Thursday, 11 November 2010

final exam !

I'm soooooo scared!
Final exam is sooooo near~
huwaaaa... T.T

nways, Ill just try my best la.

Bah, I'm so bored.
know what...I kinda like, trying to start a new project to kill such boredom (studying, I mean).
That is to create a theme song for LOST.
lolz. Don't guarantee its gonna work, somehow... xP

oh2, I iz sooo happeh now ... S.M.I.L.E.S
See ya guys !!!


Thursday, 4 November 2010

A new light !

OH my!
I've found a new light...:)
I iz soo eppy! *jumps enthusiastically*

I hope I'll always be in this mood *happy* because I'm so tired of being sad...

Don't want to be sad anymore *smiles*

and yeah! I really wanna see u people!
why are we so bz eh? God, so hard to arrange an outing for everyone.
mst ada je yg bz...lolz. akulah tu! xP


Imma go dancin' for this new light!

huhu~ till we meet again.


Wednesday, 8 September 2010


well...actually...there is no purpose actually in me writing this post. I just want to test out my writing ability. hehe. you see, it has been a while since I actually wrote anything that is decent enough to be read, especially in terms of writing a story... =.='

You see, there is a whole lot of people who is more and much good in writing, let us take for example you guys - Nad, Tieq, Teah, Una... (to Anna, your specialty is in tech ^^). and at times I feel intimidated and belittled... (lol. my grammar lect is soo gonna kill me for using 'and' at the beginning of a sentence. XD) it's just that...I tried writing sucks. Perhaps it is because I haven't write and read as much as I used to be and you know what they say, "Practice makes Perfect" and practice is definitely what I haven't done in eons...huhu.

Anyway! I'm not giving up! HAHAHAHA! I'll try to write in this short span of two weeks time! And to study for my final exams! huhuhu...exams...I need DBSK to cheer me up...

and tons and tons of dark chocolate ice-cream...I crave for it...


Sunday, 29 August 2010


what's yo-yo is that, yo!

Anyway, as promised, here I am! HAHAHAHAHAHA!
I just want to mention A thing and that is --- inserts drumroll ---


but worry not my faithful friends, aka hard-die-fans of mine, I'll still be posting in this blog! =D

this CRAZY yet WONDROUS brain of mine proposed this CRAZY yet WONDROUS thought of mine when I was taking a CRAZY yet WONDROUS bath! XD

if, and that's a huge IF, I am opening this blog, I'm thinking of dedicating this new blog to -------------------'s a surprised. HEHEHEHE...

and that is all for today my loyal die-hard-fans.

UNTIL NEXT TIME! -flies away like a fly-


Friday, 27 August 2010

so bored-lah...

ok, this blog is definitely dying.
how sad! T.T
anyway, I have something to show you guys!hihi...
an essay ! *squeals in excitement*
yeah, that's right.

an essay...but not an ordinary one. 'cos i've kept it for quite some time.
written during spm. but dunno why i was scared to post it.
lolz... ok, here it is.



Alles gut, eh?

Nway, I’m studying maths now… (yeah, rite…)

But, a brilliant idea suddenly came uninvited when I was doodling nothing particular wth my hands, just..numbers, formulas, etc.

Ok, I’m babbling. Let’s clear the bushes, shall we?

Out of the blue, I couldn’t stop but thinking about this one word “beauty”…no! it’s not bcos of spm 1119 paper… thanks to this fanfic, “Through His Eyes”…now I can’t settle down the flutters in my stomach after reading it… it’s super, duper amazing!! XD

So, I’m going to make a one-shot…just a fictional story, but, I use real characters here…no offense guys!! Just want to kill the boredom…allow me to start please…

Setting: In the middle of the world …or somewhere in Puncak Alam…

“I think she’s ugly,” Teah said pleasantly, like she’d just said the most remarkable thing in this world.

Aish stopped abruptly from her work…(I don’t know what she’s doing anyway), and replied quite accusingly to Teah,

“Why? Because she’s dark, is it?”

