Friday, 7 November 2008


Tuesday, 4 November 2008


I take it everybody knows who I'm having a 'special feeling', as Nad herself put it, for and -sigh- I DEMAND EVERYONE'S OPINION!!!


also, here is a lil something :


Monday, 3 November 2008

recognize this song?

11 years old.. korean.. and awesome!!!! watch d vid eh? he's really got talent.. :D
His name is Jung Sungha btw.. He's really famous.. Juz type his name in youtube n u'll see tons of vids viewed.. so cool.. anyways, enjoy the vid.. :D


Sunday, 2 November 2008

posting for fun

ok 1st i'd like 2 'tazkirah' my lurvely lostdirt members dat dis week is gona b a hell of a week..
n yea i'm sure u no y..
it's exam week!!!!!!!!!!
n I, d cutest algae not 2 4get d most adorable ever,
am proud 2 announce dat..
i haven't studied at all!!
so..dear god, d only thing i ask is to help me pass my exams..

owh d aish crushing thing..
is totally a shock!
seriusly..knowing aish man..
no offence der dude..

a reminder to our lost 'lost' member..
seaweed aka kd..
wen on ea rth r u goin 2 write sumthin..??=.='

2 d rest..
luv ya peeps..

ezzoe has left d building



well..u guys inform la kt i if da tuka number..
sometimes i cntact u guys xdpt la..
mish gle ah kt lost!!!!yg u all nk g d curve i xdpt join kot..i still skool holiday start 14nov..sdey rr..
pape pn,u all enjoy la kt d curve!!!igt la kt i...
insyaallah klau i blik puncak alam,i g jmp u guys!!!

reply me.....