Friday, 20 February 2009

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Cinema Bizarre!!

Emm, nad.. I am angau-ing rite now neh... CB ish d besh man! n omg.. luminor!!!!!!
wuah!!!!!!!!!!!! he's gone frm the band.. I'm sooo sad.. T____T his voice is like soooo different n awesome weh.. lagu jd x sdp ah x de luminor.. n I think he looks cute la.. omg..

Rite.. to those who have no idea what I'm talking about CB is a german band that i'm into rite now (besides TH and Rammstein)I love their songs.. One of their popular songs is Love Songs (they kill me) which I posted down there.. One thing I have to say bout dis MV is dat the dummies are scary.. =.='

nway, is anyone watching american idol? emmm... Tieq foresees that Danny and Adam will be in the finals.. ;3

Danny has this totally SEXY voice.. it's a little gruffy n all, it juz melts my insides.. lol.. he just lost his wife though n was terribly upset.. =( He auditioned with his bestfriend Jamar but Jamar didn't make it through the final audition.. But why?! T.T Jamar's voice was awesome.. It was so cute to see Danny pissed, he was like "wtf?"

Adam.. Hmm.. Nice cute emo hair thing going on.. Lovely voice.. ;D They always say it's between Adam n Danny in the end.. I don't know about his background.. lol

Nway, check it out.. I think it's gonna be good.. I wanna c these two guys perform man.. I'm more of a Danny fan though.. ;p


Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Micky vs Xiah for a girl?! D=

Juz damn that lucky girl! >D
but it was kinda funny I mean scary when Micky danced and Xiah danced.. I'm like...


Yoo Chun (micky/tieq's) n Jun Su (xiah/aish's) cute vid!!

Soo the adorable.. Xiah's voice is extremely cute.. =3 Both of them sang and argued for a while was like sooooo adorable.. =3 n aish, it is called yoosu.. tp x byk ah.. yunjae has beaten our hubbies.. lol..


Monday, 16 February 2009

The pain kills the tears

They say, when you become too happy - something bad will happen. What would it be if we were too sad? I've experienced both of this. The sadness will fade away in time, but bearing scars in our hearts that will never fade. So what should I do? What should I do to kill this tears that are threatening to fall? Pain? Happiness? I've thrown away my hope for happiness today. And for now, only the pain can kill my tears..