Teah always does that. She speaks her mind, without thinking what others might feel or react. I secretly think this is just Teah being herself. Can’t blame her though.

“No. She is ugly…and she is dark, obviously,” Teah replied confidently but didn’t look at Aish’s annoyed face anyway.

“Ugh…” Aish groaned audibly in surrender.

Dja just sat there, saying nothing.

But I know, deep inside her, she was thinking…a million oceans wide! Maybe, she just doesn’t want to say anything…yet.

Setting: Around the school canteen…

The day was pleasant…(smiles…)

As usual, we conquered two tables there…to eat. Nothing much could be done during recess…just eat. That’s when the heart-to-heart session started. Aish and Dja played important roles here…lol…

“I seriously think I hate people. I hate guys. I hate their stupid and shallow perceptions…narrow-minded much. Typical Asian man…bla…bla…”

We all just listen to Aish’s mountainous amount of dissatisfaction. Of course Tieq, Qhis and Dja will alternately butt in to voice out their opinions too…I prefer to listen. Hana and Una will just listen but they also smile slyly and laugh to any amusing part of the conversation.

Teah wasn’t there. She’s absent.

“I think it’s unfair to say someone is ugly just because she is dark,” Dja said. (I remember this part vividly)

“I am dark. I don’t like it when fair people get EVERYTHING!” Aish said out loud. (Yeah…I agree.)

When they were all done expressing their thoughts, their eyes darted to me. I stayed silent, though.

“Nad is so quiet,” Aish broke the silence.

I just smiled. I was not quiet inside! I had loads to say…but, I prefer to keep it to myself. But hey, I love it this way. I love my friends so much. Each of them has their own uniqueness that I’ve analyzed throughout our 2-years of friendship. If only my friends know how much I love them, and how desperately I want to be with them all the time, not willing to separate even for a second. But things do not go that way. We will go our separate ways…someday. I’m going to miss you guys…

Aish, Dja, Hana, Qhis, Teah, Tieq, Una…

--------------------------END OF Stupid STORY--------------------------

Hahah! Scheisse!

Aku rasa dah tersasar krgn ni…

Nway, I wanted to talk about beauty.

U know, some people just…tried so hard to show their beauty…

And compare it to everyone else…

They thought they’ll be happy that way…

As for me…I don’t feel happy that way.

I love beauty…I appreciate other’s beauty…

I have found 3 beautiful things in this world that never failed to make my day… Tokio Hotel, Rozila Daud and my friends…

I’m a boring person I know!! But I’m happy that way…

As long as I have these 3 things, I won’t ask for anything else…

One thing for sure, there are yet more beautiful things I haven’t discovered…I hope one day I can see it…and feel it…

Teah!!! I’m sorry!!! It’s a fictional story k?? no offense…huhu~~

ps: the beauty of love is to admire without desiring…

loves, nad.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

blood is thicker than water

so, that's our new blog theme.
if u don't like it, don't hesitate to change , ok???
just think that, we're like sisters...and nothing can separate us;
cos "blood is thicker than water"...
haha~ lame-o!!!!

so, i need to go now, got class after this...
just know that i miss u guys so much!
hope we'll meet soon! take care...
all the best in studies!
i'll be posting more frequently also... if I have free time.
u guys better do the same, ok???

loves, nad.

Monday, 24 May 2010

The blog is on baby!

I am trying my best to keep this blog alive, peeps!!!

As we all are going to leave for uni and matrix, I think it is better for us to keep communicate from the usage of this blog!~~~~
Well, correctly speaking, most of us are already leaving... I don't think I can go to Dja's sis' wedding...sob,sob...


do answer the question...and I'm holding up, trying to make new friends and such...sigh

Life is...err...I'm trying to be all philosophical here but can't seem to find the

I WANT TO FINISH MY FANFIC! and start learning stuff...I mish I'm such a nerd...


p/s to whoever who wrote the previous the post...well...if you have any trouble with money...err...I can help? I don't really have a whole lot of money but hey, WE ARE FRIENDS! lol =.='''

