Monday, 25 January 2010

To Nad: Jeffree Star's latest music VIDEO

Omg!!!!! I was soooo shocked.. biasenye fan-made music videos but this time it's the real thing.. n it's a new song.. Get Away With Murder.. damn.. he's so fucking thin!!! n his thighs are like half the size of mine! bloody hell.. soo envious.. n he has a shape!! for fucks sake la weh! no wonder he dresses in drag rite? he has a girl's body shape.. some girls don't even have it!!! lucky he doesn't put up fake boobies... D= seriously, there are parts where he looks soo sexy, but some are like not really.... o....k... lol... but overall the vid is just like who he is: explicitly sexy n is not afraid to show it.. lol.. the vid's rite down here.. clicky!!! X3

p/s: those who have no idea who's Jeffree Star, um... well, it might look really (REALLY) weird.. n VERY explicit.. aaah.. so don't 'clicky' if ur not comfy bout it.. lol.. i don't wanna be responsible for some cultivated shock kay.. heh.. ja~

missing u guyz (grr),