil problem of course.. V.V)
withdraws her threats to her friend's boyfriend.. ehehe.. X3

more pics!!!!


To every LOST DIRT members, it is compulsory for all of you to read this important,historical event in the history of LOST DIRT.

to tieq - you will never surpassed me in the art of pervertish because I am the master of PERVERT. And that is the truth. No arguement.

to teah and ez - you have done a supreme job in editing the pictures. I am proud.

to dja and nad - you are an abomination. You bring disgrace to LOST DIRT society for you have been nothing but mere nothingness. (-.-') I better see some posts from you from this day onwards or with the power that behold me to this LOST DIRT, you will be punished. By me. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The end.


Wednesday, 15 October 2008

new pic!!

WELL i am not in d pic T_T

i have a lot more collection of our pix.i wil post it one-by-one.
taraaa ^^,

I WANT PICS! T.T but since u didn't post em....

Yeah, as I said.. =.= i want pics.. n NO.. not weird pics from d net of some unknown people.. oh wait... scratch dat.. i can't seem to scratch it.. o.0 anyway, if their unknown hot guys you know i'd one a piece of that.. ;p haha.. i'm as pervish as aish.. nah, i'm surpassing her already.. bubye lowlife.. o.0 anyway, i'm talking about our pics man... like d kelip2 thingy n uhh... oh yeah, d raye in my house thing! i want pics! i WANT pics!! o.0 ok, i'm being weird.. anyway, i'm happy now.. yay! coz someone gave me an awesome review for the story i'm writing.. hihi.. makes me feel pumped to write more eh? =3 anyway, behold pictures of extreme drool-worthiness!!! o.o

This is Bido: he looks cute eh? =3

So..... Does anyone of you know who this guy is? C'mon.. -looks at ez and aish- Nothing.. No one? =.= god, it's Akanishi Jin.. Who's that? The guy who acted in Yukan Club ofcourse.. X3 kawaii.. not like seishiro -carik psl ngan ez- though, bido is kinda cute n funny.. xp dis isn't bido... i repeat.. sorry for the misunderstanding... xp

ehehe.. i personally like this picture.. they're cosplayers for the manga n anime DEATHNOTE.. N what are cosplayers you may ask? =.= well, they are people who dress and act out certain anime and manga characters during anime conventions or JFF- as aish would put it..

So this pic, has L at the right corner, behind him Near or also known as N.. He is L's apprentice after L's death in the manga,, (i hate him... i like L a whole lot better) Behind him is the annoyingly cute Misa.. Who -yes, it may come a shock to some of u- is actually blonde.. Yes, now it explains her apparently 'dumb' stature.. but she's ok i guess.. juz get ur effing paws away from my Raito!! grr.. i was talking to Misa, anyway... behind her is of course my hunny bunny, litte coddle woddles, baby muchkin, cutie pie, fuckingly hot Raito... lol... my adjectives are meant to be weird.. anyway.. xp behind him is my other hubby... =3 emm.. so hot.. xp he is Mikami n he looks like this -look below- in the anime.. :D hot eh?
Anyway, next up are the cosplayers again.. Now you can see their faces eh? I like the quality of the pictures taken, it's good.. Professionally done.. Although, Raito n Misa are okay, I somehow can't accept this L.. Coz u know, L in the movie is hot! N d one in d anime - hotter! lol... so yeah, poor guy.. gotta change him.. =.=

So yeah, I'm giving you d one from d cosplayers, movie n anime.. Tell me who looks good where.. Coz I don't really like d Kira in d movie.. N d movie sucks... Where's Mikami for god's sake?! =.= well, actually that's my only complaint coz thank god there was no Near.. xp but kinda sad no Near means no Matt n Mello.. Aww man, if they were there it'd be a freaking hot fest! aah! o...k...

i was lmao when I saw this... I remembered how tense Raito was when he saw L.. xpwho is that bitch with Raito! grrr... i know her! get away from him! shooo! begone! =.=
-sigh- ehehe..

K.. That is all n d one below is juz a 'boo'! coz u know, it's yaoi.. n u guys don't like em, dats y i'm putting em.. XD ahaha.. i love myself.. god, now that sounds like a narcissist.. xp
i'm a narcissist and a sadist! woot! =.= nah, i'm juz saying.. i only wish to be.. xp