Mish you guys!~~~


Thursday, 22 April 2010

fucking ***** had to mess up my day

No elaboration. Just plain fucking anger. I'm also terribly upset. I'm angry but I'm crying. Fuck. I've had enough of that person's fucking shit I have to go through. Stop taking my fucking MONEY! Stop fucking ACT in front of me. I know who the hell took my money, don't LIE. Can't stop at a couple of thousands huh? Have to take my bloody fucking SPM money now? I can't wait to get out of here - and it's all because of u. ur an asshole who doesn't THINK who ur stealing from. just wait, when I have enough fucking money i WON'T give you a fucking cent. u deserved it. I gave u too many chances. TOO fucking many times I've trusted that u'll STOP. n u just prove me wrong ALL the fucking time.

Sorry guys. Fucking pissed. Don't ask who or wtf happened because I'm just in no fucking mood to tell anyone anything. I just had to let it all out here if not I'll start fucking throwing things and destroying my room. Fuck.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

why is it when two people love each other, they still can't be together?

aaah... frm the title u can presume it's about love.. well, yes.. but it's a movie.. undoubtedly my favourite movie of all-time.. it's so sweet but sad.. i'm at a lost of words to describe this movie... so, i'll just post the trailer.. it's a thai movie called "The Love of Siam".. uh.. don't be fooled by the trailer.. they made it seem straight, but it's actually a gay-themed movie.. but it's awesome.. a lot of straight guys watched it n liked it.. lol.. it's just THAT good.. =/ i'm sad again.. i'm getting that depressed syndrome after u watch a too good but sad movie.. urgh.. lots of people had it though with this movie.. lol..

p.s: in the trailer, most of the time he was smiling was to his GUY bestfriend.. not the girl.. LOL.. they promoted the film as a 'straight' film to get more audience in thailand.. n this movie won like TONS of awards.. it's so weird I never heard of this till now..

love mew and tong 4 life! T_____T,

Friday, 26 February 2010

New Layout

New look 2010..You can change if u guys want to
Its juz a trial
:) give feedbacks.....
And im sorry aku terdelete widget ikan tu

Sunday, 21 February 2010

I'm hating

a person at the time being.

Will talk later if I want to.

Fuck off.


Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Happy Chinese New Year~

Yeah.. My post has nothing to do wif CNY tho.. I juz want to tell u guys to check out Ryan's latest videos... the idiot.. i was laughing my ass off! XD subscribe to his channel if u like him too..

n i think adam n kris is soooo cute!!! so maybe... like u guyz... i actually have a real life yaoi pairing that i like... omgosh... their so cute...seriously... X3 i'll post the vids down here..

aww... surprise huggle... adorable..

juz for fun vid... dorang berdua sengal ah... so many idiotic vids of them.. soo cute.. aaah.. soo happy~

that is all guyz.. besides that, i wanna watch the lightning thief.. i know i da beberapa kali da ckp but u know.. i hope but saying it a lot of times, i'll actually get to watch it.. =.= hnn.. not working...

anyway, that is all.. adam + kris n nigahiga rocks my socks! o.0


Friday, 5 February 2010

It's been a while people~

Yo,yo,yo! Aish is in the house~~~ -.-'''

So! As promised, here is the link to my livejournal~~~ If you guys want to comment do tell me first at here so that I can open the comments thingy to everyone. ^^

Oh, and I'm not really that famous so...yeah. =P

To Nad, here is my advice. (lol.)

Why don't you just forget about her? -.-' I mean, even you said it yourself that it is not love anymore, it is more of an obsession so it is probably best for you (and her?) that you let go of her for a while until you can differentiate and control your feelings well enough.

Try to make yourself busy by reading books perhaps or watching movies or maybe helping your mom (in which you are doing at the time), hanging out with us (YAY!!!), listening to TOKIO HOTEL, writing a fic (like moi!) and whatever it is that can get your head out of her because I know that it isn't easy to actually forget the one person that you have been constantly thinking (and pour your soul into) out of your head (or heart).

