Tuesday, 1 February 2011

nobody posted ANYTHING.. =O

Aloha ladies!

We've been updated with each other's lives mostly thru fb n some text msgs.. but like seriously.. this blog is d.e.a.d.. I won't be shocked if none of u read this..

Anyways what I wanted to say was:
I am lame.. Yeah, yeah.. Go on laugh at me.. (emo much.. XP)
I mean.. Sometimes, I feel like I like this somebody so damn much.. but of course it is only one sided... I mean.. dat's why I'm lame u c.. =(
sometimes, I don't think I like him dat much.. it's confusing.. so I just ignore it most of d time.. unfortunately I am in a 'girly' mood rite now so I just had to blog about it in a practically non-existant blog.. lol...

Hnn.. I guess dat's all.. End of rambling.. Dude get the fuck out of my heart n my head! >.>
like seriously.. lol

by Tieq,
the awesome one.. ;D


Una said...

aww. cheer up babe.
i know exactly how u feel.
n yes. fuck you dude.
get the hell out of her heart and head!!!

tieq said...

hahaha.. ;D

Anonymous said...

hoi, una, be nice.. she luvs him okayy teehee~

well, this blog looks DELICIOUS !! haha
chill lah, just go and say, "hey, u look cute and i like it."


nad said...

urmm... yeah, I jz read this post! Sue me! nwayz... aww... luv u Tieq! <3 <3 <3

Anonymous said...

WHERE IS EVERYBODY? And btw, I forgot the email and pw for this blog -.-'