Hope that helps. ^^

I don't know whether it's a good advice and I really hope there's no hard feeling (lol,lol). And do remember that I LOVE YOU NAD~~~ =D


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

help me?

actually...i'm quite uncomfortable to say this.
i mean, idk how u guys would react.

tieq, i know ur probably getting bored already to become my loyal, good listener...
thx so much 4 being patient, n willing to listen to my whines and complaints...

but, yeah.
i feel very, very miserable now.
inside, not outside.

i think...i'm obsessed.
not wth tokio hotel.
wth pn. rozila...

it seems like a small problem to u, but it's my whole WORLD!
like i said, "love ends when obsession begins..."
seriously, I myself do not hv any idea wat's wrong wth me.

I just become, emotionally irrational when it comes to her.
i don't understand WHY??!!

to make it short, we...sorta fight.
and, yeah.
she did nothing.
get what i mean??
she didn't fight back...or, say sorry...
or, scold me 4 being emotional.
i jz hope at least she say something.
scold me, explain to me...or...simply whatever!

she did NOTHING and that pisses me off!
n now...we don't talk anymore...
i just...idk.
i need u guys to support,
suggest to me...
how the hell am I gonna stop this obsession?
it's tiring...n i feel like i'm a fucking gay...=.='

i'm sorry, i really am.
u guys r my friends...
I don't want to keep it to myself anymore.
i'm going insane!
jz hope i won't have to cry evry fucking night.
i tried to fight, but just can't.
help me, guys...
i'm confused! I feel like a piece of shit!
scheisse...i'm not like this.
this is so not me...

btw, i want to dedicate this song to her...
whom i used to love so dearly...but i doubt it now...
ugh..jz fuck more love...only tears...

ps: drop ur comment plis. i appreciate it...i luv u all...

Monday, 25 January 2010

To Nad: Jeffree Star's latest music VIDEO

Omg!!!!! I was soooo shocked.. biasenye fan-made music videos but this time it's the real thing.. n it's a new song.. Get Away With Murder.. damn.. he's so fucking thin!!! n his thighs are like half the size of mine! bloody hell.. soo envious.. n he has a shape!! for fucks sake la weh! no wonder he dresses in drag rite? he has a girl's body shape.. some girls don't even have it!!! lucky he doesn't put up fake boobies... D= seriously, there are parts where he looks soo sexy, but some are like not really.... o....k... lol... but overall the vid is just like who he is: explicitly sexy n is not afraid to show it.. lol.. the vid's rite down here.. clicky!!! X3

p/s: those who have no idea who's Jeffree Star, um... well, it might look really (REALLY) weird.. n VERY explicit.. aaah.. so don't 'clicky' if ur not comfy bout it.. lol.. i don't wanna be responsible for some cultivated shock kay.. heh.. ja~

missing u guyz (grr),

Saturday, 16 January 2010

New Moon and Antique Bakery's trailer (fanmade)

So, I am probably one of the few people who haven't seen New Moon, by which I've watch last night and here was my first impression "God, what's wrong with Edward's eyebrow? It's freaking thick and bushy!" -.-'
It was...not good. lol. After the first 15 minutes, I was waiting, anticipating and begging for the movie to come to an end. It was too fast the way the storyline goes on (though I prefer too fast rather than too slow eg. Twilight) and there isn't enough time for we viewers do I say this...menghayati the certain scenes .lol. I am soo not making any sense.

And dude, Edward and Bella are so stiff. -.-' -gets stoned by their fanatic fans-
And Jane, I wish there were more scenes of her. TT.TT Jacob XD Eventhough he's a bit too bulky for my liking. Kinda prefer the lean wiry type. He's hot only after he cut those hideous long wig hair of his. -shudders- All in all, the movie was like an amateur work. -gets spanked by the director and a whole hour of lecture of how difficult to direct a movie-
Gotta say the action scenes were wow! I was begging for more! Especially when it involves those cute, cuddly, furry werewolves!

I give it a 2 out of 5. XD

And here are a little something!



p/s currently watching vampire diaries from Anna. -swoons- Damon is freaking HOT! LOL. I'll comment about it later after I've watch the whole 10 episodes. =)

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

official goodbye~~

rite, i'm feeling a lot better now..
Thank GOD!!
nway, my mp3 rosak..
i'm sad, of cos..but, couldn't blame it..
betul kot, mybe dia mrajuk sbb aku nk beli ipod..xP

ape2pun, i want to officially say goodbye to 'him'...
dear mp3...
thanks 4 being such a great company of mine for 2yrs..
i'll treasure our memories together..sob..sob..
(wat a drama queen...XP)

i'm so tired...working wth my mom is such a chaos!!
but, yeah! no choice, meh...sigh.

btw, tieq..
i accidentally ate a CHICKEN BALL that i deep-fried jz now..
dammit, man!! it's my mom's fault!! she asked me to test hw it tasted...
i didn't realize it's chicken!!! scheisse~~
i feel so bad, lol~~
will be extra careful next time...

SHOUT: i want takoyaki too!!! huhu~~~
wait 4 mee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

k, guyz...tata!!!



I don't know why I'm so emotional these days...
but only three of them went to the award...
=.='(totally overreacting...)


Here's the vid. Big Bang is also there and oh Big Bang won Best New Artist for some kind of award show in Japan. I forgot. lol.

Congratulations!!!~~~ You guys deserve it!!! =)

p/s - this is one is for Una though I don't know whether she'll read this or not. Kim Jaejoong and Kim Hyunjoong were spotted at Vancouver! lol. As far as I know, Jaejoong is doing some kind of documentary. I dunno about Hyunjoong. I'm like a stalker. lol. Knowing where each one of them are. Hehehe. This is not an obsession people! This is called fandom! Got it?! XD


Tuesday, 12 January 2010

fanfics beyond my comprehension... =.=

Yes.. This post will be about fanfics.. yaoi ones.. so press the 'x' button if ur not interested but those who do listen to my infinite rambles!! o.0

Here's the deal.. I was on (whatelse) when i stumbled upon some of the most ridiculous fanfics ever created... D= -aghast- seriously! let's see..

What I hate most:

- Naruto is a girl concept.. [like wtf?! he's a guy.. n will always be a guy... for fucks sake la.. =.=]

- Sasuke secretly loves Sakura [that is so not happening.. if he wasn't gay, he'd probably be asexual.. n seriously, he does not even like Sakura]

- Character bashing. [I don't love Sakura or anything but seriously... they always portray her as a bitch and that she deserves a slap ALL the time.. like wtf?]

- Incest.. aha.. no offense.. just this particular one la.. itasasu.. sheesh.. D=

Anyway, let's get away from all that hate and i'll post things I love.. =3

Nad, let me introduce u to Sai.. lol.. this is just a small comic strip they made.. it is sooooooo Sai.. XD sai really sexual harasses naruto.. lol

a cute pic of sai and naruto.. eheh.. i like sai with glasses.. no, i have a fuckin fetish for guys with glasses.. D=

other funny strips:
kihkih.. loved this one..

haha.. i love the whole sasu against sai battle.. XD

but seriously, hands down i'm a sasunaru fan.. not gonna change.. heh.. thing i love bout this pic is the angle of the picture that doesn't show their whole face, but seriously their body is doing the talking.. XD yum... lol

on a hunt for good sasunaru fics.. =D

Monday, 11 January 2010

f * * k!!!!!!! ^%&^##@@#!#$@#%^%&^*

i'm f***ing pissed off!!!!
bengang giler nak mati!!!!
u know, some people jz dn't realize how lucky they are to be loved whole-heartedly!!
n this is what i get??
treated like a shit??
if only i don't luv her that much!!
if only i don't luv her AT ALL!!!
i surrender, man!
jz, f***in' leave me alone!!
i don't want to love u!!
leave me alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
don't delete this post...
i want it to stay here...
mmg aku jarang naik angin..
i feel like smashing this laptop & my hp & simcard & mp3 & pendrive, etc...
but, for what??
sorry, dh naik giler dh ni..
jz, ignore me...


Sunday, 10 January 2010

In response to: in loVe or in aGony??

It's really weird coz I've been thinking the same thing.. why? I can't tell u here but I guess it's kinda lonely being... alone.. lol

Truth is tho.. I'm not unhappy. I'm quite fine by own. I see eye candy and I go "aaaah.. is he single?" lol..
I see sweet couples and I go "aww.. so sweet." internally of course.. i have to remain my -ehem- cool facade.. XD
I see annoying couples, I'd be like "eww... lame.." I'd probably laugh at their face if I was mean enuff...
But there are some couples where I'd be like: "wtf? I wanna boyfriend too!" hahaha.. that so
It's kinda lame to wanna have a boyfriend juz coz someone else has one. but sometimes.. i can't fucking help it.. D=

Altho, i think we're thinking too much into this coz we're not meeting anyone new at the moment n some people are getting on with their so called relationships (refer to fb)... so I guess we're in between this need to be in luv and agony.. -sigh-

One thing tho: I have to not be fucking intimidating in the future.. seriously.. why the hell are people (guys) scared of me? i dunno if scared is the proper term tho... aaah... whatever.. i'm emo now... =S

wud it be too much if I wanted this guy.. please? ------>
n damn, he has an attitude... chyeah!


Mixed Feelings...

I am fucking furious. And depressed. And frustrated. And on top of it all, fucking close to tears.

Stupid weakness of mine. Why can't I be like one of those people who can be extremely angry without any tears spilling out of their fucking eye sockets!?


The fucking main reason for this 'mixed feelings' as the title mention above is of course, as Nad already know, THE LOST OF MY PENDRIVE. And it is just not an ordinary pendrive people, it's 4 gig and it contains a whole lot of many precious things that I store mostly for my own entertainment if I'm in bored or anything. Not only that, it also contains all of my work, as in my fanfic work! which had taken lots of time, dedication and energy!!! URGH!!!~~~

And I blame it all to my mother. Why? Who asked her to clean up my room! I've told her many times to just leave the room as it is eventhough the room is very messy or like tongkang pecah terbalik or something cuz it is easier for me to find my things!!! I'll clean it myself, mother!!! Also, there's a possibility that my little bro went into my room and play with the damn pendrive as my mom always lepak in my room thus of course my lil bro (of who I hate) will be tempted to go in there as he is very attached to my mom! Why oh why!!!???

So you see, indirectly my dad is also responsible because he's the reason why my mom doesn't hang out in their, THEIR, room for reasons that I have no intention to tell cuz as most of you already know, I dislike my dad. Therefore, my parents are the one to blame!!!

Not to mention my adik - Ismail - can be such a major royal pain the fucking ass for being so stubborn and pigheaded and why oh why can't he just listen to me!
Starting from 1 p.m. is my time to use the comp. I fucking thought we already have an agreement but oh no, he's insist on shutting the fucking computer down around 3 p.m. of which has been operated from fucking 7 a.m.. Therefore, whether I like it or not, I have to wait for at the very least one hour before I can use the damn comp! Stupid him. Thanks goodness I am very lazy to fight with him or I swear to god I'll crash the damn comp myself so that all of us can't use the damn comp. Fair and square.

And I fucking miss Yunjae. -heard gasps of horror-
That is right people, I miss Yunjae. Probably because I've been reading too may Yoosu fics...-.-''' -sigh-
I've save so many fics in that pendrive, fics that I haven't read yet, fics taht I wanted to read at night before I go to sleep, fics that have cost me time to cut and paste one by one and also time to search for good fics and they are gone. TT.TT Do you have any fucking idea how frustrated I am? Besides, there are a lot of vids in there (DBSK - related) and those vids cost time people!!! They cost me time and patience!!!

I need my pendrive back...TTT.TTT.TTT.TTT

The last and first thing that came into my mind before I go to sleep and when I wake up is my pendrive...



Saturday, 9 January 2010

in loVe or in aGony??

ughhh...the title explains ALL!!
dn't want to talk abt it..
suxx much~~

nway, let's talk abt ipOd people!! i want to buy it!!
or ANY gadgets which can hold up tons of songs!
i've been restraining myself frm dwnloading kewl songs these few days!
jz cos i dn't own a laptop...( jelez giler kat tieq!!~)

i think i want the nan0..
idk y..cos it has the features i like..
idk! need ur opinion guys...
gonna buy it, soon!!

let's go out!
one utama?? curve?? sunway??
ape2pun i'll be free after march..
sbb dh xtlg ma mum kat kedai...

to tieq --> hv u heard the song "Make Me Wanna Die" by the pretty reckless?? ak xtau npe ak ske sgt...luv the guitar...

i want to get a driving license! plisss... T.T

act, i'm nt that happy..
but, i'll try my best to find true happiness in this life...*wink*
wish me luck guys!!

ok, that's all from me...i miss u guys, so much!!! muahxx...

luvs, nad_ka <3

Friday, 8 January 2010

Lay - out ~

So! Because only three people voted for the layout - me,tieq and nad - thus I take it that is all? -.-'
It's not like dis blog is popular, just among us. TT.TT


If you have any complaints or dissatisfaction and do by all means tell!!!


Tuesday, 5 January 2010

-Screams in joy-

*god, I'm such a fan -.-'''*

I'm just so freaking happy rite now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-calm down and take a moment to take a very deep breath which was used just now to scream at the top of lungs-

Just got the news like 2 minutes ago and most probably no one will be interested in this post but oh hell, I'm too in joy to care of those mundane stuff. =)

My boys!!! All of them are in Aussie rite now!!~~ (xcept 4 Yunnie...grr. just go there already! ur babies are in Sydney!!!)

Let me get the story straight, that is if anyone is interested to know what I'm talking about, why I'm so happy about this little news and what's the big deal about it.

Okay, here's the thing. Changmin went to Australia first about two days ago to film his drama - Paradise Meadow/Ranch. He went alone as in no other members are with him.
Then! Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu and Yoohwan (YC's little brother) were spotted in Sydney today!!! =D And it could only mean two things ;

-they went there for a holiday
- and to support their maknae (the youngest in the group = Changmin)!!!

I mean, why else would they go to Sydney. They could choose Thailand (they love Thai foods especially JJ cuz it's spicy) or just stay at Korea (cuz Junsu is busy with his Mozart theater) or perhaps Malaysia (which is kinda impossibel -,-'). Therefore people, I'm filled with happiness! It's brimming over and for those who want to share it, please do!!!

And yes, I might be wrong about the whole reasons for why they are there but...but... I want it to be true! Don't shatter my dreams people!!! T.T


p/s I should probably post this at one of those many DBSK forum for it is more appropriate but I'm not even a member there. -.-'

-a very happy aish \(^-^)/

Monday, 4 January 2010

Choices for the layout

As requested form Tieq~~~

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Sunday, 3 January 2010

For god's sake...

we seriously have to change this layout.. how bout it? new year, new style and whatever shit.. so yeah, pls do change it...



*SIGH* (I use capital words cuz I'm heaving a heavy sigh. just so u know)

Well, hello,hello people!!!!
Eventhough it's a bit too late but hey, better late than never right.
So here it is, HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE!!! (throws confetti everywhere)

And here are my presents to you!!!

(a very short...comic? I don't know what to call it. And fyi, I made up the story myself! *proud smile* -.-')

O.O Who's sexy back is it?

8.8 Omona, it's Chunnie's! (drools over his sexy adorable cute sleeping face)

Oh my... O///O *bites nail to prevent self from biting into Chunnie's plump adorable pouting lips*
I really should stop staring... But...but... *peeks through fingers* \(^-^)/ -happiness-

A/N ; I mish them soo much!!! TT.TT
p/s : I've been reading too many fanfics. I'll probably posts my favourite authors links in the next post~ Oh, and probably my own livejournal link too~~~

-aish (hope this short comic/story brings a smile to your face!)